Seems Like Cowboy Fans Are Really Down

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Beast_from_East, Oct 9, 2012.

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    I have no idea if u were trying to take a backhanded shot at me specifically or not, but if u were, search through my posting history and discover that I'm definitely NOT one of those posters that are always negative towards the team. I think you'll find the opposite. That doesn't mean I won't call a spade a spade. This year our offense has been pretty terrible. No way To sugar coat it. I think it will improve, but the team needs to do it on the field and not in the media.
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    No one would criticize which hand he holds it in as long as he doesn't drop it.
  3. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    As long as the recievers don't hold it we should be good. ;)
  4. Sampson

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    Beasley could hold it..... but he might leave with it and bring it back a couple days later.
  5. Cowboy_Shawn

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    Do you subscribe to the idea that Jerry Jones' ownership style has held the team back?

    Of course he's not responsible for on the field errors but he's directly responsible for the poor OL, the poor coaching hires, the Ware or nothing pass rush, and the all flash and very little substance receiver known as Dez Bryant.

    Sure you need a little luck to win in the NFL but let's not pretend that the Cowboys are just some team saddled with bad luck. The fact of the matter is if the Cowboys had a real GM in place they'd be in a better position to overcome some of those unlucky bounces.

    Finally, you're tired of fans *****ing? Ever heard of the saying "the squeaky wheel gets the oil"? I want fans to ***** about the product. In fact I question their desire to win if they aren't *****ing. We aren't the Cincinnati Bengals, we're the Dallas Cowboys. There's a rich history of winning in Dallas. Fans should be pissed that we're stuck in mediocrity for close to two decades.

    I'd like to see the fans make Jerry feel uncomfortable and voice their displeasure rather than them siting back lapping up his annually flawed product while clapping like trained seals.
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    good post
  7. Duane

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    No one in the league, not even Al Davis, would have kept Jerry in a football position for 15+ years with this kind of performance.
  8. visionary

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    good post
    get ready to be labelled a "fair weather fan"
    jerry is a football idiot and anyone with any knowledge of football and common sense knows it
  9. Kangaroo

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    We know Romo would fumble it or throw an int with it :p:
  10. Hostile

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    There was no swipe at anyone. If people feel stung by my fair weather commentary, isn't that on them if I am not singling them out? It means they feel a little bit of guilt.

    It's like saying, "Some people just stink," and having someone reply, "I do not." Were you talking about that person, or some people who stink? It's not the same as saying, "Dude, you stink."

    So if I haven't called you a fair weather fan, then I am not calling you one. Are there fair weather fans here? Absolutely. Might they feel stung by the comment? Possibly, and guess what? If they do, it's because they know they really are.

    If you aren't in that group, don't feel stung by my commentary. If you feel stung, stop being a fair weather fan. That's my advice to everyone, because either you are or you're not, and both pieces of advice are good.
  11. Seven

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    Great post. I mean GREAT post.

    Too many hats not directly related to the Cowboys. Too many hats directly related to the Cowboys. Fails us as soon as he wakes each day.

    But, best you shush your mouth...............he's Jerry By God Jones.
  12. popp1234

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    You, sir, are either a fair weather fan or a bandwagon fan. I am still trying to determine which. Can you post more well thought out, intelligent and realistic views? I just want to be certain before I label you. ;)
  13. DavidAK

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    It has nothing to do with feeling stung by your comments, that's silly.

    While you might not be calling people out specifically, you are still generalizing people into that category that don't meet your criteria of what it means or takes to be a real fan.

    But like I said earlier, negative fans, positive fans, kool aid drinkers and cliff jumpers are all fans..whether you agree with them or not does not make anyone less of a fan.

    A fair weather fan on the other hand is not a real fan, it's someone who only shows support when they are doing well. So just because someone has given up hope for their team doesn't mean they are a fair weather fan. Just because someone calls you out for " being ok with mediocrity" doens't make them a fair weather fan.
  14. Sampson

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    I am also a fan of fair weather
  15. jday

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    It ain't that serious. I am a huge fan, but at the end of the day, how the Cowboys perform is not a reflection of me.
  16. Hostile

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    Exactly right. and as I said before, I have singled no one out as that. So if it does not describe YOU (meaning anyone reading it) then there is no need to be offended by it.
  17. MichaelWinicki

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    If more accepted this truism... And it is a truism.

    If more accepted that point, there would be far fewer posts that cause other posters and moderators consternation.
  18. cowboyeric8

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    Meh I will always be here. The Cowboys keep me entertained for at least 16 weeks every year. But I will never give up.

    2-2 and moving on up.

    Go Cowboys!
  19. jday

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    Well, I can't claim to have always felt that way. But by extension of my misery year after year, I was having an effect on my wife's mood, and as the saying goes, happy wife, happy life. So I had to come to grips with the reality of the situation. Not to say, I don't get pissed on game day anymore...I do. But in the scheme of things, it really isn't worth allowing it to ruin your day, week, or year.
  20. Beast_from_East

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    :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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