Shae McClellan has had 3 concussions

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dools, Apr 24, 2012.

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    This has been brought up many times already . Still would want him on my team.

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    Me too....He's my choice for the Cowboys in the 1st, albeit with a trade down into the early 20's. I know Spence signed his tag, but who is gonna take that spot when Spencer leaves.....I hope it's McClellin.
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    I'm sure there aren't too many linebackers who haven't had a concussion or two in college. These guys run into each other at full speed for a living.
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    McClellin took it upon himself to dispel these rumors in the Idaho Statesman, admitting he did have concussion symptoms in the 2010 game against Wyoming and mild headache in 2009 "It's like 1-1/2" he told the paper. He changed helmets after the Wyoming game and has experienced no problems since. He missed one game in 2009 with a hamstring, 3 games in 2008 with a knee, and played the last 39 games of his college career.
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    I think this concussion bit is getting a little overblown. No, you don't want to have several concussions in a short time frame. But it's football, and I bet everyone who has played even four years has had at least a couple. I know I had a few by the time I was an adult, including a serious one when I was a kid and definitely one from playing football, and it hasn't had any ill effects.

    Again, you don't want to send a dizzy guy out on to the field before he's recovered, but some of the alarmists would have you believe that every football player gets brain damage and/or Alzheimer's by the time they're 40, and it's just not true.
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    Maybe I am wrong. It seems most don't think a couple of concussions is a big deal. At what point does it start becoming a problem?

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    The minute somebody wins a suit against the NFL.
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    Concussions aren't really an issue as long as they are not on top of each other. I've had 9 concussions in my life and have no adverse effects. But I never had a concussion and then while I was still affected by that one, got another one.

    That is why the NFL is cracking down. A lot of players feel like they have to get back out there. This is when they are at huge risk.

    As long as your body, in this case your brain, completely heals you're not likely to have long term ill effects. But if you don't allow it to heal, then the consequences can be really bad.
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    Are you sure there have been no adverse affects? JK That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!
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    We really don't know the thresholds of severity of head injury and numbers of incidents resulting in CTE nor the timing. A little less than 20% of those diagnosed with a closed head injury get CTE. We think the more often there is injury and the more severe it is leads to a higher incidence of CTE but we don't really have a handle on it yet. One problem is that it's difficult to diagnose it until post-mortem examination is done and symptoms and signs of CTE are seen in other disorders as well.
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    Why does everyone always ask me that?

    JK too.

    Hey look, I know I have some adverse affects. My ears ring all the time. I do get headaches. But I also realize these symptoms are really minor in comparison to what some of these guys suffer through.

    I did a lot of stupid things to earn my bumps and bruises. The worst concussion I ever got was from hitting my head a the roll bar of a classic Ford Bronco out on some sand dunes. We went over this one dune and the other side was gone and we did a nose dive 12 feet into the sand. That one hurt me for quite a while because I had no head protection of any kind on.

    The helmet does cushion the blow a little. I'd say that all in all though I pay for more aches and pains with my knees than my melon. Every day my knees hurt so bad that I dread stepping funny.

    The guys who have paid for it with the concussions have my sympathy. They really do. I can only imagine.
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    Thankfully I don't think I have ever suffered one before. I guess hearing the ill effects of concussions (the more severe cases I'm sure) makes me question whether or not it would be worth it to continue playing football after suffering a few. I remember listening to a Troy Aikman segment on the radio one time where he was talking about how worried he was that he may have some of the negative affects from concussions and that its something he thinks about all the time.

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