Twitter: Sham: Romo's overthrow to TWill was different route...Romo vid Post #79

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Minus the "Any decent QB should have put it close enough to the receiver to let him try to make a catch." and "a lot of posts have been admonishing Romo and finding fault with Williams' route, or his adjustment, or blaming the rookie." statements and we pretty much agree. Actually, not just me and you, but most here agree with that.

    It's never really been a debate about Romo over throwing him except against a few in this thread. ;)
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    Wow, since we agree, .. it makes me wonder why you singled out two of my posts and quoted two of my posts when I was not addressing you at all.

    I never had an issue with your opinion on Romo, .. only that you put words in my mouth accusing me of bashing Romo.

    Maybe as you post more and I pick up on that, .. and you also learn more about how I post, .. these types of interactions won't be necessary.

    Later ...
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    Oh it is more than a hunch.. you have that hunch for a very good reason.

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