Should Jerry be getting all the blame?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by maxdallasfan, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. maxdallasfan

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    I read an article by Cowlishaw, and it got me thinking.

    We must admit that Jerry spends money on top players. The coaches have to coach them.

    JG was the next young offensive genius, and Jerry paid him to stay.

    Rob Ryan was the hot coach, and Jerry went out and got him.

    Now who's to say that Bill Callahan went into the offseason telling Jerry and everyone else that our lineman had talent and that he could work with them?

    Jerry has been getting the blame for our O line, but maybe, just maybe Callahan is the person to blame.

    I'm not defending Jerry, but he spends money so this team can win.

    Remember how psyched we all were when Jerry got Roy Williams? I do. We were all pumped.

    Roy flopped, and we all blamed Jerry.

    Our Defense has regressed, do we blame Rob? Last year Rob said we are only picking corners in the draft. Guess what? Jerry gets Carr then gets Mo.

    How can we blame Jerry for that?

    Callahan was supposed to be an offensive line guru. I blame him for this mess.
  2. landroverking

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    The D has blown leads the last two years. No killer in them. Is that Jerry fault?
    JG fault? Ryans fault? or just dumb players?
  3. Mr Cowboy

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    Yeah, Jerry's conversation with Callahan probably went something like this,

    Jerry: "Bill, free agency and the draft are coming up. We can use our top pick to trade back, and pick up some extra picks so we can fix this OL, or we can go out to the NFL Goodwill and pick up a guard from a team who refuses to re-sign him because they can do better, and pick up another guard from a bad team who can't even start for this bad team. You have a week to think about it.

    Callahan: "Mr. Jones, give me the scabs from other teams, and while you're at it, don't bother getting me a center either, Costa will do just fine, I can coach him up and we also have Woicek. Just remember Mr. Jones, Costa beat out Gurode last year. Go ahead and spend all you can on cornerbacks, having new CBs will make our OL better.

    I'm willing ot bet the conversation went something like this,

    Jerry: Bill, we hear you're a pretty good OL coach, so here take these guys we found at the salvation army, make them pro bowlers, and while you're added, take T-Rex over there and make him better than Mangold. Now Bill there's no discussing it, I'm going to use all my resources to make a big splash, because that's how I roll.

    Bill: Yes sir Mr. Jones.....
  4. wileedog

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    Coaches can't make bad players into good players.

    I have no idea how Garrett managed to pull off a reputation as the "next offensive genius", but kudos to him for pulling off that sales job that Jerry fell for.

    OK. The defense is arguably well ahead of the offense at this point this year.

    Who's to say that he interviewed for a job and said whatever he had to say to get said job?

    That's for Jerry to decide.

    The GM brought in garbage JAGs. There is no way in heck you blame the new OLine coach for that.

    You clearly are, and spending money doesn't mean winning. Spending it poorly means 1 playoff win in 17 years.

    I remember a ton of people completely furious Jerry made that trade. Pumped? Seriously?

    Rightly so.

    Actually it hasn't regressed. It was that bad last year. But either way, YES you blame the GM, not the DC for bringing in inferior personnel.

    Complete nonsense. You bring a bunch of guys who weren't even starters on other terrible teams and then blame the Oline coach for not turning crap into gold? Seriously?
  5. maxdallasfan

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    Idk. This team has been dumb ever since Parcells was here. Even he said this team was dumb.

    I do know that our D lacks, and has lacked a slobbering vocal leader who backs up his talk like Ray did for Baltimore, and Harrison did for Pittsburgh, and Dawkins did for Philly and how Vilma does now for SF.

    It's puzzling
  6. tupperware

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    Yeah. Top, dumb, injury prone players who almost are never along the OL or DL.
  7. maxdallasfan

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    We are all entitled to our own opinion.

    I appreciate your different views on my thoughts.
  8. BlueStar22

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    yes. I'm done blaming coaching and players. The one consistent thing for the last almost 20 years is GM, the man who puts the team together. The man who is over personnel. Jerry Jones.
  9. sonnyboy

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    Here's a few truths about Jerry that none of our resident *******s will acknowledge........

    IF the team was in first place and in a legit position to claim the #1 seed in the NFC, he'd be getting no blame/credit.

    Since the team is failing, he gets it all.
  10. MichaelWinicki

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    Does Jerry deserve all the blame?


    But he is top dog so he deserve a lot of blame.

    I mean take the drafts from...


    Only 3 starters & 5 backups out of 4 drafts.

    Jerry has to accept a lot of the blame.
  11. wileedog

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    Wake me when that happens.
  12. dwight

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    It starts at the top. Until Jerry makes significant changes, this team will continue to have these issues.

    If it's true that Bill C. told Jerry that, Jerry should step down. The average fan knew that Dallas needed to draft and sign talented Olinemen this past offseason.

    Jerry should know better, he's the GM.
  13. Howardlittleton64

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    Since 1994 he has been the one constant. 13 or so qbs, 6 head coaches, 100's of players, countless assistants, one Mr. Jones.
  14. maxdallasfan

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    Parcells was here for the 2006 draft.

    JG and Wade were here for the others. Who's to say that they weren't the ones picking those players?
  15. Dodger12

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    Oh man.....I knew it was bad but not that bad. Michael, that's very sobering. How anyone can continue to defend our owner/GM is beyond me.
  16. theebs

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    Without question yes. The jones family does not know what they are doing and it shows every week.

    And they know that everyone knows it too. That is why they have not shown any of the jones family on the video board during the last two games.

    They are in charge. They are on the tv and the radio every day selling something. They can't stop promoting and sugar costing everything.

    They hired an unqualified head coach, gave him too much power and asked too much of him.

    Now it's all in the tank, again during the best part of the year, again.

    The only way to fix this is to turn over authority of football operations to qualified people and get out of the way and out of the media.

    Everyone knows it and so do they. Now we just wait to see how truly ignorant and arrogant the are.

    They can do the right thing in about 6 weeks or they can do the same thing they always do. Who wants to bet the money is still not enough and they take option number 2?
  17. tupperware

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    Yeah, we're pretty conditioned to be experts at the what if game aren't we. Glad to see you're good at it as well.
  18. Howardlittleton64

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    Because we pay attention. Mr. Jones is more culpable for this incarnation of the Dallas Cowboys than anyone else. It doesn't make you less of a fan to hate the owner/GM regardless of what some here may want you to believe.
  19. wileedog

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    Who picked Parcells, Wade and JG?

    The guy is the GM. Buck stops with him. Just ask him.
  20. SWG9

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    He definitely spends money...can't say it's on the top players though.

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