Shockey Hurt, Problems with Eli?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by BigDFan5, Jul 31, 2006.

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    Posted: July 31, 2006

    Associated Press

    ALBANY, N.Y. -- Three-time Pro Bowl tight end Jeremy Shockey was dazed in a collision with safety Will Demps late in the New York Giants' evening practice Monday.

    Shockey was reaching for a pass by Eli Manning during a two-minute drill when Demps appeared to hit him in the helmet as he ran to cover the pass.

    A stunned Shockey fell to the grass and stayed down for about a minute. He returned to the huddle and ran the final two plays of the practice, but he slammed his helmet to the ground after the last play.

    After kneeling on one knee while coach Tom Coughlin addressed the team, Shockey walked off the field with trainer Byron Hansen. He held his head a couple of times on the way to the locker room and then gingerly walked down the stairs to the room.

    There was no immediate word from the Giants on his condition.

    Shockey was in a bad mood before being hurt. Earlier in the workout, he threw his helmet after Manning didn't throw a pass his way.
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  3. tomson75

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    that shockey guy can be a real a** sometimes.
  4. Chocolate Lab

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    Maybe you guys already heard, but supposedly Shockey came out the other day and said something like, "Everybody knows I drink and party and I'm not going to stop, but hey, I take care of my body. The day after I party, I drink a lot of water and get massages."

  5. JMead

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    Looks like Eli hung him out to dry again. That guy seriously needs to get some arm strength.
  6. tomson75

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    has no one seen his interview from this weekend? shockey's that is
  7. SA_Gunslinger

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    my definition of "hurt" isn't so loose.
  8. AbeBeta

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    Shockey is easy to hate.

    A serious jerk with major talent. At least we've got one of those now too.
  9. big dog cowboy

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    I'm still waiting for Roy to take his head off.
  10. Hailmary

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    Is it just me, or is it fact that some positions have more difficult players than others? Players that catch passes for a living seem to grab the majority of the headlines (negative) for some reason.

    (Not saying it's fact, but sure seems it).
  11. Big Dakota

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    Was listening to WFAN out of NY today because i'm a Mets fan and it was trade deadline day. They said that Shockey call Coughlin a donkey's "behind" today. Coughlin was on and said he didn't think JS meant to insult him and wasn't gonna make a big deal out of it. He was mad about something today.

    Wasn't insulting you Tom??:laugh2:
  12. tomson75

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    that's what i was trying miserably to joke in my first post. he called Coughlin an a**.

    it wasn't however said in a mean spirited way...
  13. America's Team

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    yeah but isnt shockey beiing an *** a good thing for us?
  14. Big Dakota

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    I didn't see the interview, but TC sure didn't seem upset. He said his wife calls him that all the time:) He knows Shockey is a hot head, but he also knows he's one of his better players and has to live with his little outbursts. It will be interesting to see how he and Eli do this year.
  15. tomson75

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    perhaps if every utterance was analyzed by the media in the same manner that TO's jibber jabber is, then yes. but, it seems that in shockey's case his minor indiscretions aren't even blog worthy. go figure.
  16. Nav22

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    a*s = donkey.

    Not "donkey's behind". But yeah, it wasn't said in a mean-spirited way. Right after he said it, he quickly pointed out that that's what they need sometimes (for their coach to be a "donkey").
  17. tomson75

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    but could you even imagine the uproar it would cause if TO said the same thing in the same manner about Tuna? yikes...

    but i regress in fear of starting another TO thread.
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    Yeah, and did you notice that the WRs have gotten out of hand since they changed the rules to open up the offence? WRs were quiet back in the day because they would have their heads ripped off running routes. Guys were getting hammered running down the field prior to the ball being thrown. If you showed up a defender, the next time instead of playing the ball, they would play your cranium. No one would show up guys like Tatum, Atkinson, Blount, Fencik, Rodney Harrison, etc. back in the day. That would be suicide. Makes you wish for the olden days.
  19. tomson75

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    hey bayarea, what's this about Rivers outrunning Merriman in practice today?

  20. InmanRoshi

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    Everyone is eagerly anticipating TO's blow up in Dallas that will "tear the team apart", and perhaps rightly so, but if you really want to see a team poised for a blowup take a look at the Giants. That's a very combustable mix of personalities from Shockey, Strahan, Plaxico, LA and even Tiki has shown that he's not afraid to call out his entire team and coaching staff in hte media. Throw in a over zealous head coach, a fragile young cornerback and the pressure cooker of the New York spotlight and it all spells trouble to me. We saw signs of it when they totally lost their composure in the playoffs. Which is a good thing, because on paper they terrify me.

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