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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rpatricc, Aug 27, 2013.

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    Ratliff on the PUP is exactly why you draft a Top 5 DL talent that slips to 18 when you get the chance. Frederick was a very good pick at 31, but I still think you stick to your board (which had Floyd rated top 15) and take best available player. Then, if you love Frederick so much, do what you can to trade up from the 2nd round to get him.
  2. jday

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    So Ratliff to PUP was just the ammunition you were looking for to re-open this stupid, stupid debate, eh?
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  3. TheRomoSexual

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    No, you take a guy who will be our center for the next decade. Oh, and you pick up a third the process. I can't believe people are still fixated on a guy who wasn't even that great of a pass rusher in college.
  4. jwitten82

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    Didnt Floyd only have like 3 or 5 sacks for his college career? If so, then whats the big deal about him?
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  5. pacy

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    Imagine to still have Costa at center.
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  6. TheRomoSexual

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    I really don't get it. Now, if Star had been available, I'd be singing a different tune. But Floyd? Mr. 4.5 career sacks? No thank you.
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  7. cowboys1985

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    Exactly....can you imagine to outrage right now with our O-Line minus Fredrick? I'm 100% good with that pick.
  8. speedkilz88

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    Floyd was running 3rd team and has been out with a knee injury that needed scoped. He did little to nothing so far that should make anyone regret getting Frederick.
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    I call bullcrap. Who knows if Floyd will pan out as a good tackle. I haven't seen any Minnesota games so I have no clue. That being said Frederick looks like a stud at a position of dire need coming into this offseason. Had we neglected the o-line in the first round folks would be calling for Jerry and Jason's heads. Moreover, there has speculation that Fred would have gone at the tail end of the first.

    By your reasoning we shore up the DT position that as is has shown the potential to be adequate while Rat heals up. In exchange you neglect the interior offensive line which has been horrendous for the last few seasons.

    This isn't even taking into account the 3rd rounder we received in the trade down and selected a very talented receiver in Williams. Had they selected Fred, Romo could potentially be comatose by the end of the season.
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  10. GroundUp

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    Great idea,then Romo could join Rat on wait a minute...
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  11. Jerruh

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    Sadly I know some cowboys fans that wouldn't be opposed to this.
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  12. Dash28

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    You can rue on Floyd all you want while I enjoy seeing a legit center handle it up front.
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  13. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Floyd is out for the preseason and wasn't going to be starting. He is a developmental prospect and is going to be a while in developing if he does at all. Fred is going to start and play well from day 1.

    Revisionist history makes the case for Floyd worse and not better. I wouldn't trade them head up right now.
  14. big dog cowboy

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    What an original idea.
  15. arglebargle

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    The Cowboys' only real problem with this was Kiffen/Marinelli popping off about how we had such depth and didn't need another Dlineman. I was worried that that would end up biting them in the butt, and it sure has in TC.

    On the other hand, I'd really like to get a #70 jersey right now...
  16. skinsscalper

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    Don't bring facts into this. It makes the stupid feel....well.....stupid.
  17. tm1119

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    Watch the tape, stats don't always tell the whole story. Read any scouting report by whoever you want written prior to the draft. Floyd was a very good pass rusher as a 20 year old in the SEC. Sheldon Richardson, who went 13th, had 6 sacks in that same time.

    And I'm not completely with the OP in saying that Frederick shouldn't have been the pick, I'm just tired of seeing this from people just because it was the spin the front office fed to everyone.
  18. Ntegrase96

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    Has it?

    The DL still looks okay even though we're on our 3rd SDE on the depth chart, and Ratliff is still out. Don't get me wrong; things could get bad pretty quick (knock on wood), but we're holding strong so far.

    We were thinner on the OL. Can you imagine not having Frederick? Leary, Livings and Cook are already not playing right now...
  19. DanManJ

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    Fredrick's play so far has made him look like a brilliant pick and I could not be happier getting him. Watching him in the preseason I see almost no mental errors and he is very smart about knowing his assignment. I look forward to seeing what he does for us going forward. As far as Floyd I have not heard anything amazing about him that would make him worth that early pick. I would prefer to stay with the "next man up" mentality for this situation and see what we have on the team.
  20. Idgit

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