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    22. Arizona CB Antoine Cason

    well-built corner who can excel in either a zone or man-coverage scheme, is a play-maker and top-notch return man, diagnoses the play very well

    28. Michigan WR Mario Manningham

    explosive, deep threat who has a knack for finding the end-zone, a mini-Braylon Edwards

    2. Texas A&M DT Red Bryant

    humongous, space-eating athlete at NT, can hold his own against the run, as well as push the pocket, inconsistent, but that's why we brought in Todd Grantham

    3. Michigan OLB Shawn Crable

    4. Georgia RB Thomas Brown

    5. LSU S Craig Steltz

    6. USC RB Chauncey Washington

    7. Alabama CB Simeon Castille
  2. theogt

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    Dump Manningham from any future mocks, please. Red Bryant? In the 2nd? Ugh, sorry summer, but this is just terrible. You could flip Crable and Bryant.
  3. BraveHeartFan

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    I actually like the idea of Steltz where you've got him. He should be a good ST player and maybe a future good rotation guy at the safety positions.

    At one point i was the same about Manningham as well, but that's cause he's a Michigan player and i just have some sort of bias against those players.

    I'm actually not so much against it at this point. But probably only cause of his speed.
  4. Sasquatch

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    Took you only four tries to get Chris Johnson out of your system? :D

    Why did you dump him?
  5. Bob Sacamano

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    I would still like to add him, just I like to switch up my mocks before I get down and dirty, playing around w/ the best value to take a RB, I really like Thomas Brown too, he's a back who could be capable of carrying the load if Barber goes down IMO
  6. texbumthelife

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    How about the LB from Arizona instead of Crable. A pair of UA teammates and playmakers who fill voids (or upgrade at least).

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