Shamarko Thomas Scouting Report

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    Shamarko Thomas – Syracuse University

    Height: 5087
    Weight: 213
    Age when drafted: 22
    Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
    Position: SS
    Collegiate Number: 21
    Combine notables: 4.42 40, 1.50 10 split, 40.5” vertical, 11’1” broad jump
    Games Viewed: 2012 – USC, Pitt, Rutgers 2011 – USC, West Virginia


    Shamarko Thomas checked in at under 5-foot-9 at February’s Scouting Combine. He possesses solid musculature on his compact frame. At 213 pounds, he has plenty of bulk and his frame is completely maxed out. There will be concerns with Thomas’ size given his reckless style of play. Thomas has been compared to Bob Sanders, who was another undersized but physical safety. Sanders career was shortened due to injuries and NFL teams will carry similar concerns with Thomas.


    He’s an explosive athlete with quick twitch muscle movements. Thomas ran low 4.4’s at the Combine and excelled in the explosion tests of the vertical jump and broad jump. On tape, you can see his explosiveness play out in his violent hits and closing speed. He’s a naturally strong athlete with excellent lower body strength.


    Thomas showed the movement skills to line up over the slot in the NFL. Solid lateral agility with the catch up speed to make up for errors. Played some corner at Syracuse and it shows as he’s an above-average safety in man. He struggles with his aggressive style of play in coverage. Will bite on double moves and reading the action in the backfield. Lined up on Robert Woods three times against USC this season. Lunged and missed badly in press but the ball was going away.'s+Future)
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    I would take him in round 3.
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    I don't like DBs that short although D Green jumps out right away. I've begun to wonder though how someone like this can play the slot and FS. The guy has a 40" vertical so that's a plus. You don't like this kind of guy covering people near the GL as teams can try to scheme a way to isolate them on a 6-5 guy.
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    I agree that his size is a red flag but thats the reason he is going to be a 3rd or 4th round pick and not a 1st rounder and that is the value.. He does have a 41 inch vert so people cant just jump over him all the time.
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    Thomas seems like a natural SS, the position that Lynch made a name for himself under Kiffin (where Church is projected).

    Is he versatile enough to compete at either safety spot? Forget height in a 4-3, concentrate on speed and physicality. Thomas scores high in both.
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    I like this kid.

    Some of the safeties I'm not a big fan of--Reid, Vacarro, Elam...But I do like Thomas and Jefferson
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    I have come to praise Vacarro, I have been in the past a non believer, he is all around better than the others I have scrutinized. IMO Elam has to mature from his small mans syndrome of head to head macho tackles, and Reid cannot cover which is even more troubling. After the combine I lost hope for Jefferson with his slow forty which means he has little make up speed for a position that holds this trait in high esteem.
    Vacarro has great hands for a safety (similar to good WR), and in the ten to twenty yard range he can cover extremely well, his issues start when the route covers more than twenty yards and his lack of top speed (4.6) becomes an issue. His tackling is average, he is fearless and makes no business decisions. He fits what Monte Kiffin desires at this position.
    I am also a Philip Thomas, Jonathan Cyprien and DJ Swearinger fan just not in the first round. These guys can cover extremely well.
    I believe coverage is so important that Eric Reid is not even a consideration as he is the guy we want to play against with our pass catching TE in the redzone.

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