Seems Like Cowboy Fans Are Really Down

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Beast_from_East, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. blackbull

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    Lol at year two of three. While Harbaugh has Alex Smith with the highest passer rating. Some of you fans are just like the team, full of excuses.
  2. KJJ

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    I'm sure most fans are really down because reality set in against the Bears that the Cowboys are not a very good team and their season is probably riding on the next 5 games 4 of which are on the road. They have a very tough lineup coming up the next 5 weeks and after Cleveland in week 11 the Cowboys finish up the season against Wash, Philly, Cin, Pitts, NO and on the road in Wash....OUCH!!

    That would be a tough schedule for a team that was playing good but as mediocre as the Cowboys are and the lack of fight I've seen from them in their 2 losses this could get very ugly the next few weeks. This is such a tough 5 game stretch coming up that the NFL Network was debating yesterday whether the Cowboys would lose their next 4 out of 5 games.

    If the Cowboys want to have any prayer of making the playoffs they have to get on a roll starting Sunday or we may be turning out the lights on this season before we even get to December.
  3. SkinsandTerps

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    Wonder what gave you a hint ?
  4. ka0tik

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    people would usually say oh the cowboys suck! and in my case id kinda brush it off you know? but i guess....there comes a reality check time and its like....maybe they do with them, i watch them, i support them..but im tired of the crap honestly.
  5. djmajestik

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    I must admit I am as well! And I will also admit that it is even harder to get up for wins, because I expect them to just flop the following week. Years and years of no consistency has led me to feel apathetic at best towards this team.

    But I still watch............ :star:
  6. junk

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    Don't worry about it. If you dare to criticize the team in any way, shape or form, he'll question your fandom.

    I think a lot of people are down because the team looked good to start the season and have been sloppy and mistake prone since.

    A win at Baltimore, which wouldn't shock me, will have people talking Super Bowl again.
  7. MichaelWinicki

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    It wouldn't shock me either.

    I don't think anyone really knows what kind of team this is (yet).
  8. Cowboy_Shawn

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    Judging by what we've seen so far, I think I have a pretty good grasp on the type of team the Cowboys are.

    At this point the Giants game looks like an anomaly. I think what we've seen the last 3 weeks is what we're going to see the rest of the season.

    Shaky offensive line play.

    Inconsistent running game.

    An offense that struggles to score.

    A defense that is good but not great.

    Overrated coaching staff being outcoached by their marginally-skilled counterpart.

    An ineffective kickoff return unit.

    These are issues that have been consistent over the last 3 games. I believe this is who the Cowboys will be for the remainder of the 2012 season.
  9. visionary

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    yes we do

    this is a mistake prone, undisciplined, up and down team

    just like the last several years

    that is why fans are 'down'
    if we beat the ravens, it wil be a nice surprise

    that should not be the case with the dallas cowboys
  10. burmafrd

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    got to remember as long as Hoss's Golden Boy is coach he is not going to admit anything is wrong.
  11. Chocolate Lab

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    I agree, and that goes even for my friends who have never read a Cowboys message board.

    But think about it, we're now 3-6 over our last nine games. And the only really good win in there was the opener this year against the Giants. Those nine games include the Arizona self-frozen kicker game, the fourth quarter collapse against the Giants, the Eagles home loss where we pulled Romo, the total no-show against the Giants, and the Seattle and Bears games where we looked like we were barely playing for at least parts of the game. The other two wins other than the Giants were the Bucs last year when they had completely imploded and the Bucs this year when our offense was absolutely inept.

    So you can't really blame people. It's been a long stretch of bad football now.
  12. MichaelWinicki

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    Do I see a team with a lot of flaws?

    You bet.

    Do I see a lot of teams out there with a lot of flaws?

    Oh yeah.

    I think the offense can play better than what it has.

    I think the defense is good.

    They could end up 8-8.

    They could end up 10-6.

    I wouldn't be surprised in either instance.
  13. Zimmy Lives

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    I am always disappointed when they lose but I tend to focus on signs of improvement. I am encouraged by the play of the defense but am discouraged by the lack of a pass rush and turnovers.

    On offense, I would be encouraged if they would just eliminate all the mental mistakes. Seems to that is their biggest challenge.
  14. Cowboy_Shawn

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    Basically we've been in the same neighborhood as the Cleveland Browns.

    That's pretty sobering.
  15. jazzcat22

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    It took the 49ers 2 to 3 years if not 4 to get to that position, they didn't do it over night. Get your facts straight.
    Last year it was being said at the beginning of the season it was year 2 of 3.
    Actually during pre season last year norm Hitzges was saying this, and people thought he was nuts...turns out he was right....
  16. Future

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    I don't really know your posting history, so Idon't mean this as a jab at.

    But I'm curious how many will credit JG for improving those units, and bag on Jerry for the holes on Oline and at safety :laugh2:
  17. BrAinPaiNt

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    The only thing this team is consistent at is being inconsistent and when that is a trend that has gone on for years under different coaches, coaching styles, offenses, defeneses and players...well you get a fan base that is tired of it.

    Last year people complained when JJT said we were a .500 middle of the road team. But truth said at that time he was right but people argued we should wait till the end of the season to see and again he was right. It is not like he is a genius, because he is not. He, and many fans, have seen enough from this team over the years to see what is going to happen.

    Even when we get a good year and figure we can grow on it and improve the next year...we wind up having a let down.

    I honestly do not know how anyone can honestly look at this team the last few years and so far this year and think we are primed for a Superbowl run. I mean I could say I am and if it happens I could bow my chest out and say...See I told you, but in reality it is just nothing more than a broken clock being right a couple times a day or a blind squirrel getting a nut because every indication says other wise with this team.

    I want results.

    I don't want to hear a coach talk about stacking up and processes every time someone asks him a question and than we are to cheer and laugh at how he plays the press like a fiddle...maybe he has in the past but when the team is getting killed in some games and looks like they are giving up in others...that is not playing the press like a fiddle that is just falling back on lame cliches that don't fix a problem.

    I want results.

    I don't want players telling the press that they just need to execute better and will do a better job. I want their actions to speak not their words and so far the actions are not covering the check the words have wrote.

    I want results.

    I don't want to see players not being able to know where they are to line up during games...something we have seen many times over the years.
    I don't want to see players continue having offside penalties or holding penalties...something we have seen many times.

    Wanna watch the next game or two and see how many times the offense has penalties again. They did ok last game because they were getting roasted by the press and fans about the penalties before. They can seem to adjust for a game or two but watch and see if they don't go back to the same thing again. Just like when the team gets accused of Passing too much and not running enough...normally when that happens the next week they will over compensate and try to run to much.

    This falls back to the team only being consistent at inconsistency.

    I can understand a fluke loss here and there. Every team has had those over the years. I can understand another team just being better. Those can happen to every team.

    This teams lack of discipline, this teams lack of consistency would get any fan down.

    Less Words...More Results and on a consistent basis.
  18. DallasDW00ds0n

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    They did???

    Singletary was a horrible coach and in 2010 SF was 6-10 with 9ers fans demanding Alex Smith gets cut. Harbaugh takes over and in 2011 they went 13-3 and makes Alex Smith out to be "coachable."

    That is over night.
  19. anava

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    That was without an offseason and he is looking even better this year.
  20. Hostile

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    It couldn't possibly be that the light came on for Alex Smith and he lived up to his potential. Yes, Harbaugh contributes to that. Of course.

    But if Alex Smith goes down, are you convinced Harbaugh keeps them this viable? If so, that's some incredible confidence.

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