Serious question about the Fujita trade.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Sep 5, 2005.


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    Everyone, I'm really confused over this Fujita trade. Why would the Chiefs be so eagre to receive virtually nothing for such a solid player like Fujita? Yes, perhpas they planned to release him anyway and this way they get sometrhing for him, but, why intend to release him at all if he's been the only bright spot on a bad Defensive unit? What's wrong with Fujita that we don't yet know about? For example, from Dallas' perspective, the knock on Bryant was that he was a headcase; the knock on Coakley was that he was too small; etc. My point is that we gave up on good players because we wanted to shed the "knocks" against them. So what's the knock on Fujita from KC's perspective? Dallas had a screaming need for an upgrade at OLB that the Chiefs could have gotten much more than 6th and 7th conditional picks from us if theyv wanted to. Yet they basically chiose nothing just to cut bait with Fujita sooner than later. So what gives; what do they know about him, that's negative, that we don't?

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    From what I have seen and heard he was playing in a 4-3 and is much more suited to the 3-4.
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    Only a couple of things I can think of:

    I've heard he has some sort of a shoulder injury.

    The Chiefs brought in K Bell and D Johnson in the offseason.

    The Chiefs have changed defensive schemes so that Fujita doesn't fit in well there anymore.

    With his size and ability to make plays in the backfield he is a good OLB for the 3-4. I think he will provide us excellent depth this year and be a key contributor on special teams. I wouldn't at all be surprised if he is starting before the year is through.
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    It's also been reported the Cheifs are more interested in speed than size w/respect to their LB's and he doesn't fit that mold.
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    From what I have read both from KC fans and Vermeil himself...I don't think the headcase or an attitude was the problem at all.

    It would seem that they just got DJ and Bell and he was pushed down the chart.
    I don't know if his salary was a consideration but it could have been with the idea also that he would be a FA next season and they want to get the other guys time in to learn probably knowing he would leave as they were replacing him with others anyways.

    Now I have heard that he had a shoulder injury either last season or during the offseason but I do not know much about it.

    So it would seem that it is either due to other players coming on the team, him being a FA next year or the shoulder injury...however by all accounts I have heard or read it was NOT a headcase/attitude problem.
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    I heard that he will not fit the new scheme in KC.
    KC looking for smaller and faster LB's.
    I hope this is the only reason for this trade .
    KC having such a horrible defense and him being part of it , well that concerns me a bit.
    Thing is though . I think we have some talent at LB with or without him , ofcourse he could help, if he is as good as advertised.
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    also, someone not sure, on a post, mentioned something about Fujita having a shoulder problem, not sure if that is true or not, where to check it out, but someone posted that he had a shoulder issue, hope that helps, joe
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    Scott is another version of Dat everyone says he cant play inside or he cant cover or whatever else. But at the end of the day he has alot if tackles and makes big plays.

    When people talk about great middle linebackers in the NFL today which names are brought up ? Ray Lewis,Brian Urlacher but IMO Ted Bruschi is the best in the game he makes plays and turns games around. Is Scott Teddy Bruschi no but IMO he is a twin to Dat.
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    I equate this deal to the release of Coakley. Coakley was one year removed from a Pro Bowl and yet we released him. Why? Because he did not fit into the scheme that Parcells wanted to play. What Happened to him after that? He signed with a team who played the small fast scheme, stepped into the starting role and was named a team captain before ever playing a down for them in the regular season. Coakley was not a bad player, he just didn't fit our coach's ideal.

    Now you have Fujita in KC. He lead the team in tackles and had teh 6th highest single season tackle total in team history plus a respectable number of sacks. But he is a big guy who does not fit into the mold that Cunningham wants for his LBs. Cunningham wants the small fast guys; in fact Cunningham would probably have liked Coakley for his team. But now Fujita comes to the Cowboys where big strong LBs are the order of the day. How will he do? I can't say for sure but I can see him starting for us and making a big impact.

    As I've said before; One man's trash is another man's treasure.
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    By sending him to Dallas even for little in return they keep him out of their conference. If they cut him or held on to him until next year when he is a free agent he could go to a division rival. This is a bit weak, but teams think of thing like this these days.
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    I would think that the Cowboys checked his shoulder out before making the trade...
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    Great point. And I'll throw another name out there.

    Antonio Bryant--talented guy that we couldn't use anymore-- the reason doesn't matter.

    In most cases, the guy gets cut do to the lack of production--but sometimes other reasons come up.

    Those reasons could be attitude, scheme, personal preference, money, or they want to go young or whatever the case may be.
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    One would think so...we've had some wakeup calls about shoulders after all.
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    Well said.

    Your take in the other thread on Quincy M. was spot on, too.
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    KC wants small fast guys?
    Have we got your man or what. Al Singleton step on down
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    thanks Chief...and good morning.
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    Living in KC for two years, Vermiel was always very high on Fujita, defending against locals who wanted faster more athletic players. Not to say that Fujita isn't a good athlete, I just think that he fits the Parcells mold of smart, big, ball hawks.
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    Mornin' Jack.
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    Singleton put on a lot of weight this off season. Hos said he was one of the biggest guys he saw at the Cowboys/Cardinals game.
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    You guys keep inferring that KC wanted faster LBs. Fujita runs a 4.43 40. LBs don't get much faster than that!

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