Senior Bowl Review: Offense

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Offensive Linemen

    1. Eric Fisher (6072/305), Central Michigan - There’s not much left to say about Fisher, but I believe he should be mentioned in the Luke Joeckel conversation as this class’ top offensive tackle. Fisher has quick hands and a strong extension to latch and ride or control his opposition immediately after the snap. His balance and base are also outstanding.

    2. Lane Johnson (6062/302), Oklahoma - He looks like a tight end (and probably moves like one) but Johnson is a bonafide left tackle with a chance to play on the right side if necessary. He could add more weight, which would help with getting jolted on first contact leading to moments of waist bending, but Johnson’s athletic footwork to recover and mirror is awesome. He’s likely a top-20 pick.

    3. Larry Warford (6032/333), Kentucky - There’s a lot of talk surrounding Chance Warmack, and rightfully so since he is likely the highest graded player in this draft. After that, UNC’s Jonathan Cooper gets a ton of love because of his agility when pulling and hitting targets at the second level. However, give me Warford because of his dominant, mauling style to consistently move or stone his opposition. And for his stout size, Warford is deceptively athletic.

    4. Kyle Long (6061/304), Oregon - Long is inexperienced but along with his bloodlines comes a hard nosed attitude to push his opponents. The Duck is also athletic, so the only question is if his future is at guard or tackle.

    5. Justin Pugh (6047/301), Syracuse - Pugh’s short arms may concern some, but if he gains a grip on his opponent on contact, the Syracuse product matches up very well with all types of rushers. He was occasionally driven into the backfield with force when facing length, but Pugh works best in close quarters and could move to guard.

    6. Brian Winters (6034/310) - I love Winters’ nasty, rugged style. He blocks to punish, and although that gets Winters into trouble at times since he overextends, it will benefit him in the long run. He played tackle in college, but I expect Winters to play guard int he NFL.

    (Dallas Thomas dropped out of the event)
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    Love Warford. Outside of Warmack, if we're getting a guard, this is the guy I want.

    Also, Lane Johnson would be very nice. But I expect he'll go before us (around 15).

    Love Goodwin. Exact type of player we need here.

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