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    As usual, this is not only Cowboys related. I apologize to anyone who is looking for a thread dedicated to the Cowboys but as the title states, this is a DRAFT and FA prep thread.

    As a special side note to eliminate any confusion. These statements are a compilation of information not only that I have received but that I have received from my peers and friends. These statements should not be taken as written scripture and the foretelling of the future but as enjoyment and tools to better help you prepare for the draft. If you hedge your first born on my statements and your life is greatly effected to the point you need to hold angst and anger over them I suggest you seek counseling


    *It appears the Carolina Panthers have set upgrading the OL this off season as a high priority and one of the players at the top of their list is OG David Decastro from Stanford. I'm told that early in the process he rates as the 3rd highest OL on the board and if the top two tackles are gone don't be surprised if he is the pick at 8.

    *Speaking to a few scouts around the NFL it is highly suggested that Ohio St OT Mike Adams could very well find himself in the top 15 selections come April. There are more then a few teams who have Adams as the 3rd rated OT on the board.

    *Don't write off Keith Brooking in Dallas just yet. The Cowboys are giving him time to talk with his family about retirement or returning to football for another year. If he does return it's believed Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett would welcome him with open arms Garrett and Brooking are cut from the same cloth and have forged a strong bond. Keith has also served as a mentor to Lee and Carter and the Cowboys have plans to add Keith to the coaching staff if he decides to continue to peruse that avenue. Letting him play out another year as a Cowboy is a small price to pay to keep him around in the minds of the Cowboys.

    *Oklahoma St QB Brandon Weeden has been hearing rumblings that he could be a early 2nd round selection. This is surprising for a QB who will turn 29 during his first season but it's widely believed he could start and fit right in on several teams and still offer 7-10 quality years.

    *If your hearing the rumors about CB Janoris Jenkins and interest from the Dallas Cowboys but don't buy it based on his character issues then you need to put it aside.........for now. Garrett and Jerry have brought a new approach to dealing with character issues and prospects and from what I'm told it played out when Dez was drafted. Up until the final board and ranking are decided the Cowboys take the approach that each player has a Sparkling clean background. This allows them to grade each player only based on their productivity and workout's. Once the process is complete they slide the player around or remove them all together based on their preset point system attached to each concern. This also apply's to injuries. I'm told that prior to the final adjustments on the board in 2010 Dez Bryant and Sean Lee were both given top 10 scores on the Cowboys board. This also lets you know that any reports that the Cowboys removed this player or that player from their board anytime before late April is simply anticipation.

    *One surprise falling star I'm told is South Carolina WR Alshon Jeffery who I'm told could be waiting till the end of Round 1 or early part of round 2 to hear his name called.

    *Missouri kicks off the Pro Day circuit on March 1st where I
    m told teams in need of TE help will be prominent as one of the fastest rising players is scheduled to work out. TE Michael Agnew is making waves and in what is a thin TE class it's being said that he could hear his name called as early as the 2nd round. Scheduled to attend is our own Dallas Cowboys.

    *Carolina has gotten an early jump on scheduling and I have been told they plan to seek out personal work outs with LSU DT Michael Brockers, Stanford OG David Decastro, Iowa OT Riley Rieff, Stanford OT Jonathan Martin and North Carolina DE Quinton Coples.

    *I have yet to hear from anyone that Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill is not a legit NFL franchise QB and the belief is that he will not make it out of the top 15 and if the Skins are unable to land a answer in FA or Robert Griffin they will not hesitate on calling his name.

    *The Seattle Seahawks are said to be looking heavily at OL during the draft process.

    *Look for the Jaguars to make a play on Cowboys FA WR Laurent Robinson.

    *Word out of the FA camp of WR Vincent Jackson is that his one and only visit may be with the Saints. Look for a bidding battle if the Chargers are set on bringing Jackson back as reports have suggested.

    *The Vikings are heavily flooding the inbox of NFL teams letting them know the 3rd pick in the draft is very much open for talks.

    *Washington TE Chris Cooley has contacted a Real Estate firm regarding the sale of his house and informed family and friends he believes his days in Washington are done.

    *Despite the well documented issues of Arizona St ILB Vontaze Burfict it's believed by many that he he will never slip out of the 1st round.

    *I'm told one of the biggest names that could still be on the board when Round 2 kicks off is Alabama CB Dre Kirkpatrick and this little run in with the law has little to do with it. I was told by one scout that if he continues to struggle during the draft process he may solidify himself as a Safety prospect which many are considering already.

    *Look for the 49ers to make a strong play on Saints FA WR Robert Meachem.

    *Early reports are that Cortland Finnegans ego will price him out of the first wave of FA's to sign deals.

    *Expect the Bears to be very active in FA and I'm told they are aggressively gauging the market of top 10 picks.

    *Rumors of the Viking interest in Robert Griffin appear to be true and not just a ploy to drive up the value of the 3rd pick. Despite actively shopping the pick I'm told if they can not move it they organization as whole agree's that RG3 would be the best move.

    *Those close to Jets HC Rex Ryan believe he will not enter next season hedging his career on QB Mark Sanchez. Look for the Jets to add a QB who can unseat the starter should the opportunity present itself.

    *Look for the Bills to go defensive heavy in the draft as well as make a play for a high priced piece to the defense in FA.

    *I'm told you can expect the Cowboys to bring in as many as 4 QB's this off season and into camp to stir up competition for the #2 spot and push Stephen McGee.

    *I'm told the futures of New Orleans WR Marcus Colston is directly related to FA OG Carl Nicks. It's not believed the Saints will be able to work out deal with both players before FA begins and there is only one FT to go around.

    *It appears Ravens QB Joe Flacco does not only believe he is under appreciated but greatly under paid. The QB may make the Ravens off season a little too exciting as rumors say he wants a deal that makes him one of the highest paid QB's in the league.

    *The Bills have been informed they will receive a 5th round pick instead of the initial 6th round pick they were expecting from Seattle for RB Lynch.

    *Look for Semiretired WR Randy Moss to make stops in St. Louis, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, NY Jets and San Fran in the coming weeks. Despite reports teams are skeptical he is drawing interest.

    *Look for the Chiefs to make a run at Washington FA S Laron Landry

    *Former Chargers OT Marcus McNeil is drawing interest from the Atlanta Falcons

    *Rumors out of Buffalo are that RB CJ Spiller will approach the Bills in regards to trade demands.

    *The Bengals are expected to make a run at Giants FA WR Mario Manningham

    *Look for the Cowboys to talk with recently released Steelers CB Bryant McFadden as well as Saints FA CB Tracy Porter.

    *The Raiders are actively letting teams around the NFL know that they will listen to offers for RB Darren McFadden.

    *Donovan McNabb in Dallas? Call it crazy but from the depths of the rumor mill this one surfaced last night as a name not to rule out.

    *The Ravens will not make an attempt to sign FA OG Ben Grubbs and will let him test the market before making an offer.

    *Look for the Seahawks to express interest in FA QB Jason Campbell

    *Feeling are with even a solid work out at the combine Michigan St DT Jerel Worthy could solidify himself as a top 15 prospect.

    *Expect a heavy presence of Cowboys scouts and coaches when the LB's hit the field in Indianapolis. I'm hearing the Cowboys could look to add as many as 4 LB's via FA and the draft this off season.

    *Two names at LB I keep hearing mentioned from Cowboy sources are the Nevada duo of ILB James-Michael Johnson and OLB Brett Roy.

    *I'm told a switch to the 4-3 is unlikely this season for the Cowboys but the staff has already started implementing different 4-3 alignments into the seasons plan.

    Till next time............V2.0 will contain more Cowboys related news as far as the draft is concerned.
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    Thanks SDogo!

    Awesome thread, lots of good info to digest.

    Particularly like the info about LBs. I'd love to get a bunch of new guys there.

    Also, Porter would be a good fit for the team.
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    Lol, good stuff.
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    Thanks SDogo. Much appreciated.

    With regard to Brooking, I hope he takes the coaching option at this stage in his career. But I can understand that he is Garrett's type of player.
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    I thank you for the info

    and please no Dallas do not sign mcNabb
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    Thank you, SDogo! Great information. I appreciate what you do!
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    Thanks for the info SDogo!

    Few things:

    - Alshon Jeffrey's apparent drop in the scouting realm doesn't surprise me.

    - I'm a bit surprised to hear Michael Egnew making "waves."

    - I wouldn't be shocked if Vontaze Burfict sneaks into the end of the 1st round, but more than likely I think he's going to drop like a ton of bricks. I also think he's going to disappoint at the combine because he's rumored to be overweight and I personally, I think he's vastly overrated as an athlete.

    - The Saints interest in Vincent Jackson seems confusing. I'm assuming they either like him better than Colston, or see him as a viable replacement to him. Either way, Jackson isn't going to come cheap.

    - I don't follow this statement...."I was told by one scout that if he continues to struggle during the draft process he may solidify himself as a Safety prospect which many are considering already."

    ***If it's not his off-the-field arrest, then how has he been "struggling" with the draft process already as the scout seems to infer?

    - The Cowboys were said to have been very interested in Tracy Porter when he came out of in the draft a few years ago. It will be interesting if they revisit him as an option in free agency.

    - Chris Cooley's plight makes me laugh. Enjoy your new blogging career you daisy-duke wearing cornball!
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    Good stuff and much appreciated .
  9. jnday

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    After thinking about the Panthers wanting DeCastro , that can't be true . I have been told that guards are not worth first round picks . There are several posters that will be reading this know what I am talking about .
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    and dont forget about 3-4 DE's as well utter waste of a top pick . :p:
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    Looool, very true.
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    Thanks for all of that, Sdogo!! Great read on a Saturday morning! Keep 'em coming!
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    I will be answering all questions, concerns and comments posted but have patience. I have a very hectic weekend planned.
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    You are too good to us :D
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    As always SDogo a very interesting post - choc full of news. Thanks for your time and effort putting this together.
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    You definitely have our attention. Could you give some more specifics on Kirkpatrick?

    As regards Carolina taking DeCastro at 8, that would be the first time someone took a guard in the top 10 in how long? As much as I love the guy, that seems a little high for him.
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    Great info
  18. cowboyjoe

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    understand sdogo, thanks for all the super info,, :bow: but please no mcnabb, i think he is done, and would be just a waste of time:starspin
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    Thanks great read!!
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    Greatly appreciated!

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