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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Feb 18, 2012.

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    About the best post I've read when it comes to describing Wade's apparent success with the Texan defense.

    I have the same thoughts about the Pittsburgh and Raven defenses for pretty much the same reasons... If you don't play many good passing offenses of course your stats are going to look great.
  2. jterrell

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    It isn't just stats.... It is wins and losses which matter.
    That Texans team won a playoff game with a rookie nobody QB.

    The defense carried them to wins.

    If you are talking coordinators there is no doubt Wade is a better coordinator than Garrett. I think we all know who is the better head coach but as a coordinator the discussion is just as cut and dry.

    I believe both Wade and Rob Ryan are top 5 defensive coordinators. Both failing to do much with this group of players tells me the talent just sucks.
  3. fortdick

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    I am not sold that Ryan is a top 5 defensive coordinator. Maybe after a full off seaosn he can convince me. I have not given up on him, but I am not as giddy as some about his record.
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    He's not imo ideal or the 3-4. He is undersized as a true ILB in a 34 and not fast or explosive enough at OLB in the 34 as well. However, if we are slowly moving back to the 4-3 he would be money along side Lee. For 1 year he'd be alright as we transition.

    This is my opinion, but I would value the input of SDogo and Coachscout on him and about his possible fit.
  5. jterrell

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    I am not basing my thoughts of either guy just on last season but on bodies of work. Rob hasn't seemed to have much to work with at all recently but historically does a lot with a little.

    Our DBs last season were just plain terrible. We saw TNew get jumped over twice in a row and guys constantly running free right at the line of scrimmage. It was just abysmal coverage skills. Jenkins couldn't life his arm sue to a shoulder injury so was zero threat to pick off anything. Scandrick got exposed when asked to start. It was just really bad.
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    Great stuff thank you for your work its appreciated.
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    Silatolu has a Cowboys connection? Interesting. Looking forward to that story. Thanks.

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