SDogo Draft and FA Prep Thread V 1.0

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Feb 18, 2012.

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    SD: I highly appreciate your posts. They are often the highlight of my day. Thank you!

    Have you heard any news RE: Joe Adams and teams' interest, or the Cowboys' interest in drafting a slot guy who can return kicks?
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    Hey Sdogo, a small thing I noticed, wanted to bring it up to you and see what you thought. You mentioned that while the Cowboys aren't looking to transition to a 4-3 this season, they are putting in some 4-3 looks. First, do you think this is the first step in an eventual transition, or an attempt to stay as multiple as possible defensively?

    Second, later you had some of your own speculation about us possibly being interested in a DE in the first. Assuming the plan is to transition to a 4-3 soon, wouldn't that be a slight contradiction? Unless you ended up with a guy that could easily transition to DT. Just a thought.

    I personally think we are Donta Hightower away from making a very easy transition to a 4-3 (for the record, I don't really care what front we play, but I get asked this question a lot so I've given it a lot of thought).

    Lee - Hightower - Carter
    Ware - Lissemore - Ratliff - Spencer

    Doesn't look like a terrible lineup to me....that is assuming Carter pans out.

    Thanks for everything you do man, I got a very juicy (and way contraversal) rumor delivered to me today, but I knew your post was scheduled for today, so I thought I'd wait till Mon-Tue to post mine, let everyone simmer on this awesome thread for a while first.
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    Typically, isn't one of those DE's in a 4-3 gonna be a heavier guy around 280?
  4. BAT

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    I hope that means Quinton Coples, even it means a slight trade up. Coples can play 4-3 DE, but would be a better 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE IMO. Brett Roy would also be good, just not in the first.
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    This whole thread was a great read!!!

    As always much appreciated info and insight SDogo.

    It's nice to see everyone play nice in this thread and be a collective of organized information and informed opinions, even if they do differ from one another. Refreshing.......just refreshing

    (sits back and sips his beer)

    Not Peyton Manning to the Cowboys!!! :confused: (speculates with concern)

    (spills his beer) :eek:

    Off season CowboysZone always keeps me wanting more......the way it should be. :cool:
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    That is no way to tease us.:laugh2: You know people are going to want to know about it now. It is like Christmas when we were kids. Can't wait to open up the presents but if you must wait until Mon/Tues., we will have to understand. I will be looking forward to it.
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    Fantastic stuff SDogo. I love reading your posts, and look forward to the next one eagerly.
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    I'll be on the lookout.
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    gotta disagree about Mario Williams becoming a FA, or at least testing the waters.

    It would cost the Texans $22 million to franchize him. No way that will happen; so they would have to get a long term contract with him to keep him. So I think there is a decent chance that he would at least test the waters.

    And one should never say never about Jerruh and shiny toys.

    Who would have thought he would ever go after TO? I sure didn't. Especially with BP as the coach.

    We were caught by surprise when he went after Nmadi as hard as he did.
  10. diehard2294

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    Thanks SDogo... How do you see the team addressing KO returns??

    I like Rainey or Demps in the later rounds
  11. JonJon

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    You know I have no problem whatsoever with Jenkins, but if Hightower is the guy, do you think the Cowboys try him at OLB with Carter starting on the inside? He definitely has the size for it.
  12. Woods

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    Hightower is definitely intruiging.

    I was reading his profile, and he also seems adept at applying pressure on passing downs.

    Given our need for more quality LBs, he seems like a guy who could start Day 1 or at least get a lot of playing time.

    My only question is what about Carter at the ILB? Assuming Spencer is back, how would you get Ware, Lee, Carter, Hightower, and Spencer on the field at the same time - unless you play more 4-3 I suppose or you rotate the ILBs. It's a good problem to have.
  13. Joe Rod

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    I would think that the rumblings of Hightower only would indicate that Dallas is committed to mixing their fronts instead of a full on transition. In my very limited mind, a team transitioning to the 4-3 would at least be kicking the tires on Kuechly as well (a player that I cannot see succeeding in the 3-4 at all).

    Hightower would be a massive step up in that 3-4 ILB spot, especially when pressuring the QB. Too many times we have seen Brooking stoned at the LOC when blitzing these last few seasons.

    Bruce Carter could rotate in when they move to a 4-3 front, spell Lee/Hightower and replace Hightower when they need pass coverage at the position.

    Now that I have provided no insight whatsoever, you can continue to wait for some more educated responses. :D
  14. Muhast

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    Brandon boykins!!!
  15. Hailmary

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    I wonder if Demps will even get drafted. He's going to be focusing on making the Olympic team so it's my understanding that he won't be working out for any NFL teams. I'm sure some team will fall in love with his speed and put a 7th rd claim on him, but his heart seems to be more on track and field than it is on football.
  16. punchnjudy

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    I'm surprised the Panthers are that focused on the OL. I would've thought it would be tough for them to resist a CB or a DL if they have a player rated high at either position.
  17. realtick

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    Lol, seriously. I love Brooking, but he may have well just sat down 'indian-style' (no offense intended) on the plays he was called to blitz because he was utterly incapable of bringing pressure.
  18. Joe Rod

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    Personal opinion would be that they will still pick a DT when all is said and done. They are bringing in Brockers next month and will probably take a long look at Still prior to draft day.

    They need to do something because that is one bad defense that they have.
  19. Deep_Freeze

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    Yeah it would make sense for them to help out the D with how horribly they played last year.

    Of course, Cam is the franchise, so they might hire secret service agents to protect him.
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    You are the man!!!!! Thank you. I look forward to part 2!!

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