Sherman: What you gonna do? Trent Williams: Punch you in the face. Sherman:Then do it

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Howboutdemcowboys31, Jan 9, 2013.

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    I just got a justbob PM saying that calling you all clowns was uncalled for and crossing "the line".

    I am deeply sorry for any ill will you might have felt from my "clowns" comment. I was never in a situation where I should have called you guys "clowns". It appears CBZ takes "clowns" as name calling and it seems I broke a very serious site rule and for that I probably should be punished far more than warned, though I hope not. I truly try to be a productive member of this site. Been here a very very long time.

    I cannot tell you how upset I am over this and feel I should apologize immediately, so I am here and I am sorry sorry sorry.

    I know clowns are evil terrible creatures and are shunned by society and I should not have compared any of you to those vile critters.

    So New Year n all and new leaf..

    This guy is S O R R Y
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    I'm so glad him and White are going H2H this weekend. 2 talkers that haven't done squat in a big game yet. One of them will have their foot in their mouth
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    Sherman is great. Called out Brady and beat him too. And if a playoff game is considered a "big game" then I'd say Sherman did something. He completely shut down his side of the field vs. the Redskins. They barely even threw his way
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    Matt Elam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please jerry, stop torturing me making me watch these emotionless guys on defense.
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    I said he was a good player, but this so-called "swagger" that people attribute these magical and mystical properties to amounts to zilch when it comes to the W's and L's. Just like Michael Irvin's "fiery leadership" couldn't make the players around him any better from 1995 onward, Sherman's "swagger" doesn't amount to crap when it comes to overcoming Tavaris Jackson as his Qb. The only thing that matters is being good at playing football around other people who are good at playing football. The trashtalking is utterly meaningless.
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    A complete ##### move by Trent Williams. They've got to suspend him for that. You can't have players walking up on other players after the game taking cheapshots like that because the "emotions got the best of him". If you can't engage in heated trash talk without completely losing your cool, then keep quiet.

    Sure Sherman is probably very annoying yapping all game. He's a very good player and backs it up. That's beside the point here. Williams cracked like a china doll...
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    Agreed. I love their aggressive play and I love the swagger that guys like Sherman play with.

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    Sure, I'll bet you that the league does something about this. They have to. It's a legal liability issue and that aint gonna fly.

    My name tag does not say "Feelings Patrol" so no, I don't think I am. However, if I were the "Feelings Patrol", I would tell you to get yours in check. It's a message board discussion. Relax.
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    The word "swagger" needs to be banned. Just saying.
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    No Tashard Choice jokes yet?
  11. OklahomaCowboy88

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    Sherman is the kind of guy you'd love if he was on your team, and you'd despise intensely if he was on a division rival. Heck of a good player though.
  12. OklahomaCowboy88

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    Coward move by Trent to hit him while he himself still had his helmet on.
  13. tyke1doe

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    Why should he retaliate and get himself thrown out of the next playoff game?

    Trent Williams will be sitting at home anyway.

    Sherman was smart. He knows he's still playing for a Super Bowl. Why do something stupid and jeopardize that? Now that would have been thuggish.
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    This thread is a great of example of seeing what you want to see.
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    I agree.
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    TheDallasDon approves this message......

    But does not approve of your avatar pic
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    B**** move by Trent swinging while he has his helmet on. You're already twice his size! Just another reason to hate on a deadskin. What a punk!

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