Should have never let Eric Walden walk

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DallasDW00ds0n, Jan 6, 2013.

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    And of course I'm not the first one to think on these lines, Pro Football Focus has positional rankings using the same scale

    Here's an interesting article in this vein:

    Dallas Cowboys Roster And Position Groups vs. The NFC East
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    Interesting read.

    Shocked at some of the low scores -- notable Claiborne, Demarcus Ware, Brandon Carr, and Tyrone Smith.

    Nice to see Hatcher listed as blue chip.
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    From the article:

    Given this years results, the Redskins lend credence to the theory it may not be terrible to sacrifice some top level talent and commensurate cap cost in order to have a more similar talent level across the board and perhaps more depth. This doesn't account for their running game but I find it interesting nonetheless.

    Scary how low the secondary ranked considering how many cap $$ were allocated there
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    The guy has fewer career sacks than Victor Butler, and he started all year for the Packers last year. 26 career starts to 2 for VB. Erik Walden is exactly the kind of player that floats around the league playing a little when a team doesn't have anyone better. He's not someone to make a part of your long term plans.

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