Senior Bowl notes: Cowboys visit with SMU's Margus Hunt

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 23, 2013.

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    MOBILE, Ala. - As we leave the Senior Bowl, along with several other scouts, coaches and front office personnel, we give you some final thoughts.

    *The Cowboys visited with SMU defensive end Margus Hunt on Tuesday evening. Hunt is the tallest player here at 6-8 and 278 pounds. He's still learning the way the game of football works. Did we tell you Hunt is a track guy? He throws the discus and was recruited for his field events from Estonia, a country just west of Russia. But SMU doesn't have a track program, so he played football. "So much to learn," he said. "I have to pick it up faster than that and I feel like I have done that the last three days. I'm getting better every day and not making the same mistakes."

    Asked about playing for the Cowboys, Hunt said: "We'll see how it will work out."
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    I would not have an issue if Dallas selects him in the second round. I think he would be a better fit as a 3-4 DE but I feel he would be solid in Kiffins system as well.
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    2nd is too early for him. He's got potential, no doubt. But he needs work. We can get a day 1 guy in the 2nd round.
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    I would have an issue with it. He's much better suited in a 3-4 and we can't take "prospects" with our firs 2 picks. We have to take "safe" picks. O-Line or D-Line only with the first 2 picks if the Cowboys have any common sense imo.
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    Margus "Too Tall" Hunt? I'd be happy if he was 1/2 the player Ed Jones was.
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    All I know is they have hit a home run on pick one and at least a double on pick two.
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    Margus Hunt DE SMU - When you weigh in at 6'8, 277 pounds, people are going to take notice. However, for those that watched SMU's Margus Hunt during the 2012 season, they would not be surprised with how far away Hunt is from being a legitimate prospect in this year's draft. A complete developmental project, Hunt's physical tools are there to mold, however he's also an inconsistent player who has yet to learn how to use those tools to his advantage. This week was more of the same for Hunt, as he struggled to produce as a pass rusher, often being neutralized by the opposing offensive lineman he was matched up with. Hunt doesn't project as anything more than a mid-round pick this spring on my board.
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    I really hope they are just sniffing and not salivating.
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    Not tell the fifth, and by the Jumpy Jr will be someone else's project.
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    i know he's a pet cat of a lot of posters but i'm just not a fan
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    If we were still a 3-4 team, I'd want him, but in a 4-3, not that interested.

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