Shango is not happy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Bleu Star

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    You are laughable.
  2. TheSport78

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    lmao "big time status"
  3. FuzzyLumpkins

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    I didn't even notice that. That is solid gold.
  4. Beast_from_East

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    Most famous Cowboy's fan?

    Hardly............this guy is the most famous Cowboy's fan.

  5. big dog cowboy

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    Now your coming around.

  6. Ratmatt

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    Agreed :laugh2:
  7. TheSport78

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    :lmao2: I know!
  8. Frozen700

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    Ok, and why are you telling us? We already heard this...

    What would you like us to do?

    Sit in a group with you while holding hands, sharing stories about how Jerry made life harder with the draft picks and decisions as a GM?
  9. SkinsandTerps

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    Shango is only presenting what many people here have already stated.

    Someone stated that being a whiner won't fix it, certainly being a Shiner won't.

    Different sport...but the Red Sox fans just got fed up. They got smart people in there to fix it. They went on a good run, and are still one of the best teams in the league overall. Same sport...the Packers.

    Get it right. HOF QB not looking to retire. Favre, even stated he had no interest in helping the young drafted QB. The team built up without having to pay a fortune to have their right QB. Now his contract validates his work as a backup, as depth.
  10. Frozen700

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    Yeah because sitting in front of a camera acting like a skirt, makes you a real fan. :rolleyes:

    Just stop, Read over what you just's almost embarrassing.
  11. 151

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    Love Shango for his input during training camp. Other than that, he's a grown A#* man crying & whining about everything. I tried to watch his streams during the season but I don't want to hear it. Sorry. All it does is get all the negative people (ahem) all riled up. Not only that, I have a thing against old men crying about everything. Kinda like listening to Creed, not into listening to old men crying. lol jk. all joking aside. Love his training camp input because I'm not there. But other than that, he's just another person with a youtube channel.
  12. Ratmatt

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    Yeah!That's what I would like us to do.So shall we all join hands?
  13. 151

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    If I were a Philly, Redskin, or Giant fan I'd just laugh my off if I know about Shango. I'm a Cowboy fan and I always find my self lauging at him for his tears of pain and anguish. I mean I get frustrated and pissed but really, there is just too much estrogen flowing from his body language and voice. I wonder how many takes he does before he posts it up. Or is it straight off his head and heart? Either way, it's one thing to be passionate but there is definitely a limit.
  14. Ratmatt

    Ratmatt Active Member

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    I would think all teams have fans like that.
  15. dexternjack

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    Wow, 9 pages for Shango in which most disagree with him. I guess he is doing his part, got yas to post in it without posting himself ;)

    Some take him way to serious, it is what it is, a way to vent frustration. Some agree and some don't, but to mock him is stupid, just don't watch his videos if it riles you up, pretty simple.

    I usually watch his stuff because most of the time he has good points. It may be a different method of delivery but he at least has passion for the team. I can't say that for some on here, I think there a few that enjoy the misery and can't wait to see us fail.

    We all have our ways of dealing with this team and their inefficiencies, to each their own.
  16. Manster54

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    He is the most famousest of all hobbits.
  17. Falcon554

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    :laugh2: :laugh2:
  18. AKATheRake

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    I think our bottom end of the draft was better than the top end of it.

    We should have drafted Damontre Moore and that's one I think is going to come back and bite us in the back end for a while.
  19. ufcrules1

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    I agree 100% with Shango. He is right too. This team hasn't given us jack squat for 17 years now.. there is a reason for that. Somehow some of you here just don't get tired of 8-8 or worse seasons and have no clue what exactly causes them.
  20. Salrandin

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    Apparently dedication is the amount of crap you are willing to blindly eat provided by Jerry and co.

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