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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jamesdojr, Feb 16, 2012.

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    I posted Derek Wolfe yesterday. Got this from Walter Football again. This Shea McClellin guy looks like another real high effort, high motor, high production FOOTBALL PLAYER.... 9.5 sacks last year. 6.5 this year. 6'3" 250. At Boise, played standing up alot as an OLB.

    Shea McClellin, DE, Boise State
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 248.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.77.
    Arm: 31 3/4. Hand: 10 1/8.
    Projected Round (2012): 2-3.
    12/26/11: McClellin improved his draft stock with a quality season. He recorded 46 tackles with six sacks, 12.5 tackles for a loss and a blocked kick. Aside from playing as a traditional defensive end, McClellin has lined up as both a stand-up rush linebacker and an inside linebacker. Playing all over the front seven took him out of some pass rushing situations and that hurt his production this season. That versatility makes McClellin a good fit for the 3-4 in the NFL. Against a future NFL offensive lineman, Georgia's Cordy Glenn, he was phenomenal. McClellin is quick and strong, plus features a relentless motor. He could make a move up draft boards this season.

    8/21/11: Shea McClellin broke into the starting lineup early in his sophomore season and had 36 tackles with six tackles for a loss and thee sacks. Last year, he made a big improvement. McClellin led Boise State with 9.5 sacks. He also contributed 13.5 tackles for a loss. McClellin had one of his best games against one of Boise's best opponents, Virginia Tech. In that contest, he recorded 2.5 sacks, four tackles for a loss, and six tackles. McClellin has a good motor and is a hard worker.
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    High effort, High motor usually means Low Skill, Low athletic ability.

    I like the guy, but I wouldn't take him before the third...and that's probably a stretch because I don't think he has the talent to be a great pass rusher. But, he seems like a guy JG would like...might be a good fit in that regard.
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    That could not be further from the truth and is no more evident then to anyone who watched McClellin make the most athletic OL at the Senior Bowl look like mules and the most uncover-able RB's and TE's look human.
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    Totally disagree. High motor may sometimes mean low athletic ability. But it's usually high athletic guys who are lazy becasue they know they can get by on their athleticism and never bother to develop their skill. I'd rather have high skill, high motor/effort guys than athletes any day. I think that's the biggest thing wrong with our team now. Too many athletic divas who feel like they can get by with their atleticism and don't work as hard in practice or in the film room. I want football players. Players who work extra hard to develop their skill. We need some hard-nosed butkus like football players on this team who love football. Guys who will become leaders. Guys who would play this game for free and still put in the same high level of effort. Basically what I'm saying is we need more Sean Lee's on the team.

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    I'll post his ESPN Profile, like yesterday.

    Production: 2

    "2008: (10/0)  14-1-1. 2009: (13/11)  36-6-3. 2010: (13/13)  30-13.5-9.5. 2011: (13/13)  50-12.5-7. Career: (2008-11)  2 PBU-4FF-3INT-1Blocked kick. "

    Height-Weight-Speed: 3

    Possesses prototypical height but could use to add some bulk to frame if lining up as a traditional DE in a base 4-3 scheme. Top-end speed is slightly above-average.

    Durability: 2

    Missed three games during true freshman season after suffering a leg injury against Idaho.

    Intangibles: 1

    Accountable and a hard worker. Leads by example. Raised by his Grandparents Jerry and Terry McClellin and grew up on a farm where he learned the value of discipline and hard work waking up early to feed animals every day.

    Pass Rush Skills: 4

    "Anticipates snap count well but possesses just average first step quickness and is going to struggle consistently gaining the edge at the NFL level. Comes off the ball upright. Stiff and lacks torso flexibility to bend and shave the corner. Overall agility is marginal and struggles to quickly transition changing directions when executing twists. Displays adequate upper body strength, however does not display the quick twitched explosiveness to generate push when transitioning from speed to power. Lacks quickness and violence with hands as a counter puncher. Closing burst is average at best. Bottom line his production is based on effort than physical tools. "

    Versus the Run: 3

    "Generally assignment sound and flashes playmaking instincts in this department. Displays adequate core strength. Flashes ability to stack when having edge contain. However, lacks explosive point of attack skills to quickly shock and shed blockers. Also can be engulfed by more massive blockers when caught in a phone booth. Average athleticism and lateral agility puts a cap on his overall range. Wraps up upon contact but did not displays ability to deliver heavy hit during film study "

    Versatility: 3

    Best fit will be at LDE but will need to bulk up frame and improve strength to ever become a consistent contributor at the next level. Showed better athleticism and ability to hold up in space at the Senior Bowl than on game tape and appears to have the capability to transition to 3-4 OLB if need be.

    Instincts/Motor: 2

    Possesses above-average instincts and field awareness. Diagnoses the play quickly and flashes playmaking instincts. Does a nice job of recognizing the quarterbacks release and getting hands up into throwing lanes as a pass rusher. Can recognize screens out of the backfield. Will give second effort and plays with a very good motor. However was constantly fresh due to a consistent rotation at Boise State.
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    I love to get this player as I know SDog would to. We may have to take him in the 2nd rd though. I want guys who are smart, hustle and love to play football. I think this guy is all of that.
  7. Future

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    To me, looking good at the Senior Bowl doesn't translate at all to how they'll look in the NFL.

    Sean Lee is a very good athlete...and he plays at a position where athleticism is a lot less important than where McLellin would be in this defense.

    These "high skill, high motor/effort guys" are the ones who are perennial Pro-Bowlers and the like. They're the best players in the league.

    When the main redeemable quality to a player, like Mclellin, is his effort, it speaks volume to his lack of physical ability. I agree there's a fine line, you can't take guys based on physical ability alone...but you can't take guys just on effort either.
  8. robert70x7

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    Players who aren't as fast or as athletic can make up for it by being smart, having good instincts and not wasting their first step when diagnosing the play. Every team needs a player like this, and I wouldn't go any higher than a 3rd for him.

    McClellin or Massaquoi?


    Massaquoi Report

    Production: 2

    "2008: Butler County CC (Kansas) 2009: Redshirt at Troy 2010: 52-20.5-13.5 2011: 76-10.5-6 "

    Height-Weight-Speed: 3

    Good top-end speed but shorter than ideal. Has a solid build for frame. Projects best as a 34 OLB.

    Durabiliy: 2

    Played all 25 games during two seasons at Troy. Flexible athlete. Still growing into frame.

    Intangibles: 3

    "Is 24 years old. Earned undergraduate degree at Troy, which did not have the particular master's degree he sought. "

    Pass Rush: 2

    "His pass rushing potential grows on us the more tape we watch, but he's just not very sudden and needs to be more consistent in everything he does. Flashes good snap anticipation but needs to be more consistent. Has long strides and can cover ground with fewer steps than most but he does not have quick feet. He flashes good natural hand use. Appears to have long arms, flashes quick hands and above initial pop. Keeps OTs off-balance with combination of power quick hands. Excellent body control and torso flexibility when bending the edge. Knows how to get into OTs pads and then uses rip/swim moves to disengage. Closing burst is adequate but not good. Struggles to change directions. "

    Run Support: 4

    Effort is adequate versus the run but it's better as a pass rusher. Not as instinctive versus the run. Tends to come out of stance high and lose leverage. Feet are sluggish and takes too long to change directions. Not an explosive athlete and really gets exposed in space. Was not used properly in college and frequently dropped on snap of ball (on run and pass downs). Struggles to anchor versus double team. Likes to be on the move. Will pursue and make some plays from behind. Lacks great change of direction skills and only a decent tackler in space.

    Versatility: 3

    Has experience dropping into underneath zone coverage. At his best as a pass rusher. Can rush the passer as a 34 OLB and 43RDE.

    Instincts/Motor: 3

    Motor is adequate-to-good. Doesn't dog any plays but plays a bit harder on passing downs. Is at his best when he's turned loose up the field. Will play hard if he's on the move but occasionally will quit when he's locked up in a phone booth battle. Instincts are better as a pass rusher than when asked to drop in underneath zone and versus the run. Slow to recognize versus the run at times and will occasionally get sucked inside (losing outside contain). Appears to be coachable but needs better coaching.
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    I'm not saying you're doing this but sometimes folks have a tendency to associate one label in place with another.

    Ex: "Player X's motor is questionable....therefore he must be a really talented player that just needs motiviation..."


    "Player Z has a non-stop motor and never-quit attitude....that must mean he's not really that talented but will give you everything he has."

    Sometimes players can be talent-poor and have bad motors, just as well as some guys are actually both talented AND have good motors.
  10. VACowboy

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    Yes, please!
  11. fortdick

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    High character guy like we need. Too small to play with hand on the ground, so has to move to OLB in 3-4. The big question is:

    Is he better than Spencer or Butler?

    Pass rush is the only reason to change and he does not appear to be a pass rushing specialist. Solid player and person, yes.
  12. SDogo

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    To you, what does?

    It should not be the sole deciding factor by any means but to dismiss it all together is simply silly. The game attracts more scouts then any other for a reason.
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    Solid draft you have there.
  14. acheman

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    Just think Clay Matthews/Jared Allen. High Motor guys for Sure
    & Also Talented!
  15. jnday

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    I think the Senior Bowl is a valuable tool for evaluation . New coaches , new system and new players puts prospects under a lot of pressure . Add the fact that these players know that scouts are there and their future is on the line . It is impressive when a player can come in and thrive under these conditions . I think it is just another part of the process , but an important part .
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    At the Senior Bowl, Shea shifted from a DE to a stand-up 4-3 LB and excelled after a short week of practice. You don't do that without being a very good athlete.
  17. Hoofbite

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    These are the type of guys you want on your team because they work hard and challenge the slackers to step up their game.

    If you put a guy slightly less talented yet highly motivated and hard working up next to a guy who is highly talented but less motivated the gap between the two will shrink over time.

    One guy will improve beyond his talent level by being mentally prepared and the other guy will likely produce less than his talent would indicate by being out of position and second guessing himself.

    Dallas has tried the super athlete plenty of times and quite frankly it hasn't really paid impressive dividends.

    Here's a quote from on Sean Lee's draft profile.

    There's another player on the team who you could literally put that entire statement about. Witten. Never been one to be the fastest, quickest or jump the highest but he literally beats people because his technique is superb and his effort is top notch.

    Just last year all people would say about JJ Watt was his motor was non-stop. He turned in a pretty good rookie season, IIRC.

    I'd gladly take the McClellin.

    Having a guy who knows his role and can be counted on does wonders for the other guys around him. They can depend on him taking care of his assignments and don't have to worry about trying to compensate for a guy they know hasn't put in as much time as they have.

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