Twitter: Sean Lee: 'There's no bad teams. Just teams with bad records.'

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. WoodysGirl

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    mike fisher ‏@fishsports 51m
    #Cowboys Sean Lee to me, on beating Vikings: 'There's no bad teams. Just teams with bad records. That's a good win right there.'

    I'M not saying Sean Lee is right. I AM saying: You as a #Cowboys fan think ur qualified to tell him he's wrong abt football? Um, OK.
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  2. Vintage

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    This would be bad leadership, right guys/gals?
  3. perrykemp

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    There are no good teams, just teams with winning records?
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  4. perrykemp

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    I think Lee is a good leader, however I'm not a fan of this particular arguement.
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  5. mldardy

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    I am. Look at this league every week there are games where you expect a blowout and it is either closer than you expect or the heavy underdog wins. Tampa/Seattle yesterday or St.Louis/Seattle last Monday night as prime examples of that and the gap between those two is wider than the Cowboys/Vikings. Wins against any team are valuable in this league.
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  6. rynochop

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    And a donut with no hole, is a danish.
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  7. TTexasTT

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    lol is Claiborne or JG woulda said this it would be the dumbest thing ever....
  8. CATCH17

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    It starts at the top and trickles down. Jerry says this kind of crap and it gets to the players.

    Ponder is an awful QB and we made him look like a young Favre yesterday.
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  9. BoysFan4ever

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    Yea I disagree with him. There are bad teams in the NFL.
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  10. Hook'em#11

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    It IS a dumb statement...

    Of course Lee knows more about football than I, no doubt..

    I witnessed a Dallas team, with no commitment to running the football, almost get beat by a struggling Vikings team, at home, with a QB that can't hit the broadside of a barn..

    Sorry Lee. This IS a bad Dallas football team. But, that's only half of it. The Coaches make it that much worse.
  11. CowboyGil

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    I'll buy that. Just like Jimmy said in his pep talk to the Jags, every guy in every NFL locker room was at one time or another a football stud somewhere. Like the old tired NFL cliche says: "On any given Sunday...."
  12. TheRomoSexual

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    Ugh, statements like this are so silly. This is the NFL, there really are no "bad" teams and no win is a "gimme." There are, however, better teams than others, but there's a reason why a team like the Browns can beat the reigning Super Bowl champs. There is way too much college football mentality in this board.

    PAINFROMUKRAINE Well-Known Member

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    There are no Bad Defenses just Players on Defense who cannot play.
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  14. 65fastback2plus2

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    as long as we have the jaguars lol
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  15. 03EBZ06

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    How do you explain 0-7 Tampa Bay giving 7-1 seattle all they can handle and going OT?
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  16. Wayne02

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    Sean Lee is just trying to trick himself into believing that yesterday was a solid performance because of the W. The Vikings are a terrible team, and I'd be surprised if they ended the year with 4 wins.
  17. CATCH17

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    Just because a bad team can play with and sometimes beat a good team doesn't mean there isn't bad teams.

    You can't consistently lose and be considered good. There is no logic in that.
  18. erod

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    Jerry constantly talks about "just getting in the tournament."

    That's what bad organizations do. You don't hear that in Pittsburgh or New England.
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  19. 50cent

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    Please no, please don't start accepting the norm Lee!!!! Not you of all people. You're my hope that can get rid of this defeatist attitude roaming around the locker room! Stop looking directly into Jerry's eye!
  20. TheRomoSexual

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    Speaking of logic, you do realize that there is a middle ground between bad and good, right? Just because a team isn't "bad" does not necessarily mean they are good. Why are so many fans so black and white?
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