Should Jadeveon Clowney sit out the 2013 football season?

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by RS12, Feb 12, 2013.

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    The NFL requires college football players to wait three years after graduating high school before entering the draft not for their own good, but for the good of college football. With South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney possibly the first overall pick in the 2013 draft if he were available to be drafted but still one year removed from being eligible, Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer has raised an intriguing question.

    Should Clowney sit out the 2013 college football season, for his own good?

    Clowney should look no farther than former teammate Marcus Lattimore, who suffered a serious knee injury during his third season after leaving high school. Lattimore’s draft stock has taken a major hit because of it, and it’s unclear whether he’ll ever reach his full potential at the next level.

    Most college football players major in playing football, even though a small percentage of all college football players ever play professionally. If a player is ready not only for the NFL but also to be the taken at the top of the draft, why risk serious injury by playing for free?

    Let’s not get bogged down by the “free education” excuse. What Clowney gains in 2013 by playing for South Carolina is outweighed dramatically by the risk. Sure, he’ll purchase an insurance policy to replace the money he’d lose if he suffers a career-ending injury. But if he’s injured, he’s injured. And if it impacts his ability to thrive in the NFL, no insurance policy will change that.

    As Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino routinely tells players in whom the NBA is interested, “You can stay and help my family, or you can go and help your family.” In Clowney’s case, he could be helping himself and his family more by sitting out a season.
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    Latest injury to college athlete who was about to make a huge pay day.

    Eye on College BBall ‏@EyeOnCBB
    NO. NO NONONO. RT @thomasbeisner: RT @heraldleader: Photo shows the awkward angle at which Nerlens Noel landed.
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    My God, that was awful to watch.
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    Clowney can be insured through lloyds of london against injury.

    Many projected top picks do this.
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    Although I understand it, I hate the idea of athletes sitting out for a year because they might get hurt. If a guy loves to play the game, they should want to play, whether they are getting paid for it or not.
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    Tough call.

    I hate the idea of him sitting out, but I hate the idea of his dream going up in smoke.

    After seeing what happened with Lattimore, it has to weigh on him.

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    This would seriously undermine the College game IMO. I don't see how, either the NCAA or the NFL would want to see this happen. I completely understand the financial ramification of this but I don't see how this could be a good thing for the actual sport.

    If he does it, it's only a matter of time before you see Sophomore's doing the same thing. If you move the age limit back to try and bring a happy medium, then you will simply see players doing this at an earlier age.

    I don't know what the answer is here. I think you have to play and I think injury is part of the game. If you kill the game, you kill the golden goose and that is not good for anybody.
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    I wouldn't blame him for sitting out. His draft stock couldn't get much higher than it is right now and he is just putting his body at risk by playing. I don't see it happening though.
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    Nope, if anything he gets hurt and we draft him.
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    Be pretty lame.
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    Everyone needs to improve in order to really make it at the NFL level. You don't get better sitting on your butt.

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    The entire reason the 3 year rule was implemented in the NFL was because NFL GMs could not be trusted to not draft players who were not ready. If you open that door, there is no going back and it will hurt way more then it will help IMO.
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    I agree. GMs, scouts and owners jobs will get a lot tougher. It is hard enough to evaluate a guy who has played 3 or 4 years of college football. It will be much more difficult to evaluate players with 1 year of college experience or less. Teams will try, they will be forced to, but the failure rate will be fairly high.
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    my understanding is that in this sort of insurance the player can only collect if they never play a single down of football

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