Twitter: Sean Lee: 'There's no bad teams. Just teams with bad records.'

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 4, 2013.

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    You are what you are doesn't exist to some, including our owner, I know.

    The Dallas Cowboys finish mediocre but yet we're not mediocre... So if we're not mediocre, and we're finishing mediocre consistently, who is at fault? Nobody?
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  2. WoodysGirl

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    You may not hear it in Pitt to the media, but you better believe they're thinking it this year. lol
  3. jobberone

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    No it wouldn't. I've heard many people who deserve respect say that any win in this league now is a good one. You can't take any game lightly these days. Not all one win teams are the same nor are they the same against every opponent. I caught grief yesterday by saying the Vikings were a tough matchup for us. Well, they were. You can take the attitude it's because we suck, they all suck and we should have blown them out. That's just difficult to even discuss with someone spouting that.

    It shouldn't but it constantly amazes me how people think others are oh so stupid and they have got it all down. Life is so simple for them. You lose you suck. That's so incredibly insightful I just have no constructive answer for that amount of awesomeness.

    It's true your record is what you are. That's how you get measured in this league. The team that wins the last game of the year is THE winner. But evaluating why you got there or didn't is just not simple and it certainly isn't because 'he sucks'.

    Yesterday the Vikings weren't a bad team. Some of that is on us allowing them to look like that. Some of that is because they are a professional team as well, work hard too, and have some pretty good players who hate to lose as much as we do.
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  4. Chocolate Lab

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    Sounds like Sean is being infected with our Culture of Mediocrity.

    Let's hope he was just being PC in answer to a question about the Vikings and doesn't really believe this.
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  5. dragon_mikal

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    This is not a bad football team. Bad football teams don't have winning records.
  6. TheRomoSexual

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    Haha, wow. You use a term like mediocre, and yet you still don't understand what Lee is saying?

    Let me spell it out -- there is no such thing as a pushover team, so there is no such thing as a "bad" win. That does NOT mean no one should be held accountable for a poor record, but rather that no win should be taken for granted. Honestly, this isn't that difficult to follow.
  7. jobberone

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    You don't know what they say nor do I. Of course you have to get to the show to win it. I don't think Jerry 'just' wants to get in. Everyone wants a dominating team on offense, defense and STs. All he and others mean is you can't win without a ticket.

    How's things working out for the 2-6 Steelers; or the last two years?
  8. skinsscalper

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    You couldn't possibly be more wrong. I just listened to NFL Radio for about 3 hours straight. The co-host of the show was Scott Pioli. He and Bob Papa were discussing this exact same "talk" that EVERY coach has with his team at the beginning of the season. Goal #1 was to win the division and "get into the tournament" (a verbatim quote). New England and Bellicheck were specifically referenced.

    Frustration is one thing. Stupid is something completely different.
  9. 187beatdown

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    You're so right. Good organizations like Pittsburgh come storming out of the gates with a 2-6 record. That's how it's done baby.
  10. erod

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    And they don't stay there long. They fix their issues, and they don't settle for being perpetually mediocre. They'll be bad a year or two, then they'll be back to being the Steelers again.

    Meanwhile, we're on a 17-year drought.
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  11. Hook'em#11

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    But, they do struggle with even badder teams. With 1-6 records... And, let teams come back time after time when leading, only to lose.

    And... Have 6 turnovers in their favor and still barely squeak out a victory..

    Save it.
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  12. BoysFan4ever

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    Please quit making sense.
  13. bbailey423

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    I Think as fans what we lose sight of the fact is matter how BAD a team is or there record is...when they play us....they will make it there Super Bowl. For better or worse...we are the glamour team of the NFL. So guys have earned Pro Bowl bids, scored contract extensions, won head coaching jobs by performing well when EVERYONE was watching. Is it fair? No. Is it dumb? I would argue yes! But it does not change the fact that when we take the field....all eyes are watching and guys want to show out.
  14. RoyTheHammer

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    All the fans whining about this statement are cracking me up.

    Good show.. lol.
  15. davey999

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    There are no bad boys, just boys with bad haircuts.
  16. perrykemp

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    A sucky team giving it everything they had and ultimately blowing it. That's why they are a losing team.

    "The there are no losing teams" mantra is just malarkey. Note: I don't consider it a big deal that Lee said it -- nobody is perfect and I don't admire him for his use of the english language -- I admire him for his football skills.
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  17. scottsp

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    Nothing at all wrong with Carson Palmer. His numbers might suggest something counter-intuitive to that, but he's not a bad QB. Why? Because he can throw it better than anyone you know? Wake us when he's facing off against a Big Ten defense.

    The Cowboy rushing attack isn't a joke. It can certainly run roughshod over any District 4A opponent. DeMarco Murray or, hell, even ol' Phillip Tanner can jog backwards for 200 against that.

    Let me know when the Vikings can pile up wins vs. against the MEAC. Then we can put all this talk of bad NFL teams to bed.
  18. ScipioCowboy

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    Lee may very well be right. However, Jerry Jones himself has said, whenever a game comes to down to a single drive at the end of the fourth quarter, your odds of winning are only about 50/50. This is one of the reasons the Cowboys are .500 over the past couple seasons; they play in a lot of close games decided by a single score in the waning minutes.

    For the record, I'm not disagreeing with Lee at all. But there are two sides to this coin.
  19. TTexasTT

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    I was talking about how it wouldve been translated at this particular website

    But I agree with you 100%
  20. Rack Bauer

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    I'm sorry... but the Jags ARE a bad team.

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