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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rpatricc, Aug 27, 2013.

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    I don't understand how this has made it to 6 pages. Even if any of your theory is true (which I'm not disputing) the point is irrelevant.

    Sharrif Floyd underwent arthroscopic knee surgery and isn't even in commission at the moment. We haven't seen how good he will be, while Frederick has been great at center. So far, Frederick is straight up better than Floyd.

    And it's not like we weren't needing help on the OL. We weren't healthy on OL (we still aren't) and even if we were, the OL was atrocious. The OL need was/is greater.

    I agree with the principle... stick with your board. But right now, there is just nothing supporting that the board was even right. So call us lucky for now and we'll re-evaluate later.
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    there should be a dislike button....

    or we should be able to sick dexter on people... some form of protest for silly threads being re-hashed.

    thats what lazy talk radio is for.
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    Yet, you came to the thread to read it...

    In fact, it's not re-hashing at all. It seems from Ratliff's cryptic comments today that his injury all along was his groin (not his hammy), and that apparently, it never healed right and he blames the training staff for it, which is why he rehabbed on his own and not in Dallas. If this was what was going on, it is all the more idiotic that Dallas did not stick to its board, pick Floyd, and try to trade back up for Fred (or just pick another OL in round 2 instead of Escobar). And I am not the only one "re-hashing" this (below is DMN columnist)...

    don't you think this could be a good thing with ratt on pup, are defense right now is looking pretty good so to have him ready to go in the middle of the season wouldn't that be better for us?
    by Raymond Tippett 10:03 AM
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      Raymond, I have to confess that when I first read your comment, I thought you were talking about dogfighting. Anyway, I'd feel better about replacing Ratliff if they had, say, kept the 18th pick and drafted Shariff Floyd. I realize he's hurt now, but maybe he doesn't get hurt if he comes here, and he's a candidate to take Ratliff's place. Nick Hayden might very well do that just fine. But it's certainly not something he's proven capable of in the past. We'll see.
      by Kevin Sherrington 10:05 AM
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    I wonder if Sherrington would have moaned about not getting a top OL player had we taken Shariff? It is always easy to come back and say what we could have done. Cowboys in my view had a good draft and addressed some areas that needed addressing. No matter what Dallas did someone was going to play the what if game.
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    You are right about not second guessing a draft. I am just pointing out that, when you dont stick to your board, especially when your scouts are telling you a guy is a top 5 talent, you lose critical opportunities to improve the overall talent of the team. And that principle gains more support today with Ratliff's disclosure that "everyone knew" the deal about his lingering groin problem and problematic rehab, apparently going back before the draft. Some have said, Fred is better than Floyd, so we won. But as one of the earlier posters pointed out, the object of trade back to 31 was Pugh, not Fred. Jerry "settled" for Fred. He got really lucky with that pick, and unfortunately for us, he will be emboldened by it to ignore his scouts and board again. Which is why we are a perennial 8-8 team.
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    I think the simple fact that the run on OL took place ealier than anyone thought played a role in that. I also think Dallas moving to the 4-3 played a part in that and what Kiffin felt about the player.
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    Enough with Sharif Floyd please. He was passed over. So were dozens of other DL during Free Agency. The team obviously liked our DL and didn't expect the setback with Ratliff. He was being paid and counted on to start at DT this year. You can't have starter quality depth at every position with a salary cap and a 53 man roster.
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    If they did trade back up there goes Escobar and Williams picks right off the bat and then you still have to give up a couple more picks to move up with that pick used on Escobar originally. You just trashed your whole draft which looks to be a heck of a draft.
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    I respect your view, but I gladly would have taken Floyd, a trade up for Fred in late 1st/high 2nd round, and no Escobar/Williams (I think our high 3rd to move up would be enough). I dont think that would be trashing the whole draft. I think Hanna and Harris are just fine at #2 TE & #3 WR.
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    I wish Jerry would go ahead and trade for Omar Shariff so everyone can be happy. Sheesh....
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    Suppose you are right and we would have taken Floyd. Now what? Do you want to start the water boy at center or a Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleader? LOL. You can rue the perceived hole at DT if you want. I'm just glad Romo isn't getting broken off at the knees right now.
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    Dr. Zhivago himself and Lawrence of Arabia.....he would improve the d-line immediately!
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    Well another Olineman would of helped. Was wrong about Floyd on Draft day and right now the Dallas move for Frederick looks golden.

    Honestly Cowboys might have a good Draft of their hands for 2013,
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    See that's the problem. You don't have the high 3rd. They got that in the trade down. So you would also be giving up Wilcox if that was even enough. You might have had to throw in the 6th round pick too and that was Holloman.

    1. Floyd
    2. Frederick no Escobar
    3. Williams no trade down
    3. Wilcox Used to trade up for Frederick
    4. Webb
    5. Randle
    6. Holloman might have to give up late pick also
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    personally thought Floyd was rated too high(though was surprised we didnt stick to board) but this argument doesn't fly, who would we be starting at center if Pugh was there? It seems we lucked out and got a great center but he wasn't the target at 31 when Jerry traded back
  16. rpatricc

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    You're right, our #3 was 80th overall, and that was the Wilcox. We got a #3 (74th overall) from San Fran which we used for Williams. Tougher call because I like Wilcox, but I still would rather Floyd and Frederick. I haven't done the math from the trade chart for the trade up, but I think our #2 (47th overall) and # 3 (80th overall) would have been enough for San Fran's 1st (31st overall). I know Jerry got fleeced a little, but to move up from 31 to 18 in the 1st round, San Fran only paid an extra 3rd. So bottom line I think I'd rather have had Floyd-Fred-Webb-Randle-Holloman than what we got.
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    Floyd = spears just smaller. He not going to get the sack numbers to justify being a number one draft pick period. The Cowboys liked his as a 3-4 nose but not 4-3 dt. if Kiffen wanted Floyd, we would have drafted Floyd. He will be a solid player most likely but he was not going to be the next warren sapp in kiffen's defense
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    My God, did you even watch the draft? All of a sudden we are trading up with San Fran even though they wanted to trade up? Every one of your posts makes my head hurt.
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    I may be disrespecting Spears. He did start from game one for 5+ straight years.
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    I would have not liked that draft. Jerry would have been killed in here the last 4 months if we would have done that.

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