Seahawks lost GM 1 last year to Jags too...

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Ken, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Ken

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    I found this interesting....from a hawk fan on the Ranch.

    "The Seahawks opened up last year against the Jags and Hasselbeck looked just as bad as Bledsoe (if not worse). Between the Jags dominant defensive line and the ridiculously hot and humid weather it was just a recipe for disaster.

    You guys still have a very good team. "

    "Hasslebeck had without question his best season last year, and I can honestly say that he was running around like a chicken with his head cut off in the second half against the Jags.

    Here's his statline from that game:
    21/37 246 yards, 2 TD's 3 INT's, 1 fumble.

    Shaun Alexander only managed 14 carries for 73 yards. "
  2. Secondary2None3141

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    We don't have the good fortune of playing in as weak a division as the Seahawks did.

    Regardless . . . we blew the game. I don't care what any other team did or did not do.

    If Henry catches that INT, he returns it for a TD.

    Bledsoe was off on so many passes, he looked drunk.

    It was a horrible game . . . and nothing is going to make me feel better about it other than an impressive win next week.

    EMMITTnROY Well-Known Member

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    that is really interesting.. those are almost the same exact numbers for Bledsoe and JJ..
  4. Dale

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    The season is far from over. After all, 15-1 is still possible. :) But the suckiness (yes, the suckiness) of losing week 1 is that 0-16 seems much more likely right about now.

    Next week's performance will be telling. I'd expect a bounce-back effort, but if not, things could get ugly at 0-2.
  5. Ken

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    Oh, it would be 2 WEEKS of ugly on top of that!

    We NEED to beat the SKINNY SKINS!

  6. DipChit

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    The Seahawks lost down there too?

    But but but.. how can that be? Bledsoe wasnt even their QB!!!
  7. SDogo

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    At that point we might as well start the Brohm or Quinn threads.:bang2:
  8. chinch

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    interesting... good post.

    look, we could finish 7-9 or end up in the superbowl... we all sorta know that.
  9. windward

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    It would actually be three since we would have to endure the bye week as well before our game against tennessee
  10. JMead

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    I dont understand the doom and gloom either. If teams benched players that had a bad week then noone would start more then 2 straight weeks. ... I mean JJ would never see the field :laugh2:.
  11. Billy Bullocks

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    We wore down against Jacksonville. People on here were talking down the Jags, but they still went 12-4 last year. In todays NFL, the difference between bad and good is so close, you have to give credit to a team that wins 12 games no matter what.

    We played poorly. I don't think we have a bad team. But we sure played badly. Basing what goes down in an entire season on Week 1 is not a good idea

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