Senior Bowl 2011

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    I'm just going to plug this once, but wanted to inform people who may be looking for info next week.

    Next week we'll be live from Mobile for an exclusive look at the Senior Bowl with daily practice reports, press conference transcripts and photos.

    Going to toot our own horn here, but last year we were the fastest of any site to get content up, and that was our first year down there, we're much more prepared this time. We were also the only site to provide full press conference transcripts (both coaches and 4 players from Tuesday-Thursday nights) and got those up before other sites put bullet point summaries online.

    Bookmark this page for weigh-in results and refer to the tabs on the navigation bar for the other sections. We'll post on the home page when new content is added (several times a day; i.e. post North practice, post South practice, post press conferences, etc.)

    Don't hold me to it, but I'm confident we'll be the first site with complete weigh-in results on Monday (before lunch).

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