Seems Like Cowboy Fans Are Really Down

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Beast_from_East, Oct 9, 2012.

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    Could it be Harbaugh turned the light on for Alex Smith? Isn't that the coaches job to get the best out of all their players? That is exactly the arguement here. We have had a bunch of underacheivers that the coaches just cant seem to play to their max potential.
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    You don't think that SF could still be successful without Alex Smith? Usually people feel Alex Smith is the one guy holding that team back.

    I really feel Jim has been the one able to bring out the best in Alex and I have a feeling if asked, Alex would probably agree.
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    Here is something else that will get you down as a fan.

    So far this year we are 29th in the league in rushing, 271 yards rushing and have 1 rushing TD.

    Here are the teams that have only 1 Rushing TD, or less, so far this year...

    Dallas Cowboys 1
    Jacksonville Jaguars 1
    New York Jets 1
    Oakland Raiders 1
    St Louis Rams 0
    Tennessee Titans 0

    So far the Combined records of those teams are 10-18 with only one team over .500 (Rams).


    Last year we were 18th in the league in Rushing, 1,807 and had 5 rushing TDs.

    Here are the teams that had 5 or less TDs last year...

    Cleveland 4
    Kansas City 5
    Dallas Cowboys 5

    So with Dallas, Cleveland and KC last year we had a combined record of 19-29.


    Now I am sure there are other stats one could find to prove other things, good or bad.

    However it does seem whether or not we are a passing team or not, we need to improve our Rushing TDs.
  4. DallasDW00ds0n

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    ^ I agree 100% and I honestly thought we would have after last year, but after our FA pluggins binge I knew this team wouldnt improve; and so did most people on this board. Many were critical after the draft and offseason debacle.
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    Yeah well that's good to here.
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    truth matters naught to the happy fans
  8. BrAinPaiNt

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    Truth does not seem to matter to either extreme side of most arguments.
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    Agreed. We don't need to be great or even good statistically as far as rushing yards go. New York wasn't last season and neither was Green Bay the season before that. Obviously those two football teams won the Super Bowl. However when they needed to run the ball in the end zone and get touchdowns they did that. That's a big reason why they were so hard to stop on offense. Great quarter backs who threw for a lot of yards through the air, but also a dependable run game in the red zone.
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    What's the problem with this team? Well, just take a look at how we rank with the rest of the NFL


    YPG: #4
    Passing YPG: #1
    Rushing YPG: #15
    PPG: #13


    YPG: #16
    Passing YPG: #4
    Rushing YPG: #29
    PPG: #30

    Penalties: #29 (fourth most, 8.2 per game)

    Our defense seems to be really good and we are even the best pass defense in the league statistically. But with an offense that can't run the ball or score points we're still struggling. Rob Ryan seems to be doing his job. Can we say the same about JG?
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    Losing greatly affects me.A Cowboy loss can ruin my whole week and I definitely will not listen to sports radio that whole week. Its my view that its my God give right to have a super bowl championship team every year.
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    We have to change our Offensive gameplan, we have to start playing not to lose and rely on one of the best defenses in the NFL. Run the ball and play action suck up the Lb's and hit Dez and Miles over the middle and tell Tony it's ok to punt the ball b/c Newman and alan ball no longer play on our team.
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    Not that you need or require my blessing, but I like most of your posts. You are obviously a dedicated fan (like most all of us) and are knowledgable regarding the game and the franchise. However, you often seem to post as if you're the moral compass for this fanbase in regards to how the fans should behave. You seem to try to project an air of superiority. That turns some people off. I don't think anybody needs you or anyone else to tell them what type of fan they happen to be. I'm pretty sure no one is happy with how the season has gone this year, other than the first game. The team has not improved since Game 1, at least from an offensive standpoint. That much is obvious. By the way, I'm pretty sure you aren't suiting up this coming Sunday, so you don't have to concern yourself with giving up.
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    You've left out the one truly damaging stat... -7 in turnovers. Or next to last in turnover percentage per game at -1.8.
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    I tell people all the time to put Hos on ignore if you don't like his posts. Hell, even he says it most of the time. It's very simple.
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    Couldn't agree more.
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    The sad part about the rushing totals is that it is much easier to run block than pass block.

    The Redskins O-line is nothing special either.
    So it either means that the Redskins have better RBs ? Doubtful.
    Redskins have better coaching...That's sounds about right.
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    I'm not certain it is hypocrisy which causes some to lash out at others. But the psyche of the fan that finds themselves labeling people fair weather fans has an interesting dichotomy.

    We can talk about specific players.

    Bobby Carpenter stinks on ice.

    But we cannot talk about other players.

    Terrence Newman stinks on ice.

    The reason is one player isn't instrumental in the outcome of games but the other one is. Or one is a starter and off the list of critique and the other one was considered a bust, so that player is fair game.

    The real thinking here is if the starter is crapola on a popsicle stick, then the team might truly not live up to the hopes of the one fan that paints a pleasant outcome every year.

    Denial is the real reason.

    To the group that wants everything sunny side up, drafted players fall into the starter category.

    They have not earned anything other than were drafted, but they get a benefit of the doubt because of potential.

    You see this manifest in comments like, "We've got to see what our young guys can do," even in the face of slim results in college.

    Because the bromide comes up that drafting isn't a science anyway so all those "experts" can be wrong.

    Well look at Romo and Austin. Of course this ignores the hundreds of thousand walk-ons that failed because two players were good instead of the usual.

    This applies to players, coaches, head coaches especially, and GM's.

    So the season comes up in mid summer and fans are making their assessments of what the team can do this year.

    If it's a year that is following a really poor season - and the team doesn't have a stud quarterback - fans will set their sights on improvement. The marriage of draft picks with a results within a select outcome that is attainable within a realistic framework is the soup to nuts version of expectations.

    There will still be the "on any given Sunday" crowd that believes every year is a Super Bowl year. Because we all can cite a rags to riches franchise.

    Yet, if the team has this magical quarterback, then things are drastically different. Anything can happen. And that mindset allows people to dream big and ignore weaknesses in the team.

    Because you don't really know what we've got until you see it.

    This is a famous quote by a witch that is laughable, if you follow my drift.

    Any given Sunday, meets rags to riches, meets homer point of view.

    Then there are fans that assess the strengths and weaknesses of the team as the off season progresses, and then makes a somewhat learned prediction - keep in mind there are no learned fans, we think we know but truthfully we're all full of caca - and then they stick with their position.

    These are the fans that are called out as fair weather fans.

    Now the other type that see roses also see players they don't like and point them out as weaknesses. But they also are careful, through planned hope or a complete denial to factor in that some of the good players on the team are not really that good. They use stats to back up their position, when those stats have flaws.

    Read Bradie James. He was a home town hero and wasn't really that good. Out of position Bradie was my pet name for him when there was a critical play that needed a linebacker to stop it.

    Ken Norton and Sean Lee show the type of player that gets into position. Bradie James was the poster boy of the Oops linebacker. Oops that one ran by me.

    All this is my supposition on how the dynamics of our fandom works.

    Hell, I could be wrong, but watching the game played each year by fans does reveal a certain psychological aspect to the relationship between one group and another.

    This transcends the Cowboys, and manifests for all sports.

    But something that has caused me to scratch my head lately is this.

    There are those who think of this team as on the verge every year who also are self claimed resident historian about the Cowboys.

    They know all the ins and outs about the team and can cite chapter and verse when it comes to every season and who did what when and how.

    But these fans who lay claim to knowing the team and being the biggest proponents are intimidated when talking about specific areas of the history of this team.

    Drafts, seasons, eras where the team has predominately failed are considered history not worth mentioning.

    Yet these very same people will bring up the good times and wax poetic about those times.

    Selective history is a telling sign to me. Just sayin'.
  19. CATCH17

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    It's because we're tired of see'ing one of the NFL's elite franchises be so mediocre.
  20. TwoDeep3

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    Allow me to add that the fans who are critical of the franchise have been calloused to the point of expecting the worst instead of the best.

    I do not believe in Jerry Jones.

    There are so many here that were not here ten years ago when this was a different site. And even some that were here then have forgotten the debates I got into where I defended Jones.

    Reality remembers.

    So to be fair, I am now to the point that until Jones can actually orchestrate this franchise into a Super Bowl winner, I will not believe he has the ability to do so.

    But, I could be wrong about that. We'll see.

    But with the track record of Jones over the last fourteen years, my hopes for some miracle isn't charting on any graph.

    This does not mean that I look at every aspect of the team and doubt. I see real positives.

    But they are over ridden by the negatives such as the offensive line I have been projecting as woeful since May.

    I am jaded, just like the rose pickers.

    But I am also fair.

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