Sean Paytons new house in Westlake TX

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by RS12, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. RS12

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  2. Go Big D!

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    he just bought it for the disco floor :laugh2:
  3. BlueStar3398

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    When I first looked at it, I thought it was an apartment complex.
  4. cowboy_ron

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    Nice place
  5. Goku

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    average place for Dallas standards.
  6. Aven8

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    This is actually about 3 miles from where I live. I've done some work in this neighborhood and this one is pretty small compared to others. I would have never guessed Sean likes the modern clean look, must be his wife! One thing I do like is you never know a coach lived there.
  7. vlad

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    Apparently all the one-percenters live in Dallas. :)
  8. Woods

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    If that house is considered small relative to others in that neighborhood, I can't even imagine how big the other homes are!
  9. Aikbach

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    A lot do, 17 billionaires live in Dallas, more six figure salaries per capita are in the DFW area than any other metropolitan.

    The tv show Dallas may have played upon stereotypes but stereotypes are typically born on a basis of truth.
  10. redfog

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    47 billionaires in the Bay Area, CA. There are rich people everywhere.

  11. Aikbach

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    yes but that's a different dynamic and denser population, ocean front property versus prairie, 17 billionaires in 2 million population versus 47 billionaires in essentially Northern California, the "Bay area" is a loose terminology that encompasses Marin County, sometimes all the way to San Jose and Santa Cruz.

    San Francisco proper doesn't have 47 billionaires.

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