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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TheOneROWilliE, Dec 11, 2004.

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    What Portis did in Denver, doesn't matter. He was a good back in a different system...what has he done this season?

    He had two rushing touchdowns last week. One of which had nothing to do with who the quarterback was (kick return + penalty down to the seven) and the other was a goalline run.

    Barber has eleven touchdowns and seven...lets forget that for a minute.

    Portis had 46 carries for 134 yards in 3 of the four games with Ramsey as the quarterback (31 for 148 in the other against the Giants)...four total touchdowns in the four games (two last week, two vs the Giants).

    I wouldn't brand Ramsey as the savior to your running game woes just because Portis had a good game against the Giants. He had 148 yards against the Bucs and 171 against the Bears with Brunell as the quarterback.

    What about their offensive lines? :rolleyes:
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    I kinda like these stats:

    Portis: 13 games 7 TD's
    Jones: 4 games 6 TD's
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    Flawed why....the giants have went through similar trials...hell they got a rookie playing QB that has looked like the second coming of Rick Mirer lol.
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    Looking at Portis' stats, they've actually gotten worse under Ramsey than with Brunnell.

    Under Brunnell

    204 carries for 810 yards = 3.97 yards per carry

    3.0 receptions per game

    Under Ramsey

    94 carries for 363 yards = 3.86 yards per carry

    2.6 receptions per game

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    Where is a owned pic when you need one?

    Portis=:suxskins: Product of the system
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    Sean Taylor is not as good as Roy Williams.
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    How dare you actually focus on the original discussion. For shame...
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    vs. Pitts #1 D against the run

    and Philly #11

    And I thought points matter...not yards...
    And I already showed you he's scored more under Ramsey than Brunell. How is that worse again?

    You say that like it's a bad thing.
    If he does't get 1500 yards, he'll come very close to it (in his first year under Gibbs). If that's being a product of the system, then so be it! That's fine with me...

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    We are averaging 1.5 points MORE per game with Ramsey in:D....

    take into acct. we score 6 & 7 his first two starts though:(

    He's doing better that Brunell because teams are scared of the deep ball.......too bad it isn't translating to the running game. At least the coaches know that the line is the problem.........I hate how our line is good on paper......
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    I found this on extreme:

    Looking for improvement? Over the last 4 games, Patrick Ramsey has a QB rating of 89.2; has completed 66% of his passes; has 5 touchdowns to only 2 interceptions; and has only fumbled the ball twice! And that is taking into account that he played against Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.
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    Oh yeah, and Sean Taylor is a monster....

    Roy the "pro bowler" - 75 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 0 sacks, 2 ints, 10 passes defended (14 starts)

    Sean's rookie year so far - 65 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 1 sack, 4 ints, 14 passes defended (11 starts)
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    Roy is playong out of position and out of his game, he is being forced to cover in a zone instad of making plays, and doesnt have a good defense around him. Also, no one fears Sean Taylor except that b**** Todd Pinkston, no one ever goes over the middle against Dallas because RW is the single most terrifying hitter the game has seen in years.
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    Our D shut down maybe a top 3 offense in football this week, we can stop the anemic Redskins.
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    Please, Philly has been down for a couple weeks now. Yesterday wasn't really surprising. Who else have you all "shut down"?

    You guys allowed MARK BRUNELL to pass for over 300 against you all last time. That's....quite amazing.
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    Actually, I seem to rememeber a post of yours from Extremeskins yesterday stating Dallas should get plastered.

    And how many points did you score on Dallas? 18? Wow Im scared. Please, please dont score 18 on us again Washington.... :rolleyes:
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    You're Defense sucks. TO was out of the game and you still lost against a one dimensional team. ONE good game agaist a DEPLETED eagles team doest make the 21st ranked defense in the nfl good. And please find a QB that doest throw an interception EVERY game.

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    They lost TO in the 4th quarter you idiot.... :banghead:

    And this coming from the guy whos team started Mark "noodle arm" Brunell for helf the season then put in the guy who is RW b****.
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    Here are updated stats to shutup the Roy vs. Sean controversy..

    Roy Williams
    Total tackles: 81
    Interceptions: 2
    Average Interception Return: 26.5
    Pass deflections: 8
    Forced fumbles: 1

    Sean Taylor
    Total tackles: 51
    Interceptions: 4
    Average Interception Return: 21.2
    Pass deflections: 8
    Forced fumbles: 1

    Now the real killer.. Roy Williams has been playing out of position where his true talents have been near the line of scrimmage. Sean Taylor is a natural "ball hawk" as you would put, yet he only has two more interceptions and an equal amount of pass deflections. Factor in that in the last two games Roy has lost two interceptions due to penalties irrelevant to him, coverage wise there stacks are pretty equal.

    Understandably, Roy is not very well in coverage.. however, I have seen Taylor getten beat many times aswell. As much as Deadskin fans try to push it, it's safe to say that receivers are indefinately more scared of Roy then Sean.

    And for anyone about to use inactivity as an excuse, he was inactive due to poor off-field actions. That only penalizes Sean more as a player, it's HIS fault.

    Conlcusion? Roy remains the beast of the east!
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    Dude the eagles have NO DLINE and all. Everyone except Kearse is injured! Im still trying to figure out how you guys lost: Oh yeah because Testicle-verdi sucks! Tell your QB to learn how to throw to his team please.
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    You just lost all credability forever on internet massage boards. There D-Line was 100% healthy, including Darwin Walker, Corey Simon and Javon Kearse.

    Try again please LOL at this guy. :rolleyes:

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