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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Banned_n_austin, Jul 29, 2005.

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    We've seen it every year since Parcells has been here. He's done something at the beginning of training camp both years since he's been in Dallas.

    In 2003 it was naming Quincy Carter the starter over the guy everyone pegged as more of a 'Parcells QB'. That eventually set the tone for a 10-6 season and led to surprising success given the personnel he had.

    In 2004 he set a "no nonsense" tone, only to release the guy that drove the bus to the playoffs in 2003. Naming Vinny Testaverde the starter set the tone for a terrible 6-10 season, but it set a tone that said if you don't take me seriously, you're out of here.

    Parcells is a man that likes things his way. He likes to use examples to make his point clear. Just ask Antonio Bryant. And one thing is for sure, while Parcells is hard to figure out, his actions do seem to mean more than words.

    So as we head into training camp tommorow, what actions do you think Parcells will take to set the tone for this season?
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    Good post. Parcells mentioned that there was one guy that is still not signed and missed both mini camps earlier this offseason. He mention that this one player is allready behind. My guess is that he was talking about Kevin Burnett.

    Maybe this Kevin Burnett situation could be the catalyst of sorts for the onset of the 2005 season. I doubt it because usually the situation is a big more juicy than this potential situation, and this example you talk of may end up sometime during the middle of camp. We will see.
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    He will name Drew Bledsoe to be his starting QB?

    Parcells will come up with something...I'm surprised he didn't wait until camp to trade Hunter just to set the tone.
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    Interesting, but I hope not. You never know with Parcells. He can have a player with a lot of potential and then cut him and not seem to think twice about it ...

    Yes, it doesn't have to be at the beginning. Perhaps I should have been a little more clear. I mean to set the tone for the season ... this can be any time between now and the beginning of the regular season.

    But I assure you that Parcells will do something that wasn't expected. Weather it's give a long shot player an important role because he worked hard or cutting someone because they slacked. Of course, the degree of 'juicyness' will vary from case to case, but that's the point. It doesn't have to be juicy, but it can be.
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    "And one thing is for sure, while Parcells is hard to figure out, his actions do seem to mean more than words."

    Hard for us to figure out, maybe. Every player says he makes his meaning very clear to them; they know exactly what is expected oif them.
  6. Banned_n_austin

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    But not every player listens ... I guess some even have different interpretations ...
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    Bledsoe. He may have some habits he can't or won't break that finally push Bill over the edge. Enough so as to make him #2. Bledsoe has had it his way for several years now, let's see if he can still take BP's "coaching" and become the QB he was under Bill. JMO.....of course.
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    Well Ben, considering what was said today in the pc, Bill won't be making a big media circus over weight. I suppose he is going to pick his battles this summer, and not sweat the small stuff, in anticipation of more major issues.

    He said a few guys were a few pounds over, but not far from their goals. Of course, maybe Spears hasn't weighed in yet as he hasn't signed. But hearing BP today, I think that issue will be dealt with privately, if it even is one.

    My feeling from the gist of the entire PC is Tuna was sending out a big message that he is going to do everything he can to ease the pain of the learning curve. His comments on the slight time change of the second daily practice is being done out of concern for hydration, nutriition, and with an eye to classroom time as well. The point about the importance of 'two or three meals' (I know he didn't mean full meals) between practices, and basing this on research, along with the Korey Stringer reference, indicated even tho the team isn't training in the hottest environment, every step that can be taken to protect the players will be taken.

    More time is needed for tape review and study when introducing a new scheme, and that has been thought about too. There is a wealth of interesting data on nutritional habits, meal times, time of day exercising and optimum learning, and it sounded to me like the Boys are drawing on it.

    Except for the end, the 'warning', be it to press or players, or both, the whole pc left me feeling this camp has been very very carefully planned. I know they all are, but this moreso than others. No time can be wasted, and J and Bill and the staff want to make sure camp is run as efficently and effectively as possible.

    I don't think it will be one of Bill's more memorable camps sound byte wise (unless he switches tactics from necessity).
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    Carter wasn't named the starter at the beginning of TC, rather later.
  10. Banned_n_austin

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    Thanks for clearing that up ... but the timeframe as I stated in a later post is between now and the beginning of regular season ...

    Thanks for setting the record straight though, Crown - much appreciated ...
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    Give me a break, there's a better chance of the Cowboys resigning Quincy Carter than there is Bledsoe being benched....I don't care if Drew Henson looks like Peyton Manning in training camp(which he won't), no way Bledsoe isn't the clear cut #1 unless he goes down with an injury(which also won't happen)
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    Parcells is a straight's a fact. He's the type of guy I think you can trust, and similar to the people I keep as friends(well my friends might not be as Alpha Male as he is). I like how he backs up what he says, and is honest with you. He doesnt seem like the kind of guy who's going to sugar coat things, and that's good
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    Can I borrow your crystal ball?
  14. BledsoetoWittenfortheTD

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    Ok so are you hoping he gets hurt then?? All I was trying to say is that Bledsoe is the guy, barring injury...Drew has always been pretty durable despite the freak injury that paved the way for Tom Brady in 01'....If Drew withstood the beating behind Buffalo pathetic O-Line the last few years, i'm sure he can take a hit in training camp.
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    and i after.
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    What are the Powerball numbers for Saturday, Miss Cleo?:D
  17. Seven

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    You're funny, you. Un-freakin-believable. Not 1 word in my response reflected your comment.

    Uhhhh, Duhhh yah. I hope the starting QB gets hurt. DUHHH. Geez!!!
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    Bill will give the players a day off and take them for a visit to Sea World. :p:
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    He should have let a big one rip at the first PC today. Set the tone. Yeah. Uh huh.
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    He said that he lost weight because he was going to be constantly riding the players. He it has been said that he was too nice the last couple of years.

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