Twitter: Sham: Romo's overthrow to TWill was different route...Romo vid Post #79

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 17, 2013.

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    What I meant by the "bashing" part is you kept repeating that Romo over threw Williams.

    It's never been a debate that Romo didn't make a bad throw, so I didn't honestly understand why you were doing that. Then you said, "Why is it so hard for some to admit when Romo makes a mistake?". Who's not admitting Romo didn't make a mistake on that play? You might be able to find 1 person here, but for the most part everyone agrees here that Romo made a bad throw.

    You're right about me not being here long though, but just the way you came across to me it seemed that you were putting down Romo just for the sake of doing it. Trust me, I have no problem criticizing Romo, especially when he misses throws like that. Cya around, WV. ;)
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    Yes let's all panic...

    Oh no, what will we ever do? Romo is a terrible man and QB, let's cry and act as if we don't know how to control ourselves.

    It's all Romo's fault, the end.
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    Exactly.. so what?

    This thread should have been.. "Man, Tony missed that one." "Yeah.. oh well."

    Moving on.

    Yet we end up with 83 pages of:

    "Well, really it wasn't Tony's fault."

    "He can't be expected to hit him when he made the wrong route adjustment.. you know, the route adjustment that got him behind the entire defense."

    Yada, yada, yada.. he missed a throw. Darn. Next play..
  4. RoyTheHammer

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  5. Idgit

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    Actually, the OP was about the route on that play being wrong, rather than about the overthrow. It was nothing more than WG's posting of Sham's twitter comment about the route.
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    This. Who cares if it was the wrong route initially. Robinson made a living doing ad lib routes and finding the open field.

    Romo has had a huge problem his whole career with accuracy when he throws the ball more than 25yds. Williams was wide open and he just flat out missed him big time.
  7. Idgit

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    Lol. Robinson did not 'make a living ad libbing routes.' He made the right adjustments and Romo threw the ball to him as a result.

    And, though it seemed to me that Romo struggles historically with the downfield throws, the data in this thread suggest otherwise. I still think he's had a hard time with the sideline routes, though I can't prove that that's anything more than a hunch based off of the feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when he tries one.
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    This thread is ridiculous! Everyone is arguing the same point! For the most part it seems like everyone understands that Romo over threw the ball, it's hard not to, it's clear as day. It also seems like people understand that Williams was supposed to make a different adjustment.

    What I have an issue with is the people that are saying "Who cares what the adjustment was, he got wide open!". That really isn't the point. What makes teams like NE and GB so dangerous offensively is that they are timing based. If you make a wrong read (QB or WR) you really are putting your team at risk. If Romo would've delivered the ball where the adjustment was supposed to be, you may very well have an interception.

    I also saw a few people say how come the adjustment isn't what Williams did since he got so wide open. Well yea, that time he got very wide open! Who is to say that he didn't just straight up beat his man? Might not have had anything to do with the adjustment design, rather that Williams beat his guy. Hypothetically speaking, if Williams does that adjustment 10 times, and 9 of those times the DB is running stride for stride with him then I consider that a bad adjustment design. The play was a 3rd and 1, you're more so looking to extend the drive there. It seems as if the adjustment was designed to do just that. As a coach, you design and call plays to put your players in the best position to succeed. Even though Williams beat his guy badly, that doesn't mean that it would happen like that again.

    Conclusion: Romo didn't make the throw he was supposed to. Williams didn't adjust the way he was supposed to. Both players deserve blame. Doesn't change the fact that this is exactly what pre-season is for. As Romo said, they need more work. This is a good thing.
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    The reality is that no one (or very few) here have the qualification to diagnose why that play didn't work out.

    Garrett said that Williams ran the route correctly but that there was a miscommunication. From what I can gleam from what is being said is that Romo expected him to be further out than he was, and that while he was able to get open, they weren't able to connect.

    The reality is that it was one play, with two players who haven't played much together, and that it is for the most part irrelevant at this point. And wouldn't have been discussed to this extent if it wasn't for the animosity that exists for Romo or the inability for the offense to get into the end zone because of two completely unrelated and uncommon fumbles. Combine that with Harris' original fumble and the 1st time offense hasn't really had that much of an opportunity to execute. So this is what we would call an extremely small sample size. Which makes these things look much worse than they are.

    First Team Drives

    1. Drive stalls after a penalty, incomplete pass, and a sack, followed by a 3rd and long. FIELD GOAL
    2. Drive stalls after a penalty takes us from 3rd and 7 to 3rd and 12. Romo pass to Murray takes it to 4th and 1. BLOCKED FIELD GOAL
    3. Fumble on Punt Return
    4. Subject drive, where I would have suggested that we should have probably run the ball anyways.
    5. Drive ends with Dunbar fumble
    6. Drive ends with Bryant fumble.

    So certainly not an impressive beginning, but I think it's terribly early to be too concerned about this carrying over into the next season, despite last year's issues.
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    Romo overthrew him, but based upon the information available the receiver didn't make the adjustment he expected. I would think that caused a delay as Romo tried to figure out what TW was doing. That may have caused the pressure to impact Romo's throw. Like most NFL plays, multiple players affected the outcome and there is plenty of blame to spread around.
  11. WoodysGirl

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    People don't read articles I see.. lol TW was supposed to run a crossing route after Romo pointed out the safety at the line. It was supposed to be a hot read. Twill was so focused on the play call that he didn't adjust. (His words) However, JG did say that the route he ran, he ran it correctly and Romo just missed him. After reading comments from Garrett, Romo, Jerry, and Twill about the play, I'm pretty convinced about what happened.

    But keep fighting the good fight, tho I'm not sure what the fight is about anymore. o_O
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    Not sure what thread you have been reading, .. a lot of posts have been admonishing Romo and finding fault with Williams' route, or his adjustment, or blaming the rookie.

    Maybe I'm wrong, I just think an NFL QB has to hit that pass. They don't come much easier.

    But that is the only play that I found fault with Romo.
  13. BrAinPaiNt

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    I will take ego for a $1000 Alex.
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    Actually, the word "overthrow" is in the title of the thread even.. and Sham's tweet was some odd way of trying to say "don't judge Tony Romo on that play" because the overthrow must have had something to do with the fact that T Will didn't make the right route adjustment.

    Even the media is now getting in on the excuse making.
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    This is simply not true. I went through the 4 first pages of this thread and 16 people said/admitted Romo overthrew Williams on that play. I also counted the people who said it was Williams fault, and only 5 people said it was his fault. Hmm, that doesn't seem like "a lot" to me, maybe I'm reading the wrong thread. ;)

    Only the minority here is saying other wise, for the most part we all agree that Romo has to make those plays. They really don't get much easier then that, but 9/10 times you'd like to think he makes that throw. Lets just hope the one miss doesn't come during an elimination game of some sort.
  16. dstovall5

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    I've always thought you were a Cowboy fan Zordon, are you not? If you're a Cowboy fan, then wouldn't that make him your QB as well? He's the QB of your team ... Gee ... o_O
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    Romo is a little better than Aikman was at the long throws. Aikman hardly ever threw bombs because it was his one weakness.
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    Romo throws a better wet ball, too.

    Not sure what the debate is in this thread but if Troy had no clue where Williams was going either then he might have missed him as well.
  19. WV Cowboy

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    These look like things I have said in this thread, which is all I was ever saying all along.
    Since it looks like you are quoting me to prove your point, .. I guess I agree.
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    He's had such a bad time of it he's only one of the top rated passers of all time.

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