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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Mattsdad, Sep 14, 2010.

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    I am looking to go to my first Cowboy home game ever. Long time fan, but I want to be sure to maximize my experience so I thought I would ask if some of you been to a game there and can give me hints on some good seats. Are seats in the 300s any good or do I truly need something in the 200s or 100s? Appreciate the help gang. - Mark.
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    Anything 300 and below is GREAT...the 400's are GOOD. I'd say go ahead and sit in the 200's. It's CLOSE, but elevated enough to get a good view. I've sat in the 100's, and I'd say it's almost too close (for me).

    I'm going to the Giants, Saints, and Eagles games. All my tickets are an endzone corner in the 200's.
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    In my opinion the 300s are the best level. You're up high enough where you can see the action develop, but you're not very far away from the field.

    The 200s are good too, but I would never get seats in the 100s. Just my opinion.
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    Mine are in the 439 and I love it.

    Their up there for sure, but i love watching the plays develop in full view plus I always can look at the HD TV if need be.
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    Thanks much guys.
  6. poke

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    i didnt reply because to be honest everybody is going to say their choice of seats is the best.

    i have seats in the 100's, i love them. the people who have seats in 200,300 and 400 all love theirs.

    i have sat in the 300's i liked it there too.

    just get the seats that you think you would like, i bet you will like them.

    some considerations, the higher seats have a great view of the whole field,
    corner and end zone seats have great views of plays in that end of the field, middle of field seats have best overall which is why they cost more.

    some people like being down close to the action, you hear pads popping sometimes, the cheerleaders are closer...who knows.

    my wife hates heights so i had that to consider.

    get what you want and can afford, enjoy, be LOUD !
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    I love my seats in the 400s. It's the best view of the whole field and of the video board, IMO.

    I've sat in the 100s, about 20 rows from the field, and while it's great to be so close to the players, you don't get a great sense of the action unfolding on the field, it's too easy to lose track of what's going on, and it's a literal pain in the neck to see the video board.

    For the money, you can't beat the upper deck between the 20s.

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