SDogo's 1st ever Draft Prep Thread

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. GloryDaysRBack

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    Looks like it was all a smokescreen...Jason Garrett has changed the culture at VR...everyone was fooled..even the mediots..except that 1 guy who predicted our first 3 picks
  2. speedkilz88

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    Eatman had to be tipped by Jerry or one of the scouts.
  3. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    Another one who thinks just because it did not happen it all must be garbage.

    Good grief. You people just dont understand that not everything is going to happen the way you want.

    I can promise you everything here was discussed in the war room.

    Hardly makes it garbage.
  4. GloryDaysRBack

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    no need to take it personal man, you werent the only one misinformed..guys like broaddus and moseley were talking about Watt and Castonzo..they were preaching moving down..we got strong offers to move down, we rejected it..Watt and Castonzo were on board..we passed on them i said, this is a different cowboys ball club...Jason Garrett has things on lock
  5. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    Nah, nothing against you. Between two posts on this board and the 5 or 6 almost harassing PM's I received today I'm done.
  6. Pappa Cheeto

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    The insight and info is much appreciated.
  7. Picksix

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    Try not to let it get you down, SDog. That's the way the draft goes. There's a primary plan, and then inevitable adjustments based on the way things go. Tennessee taking Locker may have screwed everything up from that point on.

    But I, and several others, appreciate everything you try to do - especially this week trying to dodge tornado's.
  8. AsthmaField

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    C'mon man... don't let a few idiots change how much you add to this board. You're gonna find a few in any crowd, you know.

    Only an idiot would think that the things you posted weren't an option. Things just didn't fall the right way, but no biggie man.

    I for one thought that it was great hearing all of the different scenarios and directions the team might could head in.

    Just keep on keeping on and the fans who know what's going on will continue to appreciate it.
  9. gimmesix

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    The info you provided was much appreciated, even if it didn't all pan out. That's the nature of the draft.
  10. WilmingtonHeel

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    SoDog thanks man, Really than you from the bottom of our hearts don't let them discourage you
  11. Skerr41

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    Personally I loved this info SDogo. I actually saved it to my favorites to re read during the draft. As a long time reader, occasional poster, I always enjoy your info.
  12. dillinger319

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    Sdogo... Please dont let a few jack A's discourage you.. Everything you provided was greatly appreciated and respected by most... I look forward to your's, Hos,Cowboyjoe and everyone else who give us information.... Your very appreciated here..
  13. Corleone

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    Oh yeah, yours and Hostile's insight is the main reason I even joined honestly, all of the draft info was awesome. Even if it didn't go word for word, those options were always there throughout the entire draft, the info you guys gave provided the much wanted/needed info before the draft, cant get that kind of info in many places.
  14. TheCount

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    Whatever, I appreciate all you did leading up to the draft SDogo. Looking forward to discussing the draft with you guys again next year.
  15. Cowboy from New York

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    I think the vast majority on this forum really appreciate your efforts SDogo.
    Thanks for all the hard work you put forth and if people are PMing you and harrassing you they should get banned.
  16. CrazyCowboy

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    SDogo, I really enjoy ready all of your info.......PLEASE keep posting......speaking on behalf of the Zoners......

  17. ThreeandOut

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    Just wanted to add that I also greatly enjoyed this thread and hope you do it again next year.
  18. Hostile

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    I have no idea what posters could be upset at him, but I promise you the info shared was what we were hearing. No one is going to give you even 75% of the picks in order. It cannot be done because 31 teams can screw up that order.

    The only shocking thing to me in the entire draft is that we passed on Rackley in the 3rd. I know for a fact at one time he and Ellis were the 2 guys we wanted to be there more than anyone else. I suspect that at the time Murray was the 4th round option they wanted and they got news he was going to be taken but that Arkin would still be there in the 4th so priorities changed.

    The Draft is fluid. It always has been. It always will be.

    Sdogo and I both told you about the interest in Andy Dalton. Folks that was real. Had the Bengals not taken him we might have. The interest in Peterson was real but we couldn't get up to get him where we wanted. When Mosley and Broaddus were saying we were not taking Smith and it would be Castonzo or Watt I believe Sdogo and I both said Smith was the pick. I lowered my % from 80% sure to 70% only because it looked like we could get Peterson.

    We both told you the Cowboys were not high on Rahim Moore despite his public beliefs we would take him in the 2nd. He was there, we passed. Sdogo told you about the reports on Ellis and we passed twice.

    If there are people who for reasons of jealousy doubted the info he was providing then too bad for them. Earn your credibility with people who share info and come be better than this man at it. I would welcome it and I believe he would too. I've never spat on someone who shared info and I never will.

    Sdogo, don't let a few idiots taint an otherwise great Draft experience.
  19. Arch Stanton

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  20. HoleInTheRoof

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    This is what sdogo told me less than a week before the draft:

    We took Smith at 9. Astonishing.

    Again, what Sdogo told me less than a week before the draft:

    Not only did we pass on Moore, but we didnt' even take an OL or DE.

    From sdogo, less than a week before the draft:

    This info, coming from his "main guy", less than a week before the draft.

    Listen, if you want props and credit for getting info correct and having sources, then you can expect to catch crap when the information you present is way off.

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