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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by robert70x7, Feb 14, 2012.

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    I kind of wanted to post this as a question as well as providing some information.

    Sean Spence is quickly turning into one of my favorite players in this draft. He is 5'11, 228 pounds and flies around the field with reckless abandon, but is an extremely intelligent player and simply knows how to play the game.

    My question is: Is this too small to play ILB in a 3-4 defense? Obviously he would have to put on bulk, but Zach Thomas played at 5-11 and between 240-250 pounds.

    Here is ESPN's Draft Profile on him:

    Production: 2

    "2008: (13/9)  65-9.5-2 2009: (10/8)  36-6.5-3 2010: (13/13)  111-17-2.5 Career: (2008-'10)  11 PBUs, 3 FFs and 1 INT"

    Height-Weight-Speed: 4

    Has good top-end speed but is slightly shorter than the average OLB prospect and also lacks adequate bulk at this point.

    Durability: 4

    Missed three games due to left knee injury in 2009. Is undersized and there is concern about his ability to hold up physically in the NFL.

    Intangibles: 1

    Intelligent football player and good student. Hard worker. Keeps in great condition and has worked hard to add bulk to his frame. Cares about the game and is dedicated to succeeding. No off-the-field issues.

    Instincts/Recognition: 1

    Clearly does his work in the film room and applies it to the field. Displays upper echelon recognition skills. Reads keys and reacts quickly. Has good natural instincts but also remains disciplined and works within the scheme. Does not take many false steps. Rarely bites on play-action and also shows good awareness in coverage. Knows how to read QBs eyes in zone and also has a knack for reading routes when working one-on-one.

    Take-On skills: 4

    "Overcoming lack of size and strength will always be his biggest challenge in the NFL. Can be engulfed too easily when reached by blockers. Not a good phone booth linebacker. Struggles to disengage once reached. Shows ability to take on blocks with both shoulders but needs to become more consistent with his technique (frequently takes on with incorrect shoulder, which compromises his gap assignment). Is tough for his size and not afraid to mix it up with bigger OL between the tackles. "

    Range vs. Run: 2

    Diagnoses plays faster than most college LBs and shows good initial burst. Has quick feet and great change-of-direction skills for a LB. Top-end speed is above average and he shows good closing burst to the ball carrier. Generally takes good angles in pursuit.

    Tackling: 3

    "Tackling skills are adequate but not great. He shows good initial pop for his size and flashes the ability to separate ball from ball carrier. But he appears to have short arms and falls off of a few too many attempted tackles. Lack of size doesn't help him as a tackler either. He is frequently caught5 attempting to disengage from blockers in tight quarters, which prevents him from fully wrapping up as a tackler. Rarely is he able to drive through initial contact and bury the ball carrier. "

    3rd Down Capable: 2

    "One of the better cover linebackers in college football. Displays very good awareness. Diagnoses pass quickly and rarely takes false steps versus play-action. Has quick feet and above average fluidity in hips. Gets great depth in his drops. Does a very good job of sniffing out screens and draws. Struggles to get off of blocks when reached as a blitzer but shows some quickness and instincts when turned loose. Side note: He has the quickness, awareness and temperament to contribute as a sub-package LB on obvious passing downs, as well as on special teams player. "


    What do ya'll think? In a 3-4, the ILB have to have the ability to play from sideline to sideline, and often play in coverage. I know we drafted Bruce Carter last year, but this team needs more linebackers, and I just wanted to throw a name out there. I'll be rooting for this guy no matter what team he goes to, and I think he'll be very productive in the NFL.
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    Good find. I do wonder about the weight. Thomas was a brick **** house, after all

    There's quite a few later round LB in this draft that I like...Like Spence, guys without measurables but know how to play. Miles Burris, Mychal Kendricks, Tank Carder.
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    Yeah, I like Carder too. I have seen him all over the place on mock drafts, and I wouldn't take him any higher than the 4th round.

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    Yes. In order to play ILB in our 34, he'd either have to beat out Lee or play the other ILB position which requires a lot of physical play and usually against a Guard. He's too small for that IMO. It will break his body down and in a few years, he will not be the same player. I think he would be better of getting drafted by another team. JMO
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    at my sig mock draft.. There's a reason why I have him there even though I can't stand the HurriCRAPS..

    This guy is a player. I know about the LB situation in Dallas in terms of youth ( Bruce-Lee ) BUT Spence is a football player. That means that although he may not start, Rob would make sure he spends at least the majority of the defensive snaps on that field in some capacity.

    I even thought " outside the box " with him as perhaps another Woody, but he's not as fluid in coverage as Woody was. Still, the Cowboys need players like Spence ( and Bruce-Lee ) on that field as much as possible. The ONE thing we would NOT see with them is the avoiding tackles embarrassments, aka: " business decision ", that have spruced up over the past few years..

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