Screamin' A. Smith Latest Foot-In-Mouth

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Hoofbite, Oct 26, 2012.

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    So there's a video out there of Smith saying something that isn't too TV-friendly.

    I saw the link on titled,

    "Stephen A. Smith used a racial slur?"

    When I watched it my first thought was......"who cares, is this really an article all to itself?"

    But then in the link there was a video where he attempted to clarify what he said by suggesting that what people heard wasn't what they thought it was and it was just his quick-talking New York-ism that made it sound like he said what everyone thought he said.

    Here's that video.


    Just admit you said it. Nobody cares. We all know the score when it comes to using that word. Sure, you're boss doesn't want you saying it but don't come on TV and tell us we didn't hear you correctly because you're from New York.

    And then to pull the victim card about having to explain yourself for the second time and how you hope that you don't have to do so in the future. Get out of here with that crap.

    You said it. Shut up and move on. Nobody cares, just don't try to lie and then play the role of victim.

    It reminds me of the scene from Lucky Number Slevin when Josh Hartnet tries to explain to the Rabbi that he is not Nick Fisher.


    You've just called us "jerks", Stephen. You might want to start brushing up on how to pick out your saddle.

    (Sorry about the autoplay on the second video......guess that clip was part of a playlist)
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    What did he say?
  3. Hoofbite

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    The article is on MSN.

    I would have posted the video if not for uncertainty around it being appropriate or not.

    Simply put......"[blank]-please".

    In and of itself, nothing ridiculous. Just the follow up and BS he spewed taking it to ridiculous.
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    Of course he said it. It is used as slang more than anything today, kind of like "man, you are crazy or trippin", meant to mean the same thing.

    What I would bet on, if some White reporter said that, SAS would be leading the charge to have him fired and so on. The double standard is ridiculous here, quit saying that phrase and it will not slip out of others mouths too over time. It is being used so often, it is only natural for it to become part of our language/slang and it will happen again.

    I don't care he said it, but to sit there and deny it, only makes himself look more stupid than he already is, if that is possible.
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    He said the exact same thing on air a couple of years ago.

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