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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by bark, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Because there is nothing else to care about. He made a butt of himself after a gamewinning play, and noww everyone on the Cowboys board wants to hammer him. I thought he got in a car impaired and killed someone... Truthfully I have never heard anything negative about this guy till now, personally I thik its a little of it's not our team so we are going to hate on him. Thats just me though cause he plays for thee SeaHawks and like you said, "why do we care?"
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    Wish Dallas had that kind of Heart.

    Sea Hawks ARE the 90s CBoyz!
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    The same Deion that got into a slap fight with Andre Rison on the field?

    I guess that's better than using your words.
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    All the idiots and closet racist are having a field day with this.

    I don't know too many "thugs" that have a Master's [In Communications] from Standford and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

    Dude's education far exceeds all these fools by miles.
  5. d_dub88

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    I would take those cocky SB winners again too.
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    David Moore and Clarence hill are on the score if anyone cares.

    Showed clips of interviews with ware and Kiffin also.

    Kiffin said he was 72 going on 52.

    Showed pics of babe in Denver with his sons and one is wearing a Brady jersey. Geez so babe's kids are not even cowboys fans...good lord.

    I wonder if Jerry jones kids are cowboys fans?
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    You mean the one that is going to inherit the franchise? If he isn't maybe he will sell the team to someone competent?
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    I never said Deion was perfect. He rubbed people the wrong way. But 99 % of people never took it seriously.

    The Stanford thing is so stupid. I went to TCU and then law school. TCU is never going to be considered Stanford edu wise but it is considered a semi classy school. I could be a drunk ahole and people wouldn't care that I went to a good school and then law school. If you add classless who cares were you went

    I like cocky. But cocky on gone field and gracious in winning are different
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    That's laughable......
    To even compare Wilson who is nothing more then a backyard baller/bus driver to Aikman is nonsense. If Wilson didn't have the strong D and running game to help him out he would be known as the below par QB that he actually is.
    And those early 90s Cowboy teams would have a stomped a mudhole in their behinds.
  11. JoeyBoy718

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    Iupita has a fractured ankle and Bowman has a torn ACL. Bad news for two great players. Possibly their best offensive and defensive players.
  12. Gemini Dolly

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    She's a very good dog. I like smaller breeds. A bit on the needy side. But, very obedient.
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  13. Wheeltax

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    Sherman sure did talk a lot of nonsense for having the guys in the black and white shirts on his team all day.
  14. Corso

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    All my dags are needy.
    Yeah- I said dags...
  15. kojak

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    Thats funny you mention that because I compared them to the 90's boys last week. They remind me so much of them its crazy especially on the defensive side. And I don't see the difference in what Sherman done as to Michael who pretty much done the same thing on live TV. Except he used profanity in front of millions lol
  16. Gemini Dolly

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    LOL. I actually happen to like that movie.
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  17. Corso

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    I have no problem with Sherman and wish he was on our team.
    Let it be known.
  18. FanSince61

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    Justin Verlander's thoughts:

    So Russell is a class act! Sherman on the other hand.... If he played baseball would get a high and tight fastball.

    — Justin Verlander (@JustinVerlander) January 20, 2014
  19. Corso

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    And get a base, maybe an RBI. And next at bat would double off the basteech.

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    And if Verlander played football, he would not last one game. Who cares what some pitcher thinks. Needs to worry about not always failing when the big games come.
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