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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Apr 28, 2013.

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    It's all about winning and losing. If you're happy with a bright spot here or there than that's fine but I hold this franchise to a higher standard.
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    1. Fired the DC
    2. Hired Monte Kiffin to implement his 4-3
    3. Hired Bears DC Marinelli to coach DL
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    Really? what does any of this have to do with my post? I said the guy does nothing but whine anymore and sounds like recycled rubbish, so why would I want to watch him or even feel he is relevant?

    Unless you have some personal stake in his videos, not sure what argument you have in why I would want to listen to such negativity.

    EDIT:: as far as what has the Cowboys done lately, the answer is relative. You could ask that about every single team in the league and it is based on varying opinions.

    Personally, I would of liked to see another lineman picked up, but overall I really like the draft. Think Frederick is very good pick. If the Cowboys wanna run more of a two TE set like NE, then Escobar is a good pickup. Have to trust Cowboys brass on why Hanna would not fit this role. Getting WR we did in 3rd was a great pick. We definitely needed a WR and we got what could be a very good one. Austin, IMO, is just not what he was and is not on the field long enough to be trustworthy. I mean after Dez and Austin, who do we have that can fill their roles? Harris and Beasley are slot guys. Coales, we have no idea what we have yet although I like his potential. The Safety and LB we picked up were good picks for where we got them. I think Randle has great hands and can be a great compliment to Murray in the backfield.

    Now you, Shango and anyone can vary in your opinion but in the end that is all they are as mine is as well.
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    Right so by your own definition you can be happy 8 times and sad 8 times last year.

    If you can't be happy after wins then there isn't really reason to watch football and certainly less to talk about it.
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    For many reasons. I strongly believe this was a "Tony Romo draft". I think we do not know the full story of the offensive line.

    1. How do we not know that the main problems in the interior of the offensive line were not part of reads by the center, who was basically a late pickup in the offeseason in free agency? Romo and the staff knows more or less the problems they have at this position and line. You're telling me that by adding the smartest center in the draft isn't going to help?

    2. Shango makes a case about Demontre Moore. I like Shango, but he sounds absolutely whiny because they didn't go after "his pick". I actually am a graduate from Texas A&M. I can tell you Moore was passed on by so many teams for a reason. The man had a tough run in with coach sherman because his lack of preperation and dedication for the game. He had a fall out with our coach. Not to mention, he was late to several NFL meetings, he had a poor combine and senior day, several GMs were not impressed through their interviews....etc.... Why doesn't Shango mention this at all? I bet he'd be quit to point out their flaws if we draft Moore and blows up in his face. From what I know about Moore, I think he landed in the best possible spot for him. The Giants are a class A organization that can deal with head cases like this. If he doesn't work out, he'll never play again for another team.

    3. I strongly believe that we're going to get Tyson Clabo. Despite what Spagnola believes and many people on this board believe, this man is actually a very, VERY good player. The reason he was cut is because of age and financial purposes. You look at the interviews in the post draft conference and you can tell Dallas had their sights on D.J. Fluker. They have every intention of getting rid of Doug Free.

    4. The "Escobar" effect. I have no idea why so many people hate this pick. Throughout much of the year, we could move the ball, but we could never get in the endzone. We never found a way to score points. Escobar, Williams, and Randle are here to help us with that. I love Dwayne Harris, but to imply like Shango did that "Harris, my boy, took off" is a bit of a hyperbole. He clearly was better than Ogletree, but that does not mean he took off. Romo specifically looked at Williams for a reason. What does that tell you about Miles, Ogletree, and Harris?

    All in all, could we have done more with the trenches? Sure. However , to imply that we are not a better team than last year because of this draft is just ignorant. Don't get me wrong, I like Shango. I'm still subscribed to him, but "the sky is falling" mentallity got old back in 2008.
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    ...And why would anyone care??
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    Monte Kiffen....Rod Marinelli?
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    good post, thanks
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    The argument that many are making ISN"T ABOUT THE PLAYER, it's about where they took him...Fredrick may be solid, but isn't a first round player, and I would argue Schwenke was a better prospect and he didn't go until the fourth round....the cowboys paniced, they didnt' stick to their guns or their board, that's what it appeared to me, the top rated player still on their board at 18 was DT Floyd, number 7 on their board. if their thinking was tightend in the second, they could of taken the best tightend in the draft at 18 with eifert, who is the next Witten type tightend, then moved down in the second round and still got Fredricks and Williams...but what Shango say is 100% correct, with the holes on this team and Jerry talking about winning now, A backup tighend, a fourth receiver and a one year reach of a safety in the three picks isn't going to get you win now this year..and if Fredricks doesn't beat out Costa at center, because that's what he was drafted for, then that pick will come back and really bite have to find immediate starters or signifant players in the first three rounds and I don't see where dallas did that this year..but again, IT"S NOT ABOUT THE PLAYER .
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    So we've done the same thing we've done for more than a decade, throw more coaching to fix the problem? I don't think the way were manhandled vs the Seahawks or the Skins was all due to coaching. JMO.
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    I'm sorry but when I think about last year or the year before the first thing that comes to my head is the line of scrimmages not the lack of skill players. San Francisco and Baltimore did not get to the Super Bowl with ultra talented skill players. I don't understand what is so hard to understand about this concept from this organization and I really don't understand why when fans get upset about the lack of concentration in the trenches, we get labeled as negative and whiners. Believe it or not nobody likes being negative. We are all Cowboys fans for crying out loud, we are tired of this 8-8 limbo year after year.
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    what did the Ravens do to handle the way our OL manhandled them?

    easy to cherry pick.
    we were flat out terrible against seattle. we played flat and uninspired.

    against the skins we were beaten up and injured all over that defense. 4 or 5 guys who took the field aren't here anymore and the entire defensive staff and system is replaced. that's enough change for anyone.

    why dont we get to week 1 and see what the lineup is before complaining we didnt make changes or dont like the ones we did make?

    i liked ryan as dc, really did. i am a 3-4 guy at heart. but he was the 4th or 5th choice of dc when hired here. he was going to get replaced unless he was outstanding.
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    Shango is one of those people that get on your nerves and you finally have to put your fist in his mouth.

    He's a debbie downer, a miss molly, he's the mother- in -law that you hate.
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    Obviouslz we took him off our boar for at leat the first 3 rounds but I wanted Damontre Moore.

    Now hes on the Giants. I think were going to regret not selecting him. Hes only 20 years old and knows how to get to the QB.
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    well ok I can relate and do agree fully with need in the trenches. I do have hope we address that in free agency.
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    How do you know he's the smartest center? These are the rankings on WalterFootball.

    Plus do you think Frederick is three rounds better than Jones, Schwenke, and Holmes? All three went in the third. Teams were not valuing centers this year. Cowboys really misjudged that.

    That's cool and all but that doesn't bother you? Cowboys have a lot of older vets on the team who have been with this organization for awhile, why can't we deal with these "head cases"? The fact that this organization has to constantly put players in the "box" because they can't handle their baggage is annoying. Tired of seeing Randy Moss and Janoris Jenkins of the world go flourish elsewhere while we take RKGs who can't even stay on the field.

    We'll see. I think the difference between you and me is you put a lot more trust into this organization than I do, particularly when it comes to addressing the oline. We talk about Doug Free and the center position but we haven't even mentioned the colossal failures Bernie and Livings. I expected one of their replacements to be drafted yesterday.
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    yes, we get labelled whiners and negative, badge of honor I guess!! At least we're looking at the team objectively without the rose colored glasses and blinders on...When the Cowboys don't make the playoff again and Romo is running for his life and our running game is at or near the bottom of the league and our defensive line doesn't get consistant pressure again, we'll be here stating the obvious, why Jerry doesn't see that is beyond me, consistant winning teams build from the trenches out, Jerry builds from out skill position, in and drafts too many reaches/fliers, that never works..
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    Nothing could be farther from the truth. Now, continue with your whine-fest.
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    The cowboys did or the this scout did? Barrett Jones and several names you mentioned didn't go until like 4th or 5th round. From what i've seen on tape, this kid is very, very good.
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    I agreed with every single word that came out of his mouth. Unfreekin believable how spot on he was!!!!!

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