Seahawks defensive depth chart

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Feb 3, 2014.

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    It's been mentioned, but you really can't trade Claiborne. He won't fetch anything worthwhile.

    Now if you wanted to use that approach of trading a player, Carter is just about the only guy that makes decent sense to trade.

    Carter won't get you much in return but he'd get more in return than Claiborne.

    He's not that vital to this team's success so losing him won't be THE thing to break the defense, and considering he likely won't be here after next year anyway, why not just go ahead and get something in return for him?

    In fact, I'm in favor of such a move. Far too often we make the mistake of overpaying someone or letting them walk and getting nothing in return.
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    Do you think the secondary is fundamentally different from the linebacker corps in the idea that you need to have veteran backups?

    If he improves a team would resign him long term upon being traded. Regardless of how well he does next year, he doesn't fit this scheme.
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    You are too worried about salary. I'm sick of the "what's the point of cutting them" talk. Thats the logic of why we've sucked for 18+ years. If they've not been able to play, cut them. If they used to be able to play, cut them. If they are continuously injured, cut them. Fill their spots with minimum wage guys, what's the difference? This includes Lee. One more year to prove he can play an entire season. If not, bye bye. Accountability is the name of the game. Upside, potential, cap friendly, former star, should all be things of the past. There is no excuse for the Seahawks to have been able to be rebuilt TWICE, before we were once. It's time to poop or get off the pot!!!
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    Thanks. From what I've read, Oakland isn't going to tag Houston and he thinks free agency is a definite. Maybe he's got Greg Ellis syndrome and he's just paranoid about Oakland not professing their love enough. Maybe just negotiating. No idea.

    If he hit free agency though, I think he's the best and most realistic free agency fit for Marinelli's ideal 3-tech DT. As much as I like Donald and Easley in the draft, any rookie is a question and most take time to learn. Houston has already answered the questions and he's likely millions cheaper than Melton. There might be some question of him transferring skills from DE to DT, but he looks like a pretty perfect fit to me. Better to have the rook DT at 1-tech, whoever it is. Hageman may not become Kevin Williams but I think his floor is still a very good DT who can collapse the pocket and push the QBs toward the DEs.

    As far as draft picks, swap in the guys you like. Who would you take? What I'm getting at is, realistically, we couldn't expect to add more than three guys in the draft who contribute significantly on defense, plus a high quality DT free agent and another versatile DL as lower cost depth. We will haveā€¦

    • improved the DTs significantly
    • improved the depth at DE
    • added a potential replacement for Ware that allows us to move on in 2015 if he has another injury-riddled season
    • added a FS prospect with great range and cover skills

    Maybe Von Miller can be snagged from Denver in a Charles Haley kind of trade for WLB. I imagine we have a pretty good shot when he hits free agency in 2015 anyway.

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