SDogo and Hostile any news coming???

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by scrives, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Thank you. I agree wholeheartedly.
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    SDogo and Hos both give good info to this board and many appreciate them taking time to share . The other crowd woudn't beleve Jerry Jones himself would have inside info . There are several posters on this board that will not share inside info due to all the BS that comes with it . It is sad that this is the way it is . I suggest that anyone who just wants to bash SDogo and Hos for sharing , needs to avoid their post and refrain from the disrespectfull comments .
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    I agree that a veteran center would improve a lot of the chaos with line calls and stunts. What worries me is that Holland and Kosier might be deemed good enough to hold down the fort one more year! :(
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    It has nothing to do with stating your opinion... that's what this board is here for. The problem is the insiders on here get harassed and take personal insults from those that report what they know. They also get stalked from thread to thread and take unrelated shots from those that don't like what they reported in a completely different thread.
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    they are best the board has.....if they are correct or not is really not that important. It gives some member who just need extra info something they can read.
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    I've avoided the thread that talks about the end of the Cowboys and the end of the NFL. Haven't even gone into it once. Pretty easy, I see a thread that I don't think I'd enjoy, I avoid it.

    Criticism of the idea is fine but why even bother to read if you are already at the conclusion that the OP is full of ****?

    I'm all for discussion of the ideas that are presented but why even enter a thread that you'll give absolutely zero credibility to because you concluded that the person who started it is a lying *** ******* who really doesn't have any sort of insider information to start with?

    And should you enter what's the point in simply saying, "You're full of ****. You have no connections"? Is it really so hard to not read that type of stuff? At best, you could call it a rumor and if you do that why not treat it as other rumors are typically treated with discussion on that ACTUAL rumor instead of discussion on the person delivering the rumor?

    I have no clue to what extent either are involved with the organization or have connections to those involved. Don't really care. Like you said, it's intriguing to read what is delivered as inside stuff. Both of those posters are regulars, one of which is probably on here as much as much as I am, if not more. I don't read it because I think it's the Gospel, I typically read it because they're regulars and it's more of a continuation of general dialog from however long ago. If you look at the most heated arguments and the longest running arguments, usually it's the regulars.

    Discuss the validity of a claim all you want. I don't care. What's the point in flat out saying someone is just fabricating it? Don't know how many times we've seen people attack the messenger, only to see the messages stop. Hell, one of the best posters I've seen on this board who provided some of the best content no longer posts here. I don't exactly know why but I do know that there were some personal attacks, or at the least perceived personal attacks, in play.
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    Due to the prior incident that allowed me to take some time away and reflect and the fact that things have really gone very well for me the last few months I was able to come to the realization that I'm a very lucky man to be doing what I enjoy on several levels and what people think about me or my postings means very little to me. As Frozen700 pointed out, I simply have found the ability to not care and ignore the shots and stalking. It's not just limited to this board, I made my email public up until just a week ago because I enjoyed the conversation and emails with the members here but it has now become a portal for certain posters to attack me and do it outside the light of this public forum. I have had to remove my email so I apologize to those that have used it to communicate, debate or even criticize in a adult manor. Either way it means little, I will continue to share as I wish and enjoy doing so.
  8. SDogo

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    Shoot, there is a poster on this board that could take the wonder out of 80% of the off season for us who does not post simply for the fact that after posting a what seemed a off the wall rumor was blasted worst then I have ever scene only to have it play out a week later. Ironically, 2 days after his post hit pay dirt and he posted another one he got the same damn treatment.

    It's really a shame and we might be talking about the same poster.
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    I enjoy every bit of information that you provide to this forum.

    Thanks in advance to the writeup, it's appreciated.
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    i hear ya man.....

    no matter who you are, you will always have haters. Not everybody will like you, weather its from pure ignorance, jealousy, envy, birth defect, ect...just keep posting for those of us who do appreciate you, and at the end of the day, just pretend the negative donkeys don't exit.
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    Who is this?
  12. Randy White

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    2nd dat...!!!

    and, personally, I don't buy them either....

    but that's because both give it away...
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    Hoooooah. The Return to Lonesome Dove!!:)
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    You know SDog there are some places in this world where it is already Saturday:laugh2: JK. I know you are busy with you business and I hope it is going well. Please keep on posting any info that you might have.
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    His highlight vids were top notch and his coverage of local broadcasts was a great addition.
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    Because it is of course impossible that of the hundreds of us posting in here, one or two of us might actually know somebody connected to pro football or the Cowboys...

    In truth, SDogo has posted his bonafides in here before, and they are pretty impressive... and I can tell you from personal experience that in recent drafts, he has PM'ed me with info that proved to be extremely accurate... for example, he called the drafting of Sean Lee in the 2nd round, a week before the draft...

    So you're welcome to your cynicism, I'm gonna take the man at his word... I do that because his word has been as good as gold for some time now...

    And just FWIW, SDogo has never claimed to know what the Boys are thinking, he just passes along what he hears from his friends, who hear things from theirs... some of them happen, some of them don't... but enough of them happen that I know better than to just categorically dismiss anything that SDogo says...

    Let's just say that he has a hell of a lot more credibility with me than you do, and for sure, he has contributed more to the dialogue than you and me combined have...
  18. silverbear

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    OK, I think I can safely tell you guys why SDogo hasn't yet posted his info... he has taken a job with a private investigator, and is in the process of getting some pictures of Nicks with three hookers (one of them transgender), a sheep, a labrador retriever, some toys and a half ounce of cocaine... oh, and a 42 gallon drum of KY...

    Once he has accomplished his mission, it will be a simple matter to get Nicks' name on a very reasonable contract to play for the Boys...

    So give the SDogo a little room, a little time to complete his mission... it takes time, organization and some deep pockets to pull off this kind of covert op...
  19. SDogo

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    The damn lab keeping slipping his collar.
  20. SaltwaterServr

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    42 gallon drum of KY? No wonder.

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