Seems that the two most overrated "elite" QBs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by blindzebra, Sep 22, 2013.

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    The 5 rings game doesn't really work when arguing with Steeler fans seeing as how they have 1 upped us in that category.
  2. Doomsday

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    RG 0 and 3
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  3. Hook'em#11

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    And, no longer have stout defenses..
  4. KJJ

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    The Giants defense is currently ranked 23rd. It was ranked 27th in 2011 when they won the SB. What's killed them so far this season has been turnovers.
  5. RoyTheHammer

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    Miller just played his first game back from tearing up his knee.. still getting up to speed though. So really Ben hasn't had a healthy Miller at all this year yet.
  6. DFWJC

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    ESPN had an article today about, gasp, how badly Aaron Rodgers has performed in late game situations.

    They went into all kinds of details about late game comeback wins and also game-winning drives.
    In the end they showed a list of about 30 (out of a few hundred) or so of the top performers through NFL history.
    Eli was actually pretty high up there. Big Ben too.
    Brady is the best ever in that area, at least by their calculations.
    Staubach was good to, by the were some of the usual suspects, like Marino, Elway and Montana.

    And yes, one the best of all time in late game, or what the clall "clutch" situations is Tony Romo.
    Out of countless QBs over the years, he is top 10 in 4th quarter comback win percetnage (vs opportunities) and is top 15 in Game Winning Drive success percentage.
  7. Vinnie2u

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    And Flacco sucks too? Thing is these guys were clutch on the big stage when all the spot lights were on. I'm not confident our guy would have that success..
  8. Hook'em#11

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    Wow.. I was unaware of that , thanks. Seems the Giants Defense always was there for that one play that helped turn the ball around. Romo has never had that.

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