See you in Dallas!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by SA_Gunslinger, Jul 26, 2006.

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    I travel too much to be able to get tickets in advance. The best I can hope for this season is to be in town when the company wants to give the tickets away or I can find a good ebay deal.

    It stinks - because I live 30 min from Irving.
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    Be careful buying season tickets off ebay. the cowboys have had problems with season tickets being stolen from mail rooms in corporate offices and then the tickets being sold to individuals and the individuals selling them on ebay.

    What then happens is the person who buys them off ebay thinks they have season tickets, in reality they have seats they have no rights to. SO here is how it is handled, US postal investigators have a list of stolen season tickets and they go to the seats of the stolen tickets and take the people out of their seats during the game and then down into the offices of the stadium. Then they take your tickets away and they dont give you any money for them and you have to help them persecute the person who sold them.

    I know this to be true because it happened to me in 03, took me right out of my seat during the 03 preseason houston game, I missed the whole game because I was talking to the police. The next morning the postal inspectors were at my house and took my tickets, the whole two sheets. I had nothing, no money back and no tickets.

    Eventually they helped me get my money back from the person who sold them to me and I talked directly to the head of the ticketing office for the cowboys that night and bought two seats for the year which I still have.

    SO the moral of the story is if you are going to buy season tickets off ebay, call the stadium before you buy them and make sure they are not reported stolen. The cowboys frown on this so dont expect any help from them if you get into this situation.

    Just thought I would share since I had this happen to me. Again though as explained to me, the cowboys have alot of businesses that own season tickets and people in the mail rooms notice the envelopes and steal the tickets, then they sell a 2000 dollar 2 season ticket package to another person for 500 bucks, that person in turn puts it on ebay and gets 1000 from you the buyer.

    In the end everyone is screwed because they just print new tickets and the postal inspectors take the seats from you and pretty much tell you it is your problem with getting the money back.

    by the way I have had my season tickets for over two weeks now, they came the first week of july. You may want to check what the holdup on yours are.
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    we're gonna have to have a CZ get-together at this game....we got a nice number of posters going!
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    i can't wait tell the boys play the bears at the new stadium....when ever that is! i will get front row seats on the boys side... oh man...or even tickets to when the boys play Minnie at minnie again or Lambo...god i hate illinois!
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    I'm going to the Indy game on Nov. 19th. A long way to come from Hawaii, but I'm going to Calif. anyway for my granddaughter's 1st birthday on the 27th.
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    im going to Cowboys-Giants monday night!!!
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    I got my tickets for the Texans game.Section 103 row 12 seats 1 and 2. Will see you guys at the corral. :beer2: :beer1: :texans:
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    I'm going to the Colts@Dallas game in November. I hope we get another great game like the Chiefs@Cowboys last year! Should be a good one, I can't wait!


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