Shotgun and Play Action: Romo vs Playoff QB

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    Romo vs. Playoff QB in 2013
    % of pass plays from shotgun

    Rivers 88.0% 505 of 574
    Foles 84.1% 290 of 345
    Manning 82.4% 558 of 677
    Romo 78.1% 445 of 570
    Newton 72.3% 373 of 516
    Smith 70.9% 388 of 547
    Dalton 70.1% 431 of 615
    Rodgers 67.2% 209 of 311
    Luck 64.1% 386 of 602
    Brady 63.9% 427 of 668
    Wilson 62.5% 282 of 451
    Brees 62.4% 429 of 687
    Kaepernick 56.3% 256 of 455

    Pass Rating Differential
    shotgun vs. overall rating

    Rivers -0.4
    Brees -0.8
    Romo -1.0
    Smith -1.6
    Luck -2.5
    Newton -3.1
    Rodgers -3.3
    Foles -3.9
    Dalton -4.4
    Wilson -5.4
    Kaepernick -6.0
    Manning -6.0
    Brady -9.5

    % of pass plays with play action
    Wilson 37.9% 171 of 451
    Rodgers 35.4% 74 of 209
    Foles 34.2% 118 of 345
    Newton 31.8% 164 of 516
    Kaepernick 31.0% 141 of 455
    Smith 26.7% 146 of 547
    Manning 25.6% 173 of 677
    Brees 25.6% 176 of 687
    Brady 24.7% 165 of 668
    Luck 20.9% 126 of 602
    Dalton 18.7% 115 of 615
    Romo 14.2% 81 of 570
    Rivers 13.4% 77 of 574

    Pass Rating Differential
    play action vs. overall rating

    Newton +23.4
    Manning +21.7
    Rivers +21.3
    Foles +15.7
    Kaepernick +14.8
    Romo +14.5
    Dalton +14.0
    Brady +12.5
    Wilson +11.1
    Luck +7.0
    Rodgers +4.0
    Brees +3.3
    Smith +0.1
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    Great info. Thanks.
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    Reveals the issue of the empty set, less pass protection and no threat of run. They need to either trust Murray more, he needs to get better, or they need to find a 3rd down back or better all purpose back if they feel Murray is not cutting it with pass protection and catching the ball out of the backfield. I think he did alright in these situations but little yards after the catch as he does not consistently make people miss, similar to Witten. Pass protection I think Murray did a pretty good job but I am not a team scout or at practice and they might expect better.
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    Was watching the Pats/Indy game last night and I was struck by how much it reminded me of a game we might have seen in the 70 or 80s.

    NE had 25 pass attempts against 46 runs. Conversely, the Colts threw 41 times and rushed the ball 21 times.
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    So we are great @ PA but don't run it more than anyone other than Rivers bc of over reliance on shotgun; coaching.
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    Good stuff but keep in mind play action is rendered ineffective when the defense correctly knows you have no desire to run the ball.
  7. theogt

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    Sounds like one team took an early lead and the other played from behind for 4 quarters -- regardless of era.
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    What's his playoff record compared to the current playoff QB's?
  9. dstovall5

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    It wasn't a shot at other QBs, it was just showing how little Romo is in play action compared to other (playoff) QBs.

    Dallas fans, always so amusing, I've never seen a fan base so quick to take shots at it's own players, especially the leader of the team. Joke of a fan base.
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    Doesn't look or sound like teams from this era of football at all to me but it should be.
  11. jobberone

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    The game has changed. I'd focus more on our defense than offense which was near the top of the league. Not saying it can't or shouldn't get better but the defense caused this team to sit home.
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    The personnel on offense is mostly fine. We do need to have a philosophy change though. One in which the running game doesn't take a backseat and rather becomes a focal part of our offense. Play action and scripted roll outs should also help open up the offense...

    I really thought they were going to use more of Romo's talents this year, but they never did.

    All we need to do is draft an offensive lineman early, and try to get Waters back. That should be it for us on offense depending on the health of Dunbar. I might be getting way ahead of myself but Randle looks like a completely wasted draft pick. Just doesn't seem to have any special traits.

    If Dunbar can come back 100% next year, I think we can do some interesting things on offense, that will take some pressure off of Romo and the receivers.
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    Romo had a 50% completion rate on 3rd downs, I'm still checking, but I bet that's in the bottom 10% among QBs.. Now there's a relative stat.
  14. Crown Royal

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    If I remember correctly, empty set backfield was one of our most effective passing formations.
  15. visionary

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    how did they "take the early lead"?
    by passing the ball or running the ball?
  16. Future

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    Brady through for less than 200 and 0 TDs
  17. visionary

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    that was my point
    the "runnnig has no correlation with winning" crowd conveniently ignores this
  18. Future

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    I just assumed you were taking the "they had a bunch of yards running after they got a lead" angle. My b haha
  19. ufcrules1

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    That is good game planning. I agree it was out of the ordinary but that is what a good coach does. He found the Colts weakness and exploited the hell out of it.
  20. theogt

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    God pass defense -- i.e., an interception returned to the 2 yard line. Then on the next drive Brady went 4 for 4 and 57 yards. That put them up 14-0.
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