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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Jan 11, 2012.

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    clifton geathers...6'7, 300lbs...they grow those types of athletes on trees down there in geechee country. it's the reason south carolina and clemson constantly have the best looking teams coming off the bus. although he's never lived up to his potential and bloodlines he's still a project worth investing another year into.
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    Why is there a 12 year old girl in your sig line? :(
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    Anyways agree with pretty much everything except picking James in the 3rd round. Guy is a beast no doubt and will be an elite back, but we already have our back of the future in Murray and a solid backup in Jones. James is not needed here,
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    SD: Great stuff. I love your draft and overall plan, for the most part. Your first four picks mirror mine, except I may go with Minnifield in round two. McClellin is a flat out stud, and if he's there in the fourth it will be the steal of the drlft. Bryan is a much better athlete and receiver than you give him credit for.
  5. SDogo

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    McClellin was my 6th round pick in my first mock, the 4th round pick in this mock and he will likely be the 3rd round pick in my next. To be honest, I would still pull the trigger.
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    SDogo, I don't think it is said enough just how appreciated your input is around here, especially pertaining to the this time of year. Agree with the picks or not, a very well put together analysis.

    I have not done much research on the Boise State Linebacker. Why will he be available in the 4th if he reminds you of Lee (what "knock" would drop him down that far)? That is some high praise considering what we saw from Lee last season.

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    I don't necessarily consider it a poor grooming habit, but it makes me think about your priorities. Dreadlocks take a lot of time and maintenance...most professional men don't have that time.
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    Some of us don't have the hair! :)
  9. SDogo

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    He is basically a DE at Boise St. There will be some growth into the OLB position. It's not saying he can't do it or has not been asked to do, it's just something that will need to be honed and worked on. He actually was required to drop into coverage a lot but and showed he is athletic enough to do it but when it was required Boise St really limited his reads and responsibilities.

    Your probably going to see some growing pains in his first year. He is not ready to take the field as a OLB in a 3-4 from day 1 and will probably only see limited duties in his 1st year. His ceiling and skill set will cause him to get drafted a little higher then he really should go but it's one of those cases you pay a little now for a lot later.

    He won't need massive growth in the weight room that most rookies require. He's a weight room junkie with a very strong upper body.
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    our desperate need in the front 7 is a guy the offenses fear. right now they only fear Ware as regards pass rush. You think this kid can be our JPP?
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    Tanner never got any carries in the regular season, so how could we know? I'm not saying he's going to be a stud, but we don't need to be tinkering with our 3rd RB with all the other holes on this team. He'll be solid.

    Rainey and James are virtually the same size...James has about 10 lbs. They are the same height. Not to mention the fact that in the NFL they would be vritually the same back, so idk why he wouldn't want Rainey as a speed back but would want James?
  12. SDogo

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    JPP is an athletic freak, I don't know if there is a player in his caliber at all in this draft but I do believe McClellin is a 10 sacks a year guy who if used right could grow on that number.
  13. Risen Star

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    One thing I like is Grubbs. I have the same viewpoint on it. He's as good as Nicks and probably comes cheaper.
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    kirkpatrick can run around with pubic hairs on his head for all i care, lol..
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    I really do not want Spencer back but that is me.

    On the guards i was hoping to move kosier to backup status because Holland has been just as injury prone. I just trust kosier more
  16. VACowboy

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    I dunno. Grubbs will be a much easier tag than Nicks.
  17. RS12

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    I like this guy. I see similar skills to Romo but more mobile. What do you think his upside is SDogo?
  18. JonJon

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    In all fairness, he does have the Cowboys signing CB Ladarius Webb from Baltimore, who would most likely start opposite Jenkins, and he is only 26. That would leave Boykin and Scandrick to the slots. Plus Boykin is a very dynamic returner, something that we sorely need. The way I look at it, Boykin >>>> Ball, so its a win.
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    I agree. He is a hard runner, a try-hard type player, but not sure he is a NFL caliber RB. The key for a RB is slow to the line, explode through the hole. Murray does it well; Tanner does not wait for the hole to develop - he just explodes at the snap.

    My problem with LeMarcus James, is he willing to play ST. The 3rd RB has to play a majority of the coverage teams and given James prolific college resume, and the emergence of Darren Sprowles as small jack-of-all trades type offensive weapon (running game, passing game and returner) - I can't imagine James wanting to run down on ST and tackle anyone.

    That is total my guess, I have no insider knowledge.
  20. SDogo

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    That's the same question a lot of scouts are asking. He can make all the throws, he's athletic and adds another dimension. His accuracy is under rated.

    The only question about him is his ability to digest a NFL playbook and read defenses. NI really limited what they asked him to do, the offense was very QB friendly.

    I would expect all kinds of things to be thrown at him during the draft process to try and get a gauge on this kids aptitude.

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