Selvie "It's a great scheme"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Boys#1 95, Sep 27, 2013.

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    I think you need to always be smart with the cap. And i'm sure the Cowboys definitely value some players more than others. QB, WR, CB, Pass Rusher and
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    I'm so happy for this kid. His career looked over then when given a chance with great defensive coaches he took the bull by the horns and has looked good.
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    Oh I agree. I personally don't feel like Selvie is irreplaceable. Maybe i'm wrong. I very well could be but I feel like Selvie is more of a product of Maranelli. That's not to slight Selvie of any sort. If you don't have the work ethic or the tools I don't think Maranelli can do anything with you. But i'm not really sure how good Selvie is just yet.

    Okay fair enough but Church as of right now is playing some of the best football at safety in the LEAGUE. And we have him on a deal right now where some backup safeties get paid more than him.....its a bargain.
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    Selvie almost seems like a guy who lost himself after early success in college. He was more productive at USF than JPP until his Senior year when he really dropped off for some reason. Then he entered the league and again the first couple of years didn't do much.

    I have been very impressed with his play but doubt he will continue his present sack pace. I do think he could be a good piece for a DL rotation but still think DL is by far our biggest need in the next draft unless some of these young guys really show signs of being long-term answers. At least there are now a lot of players for Marinelli to work with:

    David Carter
    Caesar Rayford
    Edgar Jones
    Nick Drevis
    Tyrone Crawford
    Ben Bass

    If he can find 2 or 3 starting quality players out of this bunch we are golden. So far Hayden and Selvie have looked like starters but Wilber looks like a rotation only guy and the rest we haven't seen enough of yet.

    I still think the biggest priority should be extending Hatcher. He has just been playing so well the past 2+ years now for it to be a fluke. At a stage where most players are falling off a clilff he is continuing to improve.
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    I'd say with Rod-Mar's approval around week 8-10, we extend him to a 4-5 year deal. You know extend them cheap not after 1 yr wonders that have us at the Salary cap edge! ''Don't want to mention any names'' cough Austin, cough Sensy, cough Barber...
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    Remember when the DL recently was a source of despair for the team? we let lissemore go? what?

    our future on the DL with this scheme and these coaches is really looking skyward...not trying to look too far ahead or anything, but next year, in addition to Ware, if we can get hatcher signed, then we will have a rotation of Selvie, Hayden, Crawford, Bass and add in other bargain basement finds that they grab up next off season (not even counting on a draft pick yet)...dare I say that if this scenario continues to play out, and the OL continues to play well that the team can actually take the BPA in the draft, regardless of position (other than QB)? Good times, good times.....
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    I agree it's too early. Look at half a year or so and if he's consistent then make an offer. If you go too early you can get yourself in a bad deal. Wait too long and the price goes up.

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