SDogo's 1st ever Draft Prep Thread

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Apr 24, 2011.

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    Meanwhile, the sarcasm of you and those like you threatens to run off one of this forum's favorite, most informative posters... just like it has in the past run off other good posters who had the temerity to claim that they knew some people in the business...

    Congratulations, and thanks for your contribution to our forum... we need more guys like you, to piss off our best posters...
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    I think its simpler than that. They apparently had Murray as the higher rated player, and replacing Barber and Choice was a priority for them.

    I still think there was absolutely zero interest in taking a QB at any point in the draft.
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    If Sdogo leaves, it's because he feels he's been exposed.

    Read what he said, look at how the draft unfolded.

    Either his "sources" are full of it, or he might be.

    Open your eyes.
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    I'm going to say my final words on this and then I'm done with it all. I admit, I had a horrible run for this draft. I don't by an means set out to serve the members of this board will false or misleading information. The draft is one of the biggest crap shoots in all of sports. One move, one pick can change the whole dynamics of a the following few picks or the entire round. This year I promise you it was the Julio Jones selection and the Atlanta trade. Had Julio Jones been there I have no doubts this draft would of played out different.

    I got a kick out of one of Morts tweets after the 3rd round where he mocked himself and said that he was batting 0-12 in his reports stating that this was one of the most fluid and unpredictable drafts he has ever seen.

    The thing is, I don't get paid for this. This is not a direction I'm taking in my career. It's an added benefit to what my real goal is. Truth is, I spend more time sending PM's to members of this board sharing info then I do posting it because it's information I have been asked to limit exposure to and unfortunitly and I apologize for this to the members, it is sometimes the most reliable. The only people that can speak for that is the ones I share it with.

    The information I received which even I did not always agree with turned out to be more wrong then right but you can't assume you know what happened in that war room. Either way, if you water it down it did not happen. I CAN ACCEPT THAT.

    May times I have posted on here only to have my post appear on Dallas media or ESPN shortly after.

    I posted a story about the circus that was brewing in Dallas when Wade was coach, detailed things no one had reported and would be impossible to know unless you were there or knew someone who was. I sat on that report for 2 weeks after posting it and took a lot of heat. Amazingly, after Wade was fired all these details started hitting the media bringing to light what I posted weeks earlier.

    This past season when Dez went down and people were scrambling in the game thread to get injury information I posted that he broke is ankle 15-20 minutes before any new outlet did so.

    The 2010 draft was one of my best. While I did not post publically a lot about per my sources request I did exchange a mass amount of PM's with members of this board who can verify and brought to light the prospect Dallas would be choosing far in advance of the actual selection.

    I could bore you with more examples but I'm not hear to toot my horn. After this past draft I don't think I deserve that opportunity. As I said, even by my standards it was unacceptable. I CAN ACCEPT THAT.

    I expected to have some fall out, it started early and I was prepared for it. What I was not prepared for was the personal attacks I received via PM and one that even developed into an attack on my oldest son who I stated was getting to the age he would want to post here. If my information is that important and that personal for anyone that they see the need to attack my family then I suggest you put in the time and effort to get it yourself.

    I'm most upset by the knife in my back of a few posters who I have had a strong and long relationship on this board who turned on me like I was a Hatfield and they were a McCoy. I thought more then anyone they understood the nature of what I was doing. I guess I was wrong.

    This has been going on a long time. I have been doubted every where I go but usually receive a warm response from the majority and I have been able to handle it. The past 48 hours has been more personal and nasty then anything I have ever dealt with.

    For the past 2 years I have turned down numerous opportunities to do exactly what I'm doing here and put money in my pocket doing it but have turned it down because I would simply need to pull myself away from this board, the social media and the friends I have made here and it was not something I wanted to do. By no mean would it have made me rich but who does not need a little extra cash? Maybe I'm a fool for doing so but the enjoyment I get out talking Cowboys and sharing information far outweighed a couple bucks.

    I never started doing this expecting to be perfect and I never thought for the life of me anyone else would expect it. I basically cut my teeth here with this board. Before that I would always use what I received my own personal reasons or make a deal with various outlets for a quick mention in a article here and there.

    There are some great posters here who have amazing access to information that don't post and some in the past who have been run off. It's a shame because there is no telling what this board could become with their contributions.

    I want to thank the majority who supported me and have had my back. With out your support this would of been a very uncomfortable situation for me. Yeah, you can call me goofy or what ever but this instance and the past 24 hours has brought out some emotions in me. Some people see it as a message board, no big deal but for me it was been home away from home for several years. I have received emotional, monetary and physical support during some of life's greatest challenges from people here on this board that at the time did not know me from Adam. I know more about the families, their struggles, their accomplishments and their lives of posters on this board then some of my closest friends who I grew up with. I have been notified of births and deaths and celebrated anniversaries and made trips to meet posters who will be long life friends. Even the posters who challenge me on a daily basis I'm sure outside of this board would be great friends. We have the one common element going for us that bonds everyone here.

    We are Cowboys fans.

    Friends and doubters alike, take care and we will see what the future brings.
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    And with that, thread closed.

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