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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by bark, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Me either. It's not like he was dropping F bombs on live TV. Actually made me laugh. Reminded me of a WWF wrestler that was cutting a promo. :D
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    Count me among the faithful.
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    Lots of people weighing in on this, as I did earlier. Having heard him in other post game interviews, I do believe he could have handled it better, but will give him his " testosterone moment" to celebrate a very good play, and bringing his team to an SB.

    Thanks to the poster who reminded all of us of Michael Irvin's F Bomb comment. Sherman didn't go anywhere near that.
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    Copy/pasted from yahoo..............
    "The statement of Sherman's intellect being superior due to his degree from Stanford is highly suspect. I graduated from Stanford with full knowledge that the Cardinal players had surrogate test takers in order to keep the team from losing key or valuable players. It takes not a neurosurgeon to see that he is more machine then brain trust. A person of substance can control his emotions in times of need. Those who rely on emotions to function are no longer in charge of their faculties. I.E. Sherman".
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    It's "more machine than brain." And I don't know where the "trust" came from. Probably meant "than brain, trust [me]." So next time you try to quote someone, apparently from Yahoo (whatever that means), try to quote someone with a decent grasp of the English language.

    And regarding "from Yahoo." Just to let you know, a search engine is not a source. A search engine leads you to sources, but in itself it is not a source. And I won't even comment on the fact that you still use Yahoo.
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    Yea, that guy from Yahoo(internet critics like us or a refreshing chocolate drink?) sounds a bit jealous, misinformed or something.

    Yea, Sherman went off but there is supposedly a history there and it was in the moment. The guy graduated 2nd in his HS class and got a College degree at the top of his class as well. Not only that, he is in(or finished) the Masters program. I highly doubt surrogates take their place in those classes since it is hands on with the professors. However, get some cool new dreads and stuff, I am sure someone could pull off the caper :)
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    What a cowardly thing to say from a player that never has to face an inside fastball.

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