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  1. Yuma Cactus

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    I just rewatched a few Sea games, including the whoopin' they put on SF in week 16. IMO if they can get a WR that puts a little fear into Def Coordinators then they will be the team to beat for the next few years. Maybe Dwayne Bowe or Greg Jennings, rookie WR's don't usually step right in and be game changers. Although Robert Woods or Tavon Austin could very well be exceptions.
  2. windward

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    They are my pick to win the NFC as of right now.
  3. dez_for_prez

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    They are definitely a young team on the rise. I would like to see Revis land with the 49ers. The rivialrey between the two would be awesome.
  4. ologan

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    Aw hell no......I wouldn't want to see Revis anywhere in the NFC, to be honest.
  5. Avery

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    I think they'll go either DT or WR in the draft. They could use another playmaker on offense.
  6. DFWJC

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    No thanks. Keep Revis in the AFC.
  7. Yuma Cactus

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    I think Harvin fits the bill. Avril and Bennett add to a pretty good defense. I have them as the favorites in the NFC.
  8. Lonestar94

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    Brandon Mebane is one of the best DTs in the business and is highly underrated imo.
  9. jobberone

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    They are contenders as long as their QB can play well.
  10. koolaid

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    Seattle has the most entertaining defense in the NFL IMO. The intensity on the field is just a blast to watch and they lay down plenty of big hits. On offense, Russell Wilson's ability to play smart with the football and maximize the potential of their rushing attack prevents them from getting too far behind in any game. Its fun to watch him extend plays with his legs and put a ton of pressure on the defense. His second half against Atlanta in the playoffs was an epic performance.
  11. Kristen82

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    7 of their starters they drafted in the 3rd-round or lower, and they're not just starters because there aren't any better options on the team. They're all above average at their respective spots, e.g. Wilson, Chancellor, Sherman, Mebane etc. That's some nice drafting.
  12. StarBoyz83

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    Ya seattle is the team to beat then saints then 49ers. One of these 3 will for sure be in the sb against the broncos.
  13. muck4doo

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    They have swag like the Cowboys of the early 90's did. They are going to be real good for a number of years. I don't see that in the 9ers.
  14. InmanRoshi

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    I liked the Seahawks last offseason and thought they might challenge the 49ers.

    However, I see a couple of indicators for regression next year. First of all, they were one of the most healthy teams in the NFL on both offense and defense last year. They were one of four teams who were in the Top 5 on offense and defense in Football Outsiders in least adjusted games lost. Some organizations seem to do a great job of staying healthy every year, like the 49ers who claim they do some sort of advanced stretching techniques to avoid injury. However, the Seahawks were one of the most injured teams in the NFL the year before (15 players on IR), so that kind of wild variance from year to year in regards to injuries would indicate last year was an anomaly and they'll probably fall back down to earth next year in terms of health (adding Percy Harvin never improves your prospects of health). Also, a big part of their formula for success had to do with a ton defensive takeaways last year. In fairness, they were also good at taking the ball away the year before, which would indicate it's somewhat sustainable going into next year. Still, defensive turnovers tend to have a lot of variance from season to season (Seahawks were tied for 24th in defensive takeaways in 2010). Combine that with a tough NFC West and some brain drain losing Gus Bradley (who I'm a big fan of), and I see reasons for them to disappoint. Although they are the 2013 March Champions.
  15. newlander

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    the Niners are a juggernaut by the time the draft is over....hope to heck I'm wrong but they can package 14....that's 14 draft picks for some higher picks and/or trades to bolster that roster It's an arms race between them and Seattle that's for sure. I would love to see the Seahawks win it all and keep winning. They've never won anything and it would keep the niners at bay. (pun intended:laugh2: ) the end I think they are head and shoulders above everyone else in the NFC. The saints, packers and falcons are good, but they don't have the firepower and depth that these two young teams do IMO
  16. ghst187

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    I've always thought Carroll was a dolt as a coach and I'm still not totally sure but they have had some great drafts recently and that's why they're so good now. Unfortunately for them, they have so many guys that will command high FA salaries (nearly their entire defense) once their rookie contracts are up they better keep striking it rich every draft or win big now. Their D is the funnest D to watch in the NFL and their QB is a real class act that just wins. If the Boys aren't going to win it all, I could tolerate the Squawks winning it moreso than the 69ers or Pats.
    The Squawks success still makes me remember the draft where we had 12 picks and targeted "special teams players" did no stockpiling for future drafts, got no starters, and got overall zero lasting impact. That's why we're mediocre now.

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