Shango is not happy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Encore

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    Shango and DC Fanatic are perfect for each other.
  2. Frozen700

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    Seriously, he looks dumb now.

    Just shut up and watch the games, or just give up being a fan.

    Pillow Crying, is only accepted for so long.
  3. Zordon

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    Ok so why are you taking their side when so many others say Frederick was not a 1st round pick. Why take the side has been responsible for Al Johnson, Stephen Peterson, Robert Brewster, David Arkin...should I keep going?
  4. blindzebra

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    He is not happy? Good he should become a fan of another team.

    And the idiots that hold him up as knowledgeable can go with him.
  5. Zordon

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    LOL. Is that how it works? Be happy or leave? Jerry Jones loves fans like you.
  6. 187beatdown

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    Shango is never happy.
  7. M'Kevon

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    Yeah. OK. Carry on . . .
  8. Romonater

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    Because in the last few years they seem to know what they are doing draft wise. Tyron, Morris Claiborne, Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Bruce Carter. I see the misses you're talking about, but as of late they seem to have gotten it right. People are just pissed off because they didn't do what they wanted them to do.
  9. davey999

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    We've been so good in the last 15 years, that I have no idea why he wouldn't be happier.
  10. blindzebra

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    There is a big difference between realistic, intelligent debate and mindlessly spamming the forum with the same crap in every thread and post.
  11. coult44

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    What have yall put out that has over 4 million views.....That's reaching a big time status...None of you have taken the time or put in the kind of work and dedication that would given you a tenth of that...I love how fans who have probably never spent more than 100 bucks and never done more than join a forum, try to tell guys with big time Cowboys dedication, and who live and breathe Blue and Silver to stop being a fan!!! It's laughable
  12. Romonater

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    Right but its the same as Jerry jones. When you put yourself out there, you expose yourself to criticism. Some of the things shango says are true but he's always been dramatic.
  13. birdwells1

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    Relevance has to do with web hits and followers and Shango has more than the posters on this board.
  14. Vanilla2

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    Or maybe the guy knows his audience and is playing to them.

    My girl watches makeup tutorials on you tube and told me some of those girl have some pretty good advertising deals.

    I'm sure Shango has some of the same type of deal somewhere.

    Look at the thread for the article where Graziano defends what Dallas did.

    It is three posts long.

    Shango and every other type of media knows that when it comes to your Dallas Cowboys negativity sells and sells big, because fans of all teams consume that type of analysis.

    It's up to you the reader/viewer to filter through all points of view to form your own objective view.
  15. MartinRamone

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  16. Little Jr

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    People do realize he's just a fan? Right? I can't believe this was even posted. Uh shangos mad look out. Lmao. I like the guy and enjoy watching for entertainment purposes but again he's just a fan on youtube. If I post one on youtube that I'm happy will someone post it for saying little jr is happy? Lol
  17. sacase

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    its statements like this and the reasoning that well he has 4 million views that I can't argue with anyone who say Cowboy fans are clueless. Shango's only credentials are that he knows how to push power on a camera. Dedication is not measured by how much money you spend or how willing you are to make a fool of yourself on camera on a regular basis. Shango is the Eric Cartman of Dallas Cowboys fans.

    I watched his video only to see how dumb it was and I was not mistaken

    Issues with Garret - Emasculation? How do you know? What time do you have spending with the coaches other than reading media reports or video with sound. No specific knowledge of the situation but presents his argument as proof

    How did the product get better in the draft. Makes no sense. Wants to know how we got better, but says the guys hasn't played. so we don't know because some so called draft experts called him a 3rd round pick. Says we only got one starter. We have no clue how good he will be. Harris while played well, did not "go off". Demontre Moore. Obvious his pet cat, wants backup to Ware, but doesn't want one for Witten because Witten is "Tough". Well so is Ware, what's his point?

    Asks how the team got better, if you have to ask that, then he obviously don't follow the team. Complains that defensive players not getting backed up, throws out Austin as being reliable when he is always hurt. While Harris was good, he is not Austin level. I see Harris as a solid 3WR, never a 2. So we draft someone to replace Austin. Says that we are deep because VT coach says when Coale is healthy, he will be one of the best receivers. Yet Coale has not taken a snap in the NFL.

    Dude yells, like talking louder makes him more right. HE obviously has a problem if the team doesn't do what he wants it to do. He has spent NO time with the coaches, he has no clue of the long term goals of the cowboys, he has no clue of who the cowboys may have contacted that is a FA. He is essentially a tool talking out his fourth point of contact.
  18. blindzebra

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    A lot of people downloaded Katy Perry too, does not make her The Beatles.

    He plays to his followers who are just as ignorant about football as he is.
  19. CyberB0b

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    He makes some legitimate points and I can't really stand him.
  20. coult44

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    Dez, Not even JJ could screw that up
    Tyron, Good Pick
    Sean Lee, Good but not reliable.My favorite if he could stay healthy.
    Carter, Major injury at every level. HS, NCAA, & NFL, Another Injury guy

    Now talk about the other 40-50 sorrrrrry picks...Everyone who knows anything about the NFL knows the Cowboys are the worst drafting team in pro sports!!!!

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