Shazier runs 4.37 a pro day

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by supercowboy8, Mar 7, 2014.

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    I also like Pierre Louis, but he doesn't have the terrific instincts for the position that Shazier and Smith have. Shazier in particular.

    People get caught up in how athletic Shazier is, but what makes him special IMO is that he has absolutely great football smarts and instincts.

    He is a linebacker to the core... the crazy athleticism and speed just makes him a rare prospect. Complete package for a 43 defense.
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    Yes, I like Pierre-Louis. I posted something about him last week.

    Smith's big advantage in college was his speed. If he bulks up, then his speed probably decreases. If Smith bulks up but his speed decreases to the 4.65 range, then how much better is he than a guy like Jordon Tripp?

    I like Tevin Smith as a possible 3rd round pick, but not as a 2nd round pick. Drafting is about maximizing the probability of success. Smith can probably bulk up and still be a good player, but being about 20 lbs under normal weight for the position just adds an unknown in terms of his development and how the added weight affects him. If you could calculate the probability of success, being about 20 lbs under would definitely cause the probability to decrease.
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    Smith plays bigger and more physical than his listed weight. And he also plays as fast, if not faster, than Shazier. Shazier may have the better jump but Smith appears more fluid. Shazier has it all tho, intangibles and measurables, but people are sleeping on Smith. He can also be a Kam Chancellor type SS.

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