Senior Bowl Issues

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Nors, Feb 1, 2005.

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    From GBN

    Changes coming for Senior Bowl... There were a number of complaints from NFL teams heading home from Mobile after last week's Senior Bowl week. The biggest concern is that the game is not attracting enough top prospects. This year, for example, there were only 7-8 players in Mobile who are currently rated as solid first-round prospects; its also possible that no one in Mobile will be taken in the top 5 selections at the 2005 draft in April. One proposed solution, of course, would be to invite juniors who currently aren't eligible for the Senior Bowl, but will undoubtedly make up a good share of the first-round this year. There has also been a problem with players showing up in Mobile, but then leaving early because of an injury - either real or imagined - leaving their respective team shorthanded. One solution here would be to expand rosters, however, that might also cut down on the reps for players in town. NFL coaches and scouts also reportedly weren't happy they were not allowed to stand on the sidelines last week as they have been accustomed to doing in the past. Instead everyone was forced to sit in the stands or at least stand behind the hedge surrounding the field.
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    Since juniors and seniors make up the bulk of the draft, they SHOULD expand it to include juniors...

    It would be more representative of the actual draft prospects...
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    They'd have to rename it then.
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    I'm not as worried about the number of first round selections... I thought the point of these bowls was not to let the blue chips jockey for positions but to let guys that might not have gotten the same kind of exposure a chance to shine against good competition. Basically a big list of guys with something to prove...

    Put small school corner backs against top WR talent and see if they can handle them.

    Let guys that were game planned against all year a chance to show what they can do if they aren't the best player on the team.

    I think the senior bowl is for guys like Frye and Roth, that aren't the top pics in their positon, but got a chance to show that they should be.
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    How about "The Best Players in This Year's Draft Bowl"?

    Now that would attract some more participants :D
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    Why don't they just have an "All-Star" game. Invite any draft eligible 1st team All-American or something?
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    I get the feeling that this is a knock on Rogers.
  8. Rack Bauer

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    Obviously. For some reason Nors has an agenda with this guy. :rolleyes:
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    GBN reported it as an issue. Rogers was only one of many that backed out and left early. Its an issue - same issue at combine and players backing out of working out.
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    So your saying that you KNOW Rogers faked an injury?

    Prove it.
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    These all-star games have their place and time. If they had invited the projected top 20 of the draft, only a few guys might have shown up. Their agents would have advised them not to risk injury or a sub-par performance. The other side of the coin is that players who did go and performed well have a chance to move up. I have no real problem with the way they make the rosters up. If they are worried about TV ratings with a bunch of 2-3 rounders playing, then that's a different issue - one that I don't really care about.
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    You said that, not me - nice try. You do it all the time - Read the article.
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    So you're not saying Rogers faked an injury? I'm just asking you a question, Nors. It's a yes or no answer, even you can handle that.
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    Reread the thread. I never said that.
    I try and be civil to you but you just continue to be a Richard.

    Keep making stuff up as you fly. "ignore" back on for good.
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    Ok, Nors, since you don't have the mental capacity to handle answering a simple question, I'll try again but try and make it easier for you.















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    In Nors defense (and believe me, I don't usually say that), he never did mention Rogers and several players did drop out due to injury. I think it was Elton Brown that showed up, never practiced and left on the advice of his agent.

    I think the point was that people are getting frustrated that top talent is not playing in the Senior Bowl. Can't say that it surprises me, but I was glad to see Cadillac show up. Scouts are going to have to evaluate players during the season, at the combine (sometimes) and at pro days. Top notch prospects aren't going to risk playing the Senior Bowl, so as someone else said, it becomes a chance for these fringe prospects to improve their stock and show that they can compete against better competition.
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    There's nothing to defend. I asked him a question and he won't answer it. If he doesn't that Rogers faked the injury then he just has to say so.

    His silence is defeaning.
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    Buccaneers | Impressed With Thorpe's Toughness - from
    Tue, 1 Feb 2005 21:36:10 -0800 reports Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden was very impressed with the way Florida State WR Craphonso Thorpe (foot) was able to play through a foot injury during the Senior Bowl. "I was really impressed with him, particularly with the fact that he came here with a foot injury," said Gruden. "He had horrific blisters on his foot. I didn't think he'd be able to run or walk or play in the game, but he was out there displaying very good toughness and running good routes. He has a knack for making big plays; he made a couple [in practice]."

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