Should Jerry be getting all the blame?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by maxdallasfan, Nov 25, 2012.

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    As someone who owns his own business, if something or someone is blocking my company's success, I remove it.

    Yes Jerry spends money (a lot of it foolishly) and has built a very nice stadium, but Jerry's blocking his own football success. Instead of being a responsible owner, accepting his shortcomings and removing himself in light of 17 years of failure in his position, he digs in his heels in defiance simply because he can.

    He's on record saying he would fire a GM with his record but again, defiantly refuses to do so.

    He's a crap owner, IMO.

    He's so set on proving to everyone that he can do it, that he doesn't realize that if he'd just step out of the way, let someone else run the football operations and win another SuperBowl, he'd get a lot of the love he so desires.
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    Interesting in a vain, cowardly sense..

    Great post, people can cherry pick a good FA signing here, a decent UDFA there, but the overwhelming body of work by this management has been one of absolute failure, there is no escaping the terrible results, and with little exception, the Jones' make the same mistakes over and over again.
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    you mean top players like leonard davis? and Roy Williams? and Marion Barber? these top players? or miles austin?

    and the jury is still out regarding carr. he was class of the FA class at CB, but that doesn't mean a thing......

    and lets not forget the gems jerry has come up with in the draft.....he is the GM, and the one constant in the past 15 years. and the result has been the same, regardless of the coach.
  4. Rynie

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    16 years, 1 playoff win.

    New coaches. New players.

    The constant in that equation is Jerry. He deserves 90% of the blame.
  5. Wolfpack

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    Socks to Jocks.

    Just win baby.
  6. Clove

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    Here I was sitting here eating a nice bag of chips, and nearly choked on it when I read this. Theebs, one of the most loyal fans in history, and has turned to the dark side. Wow! Welcome a board the reality train. Obviously, you've finally had enough as well.
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    Never been a fan of The jones family.

    Always supported the players and coaches.

    This staff deserves no support. What they put out there as a running game is more than enough reason to fire everyone. I hate the idea of firing everyone but its the only option here.

    New head coach who gets to pick his own staff and then they all on there own evaluate the talent here.

    If I were a local media member here I would ask Jerry after every game when he talks for no reason if e would like to be back on eggshells?

    Cause it hasn't been very good since then.

    We have probably two years left of great play from romo, ware and witten. They have to fid a way to fix this in the spring.

    The fans deserve better IMO. Jerry is constantly selling and we are force fed how even though its different its the same as everywhere else.

    It's finally coming to a head this year at the stadium. The jones family has everything money can buy but it's not enough they insist on being part of football here even when now they have to be realizing everyone knows including themselves they have no answers and need help.

    Here is to hoping Jerry is on eggshells again. Tons of good coaches and gm's will be available in about 6 weeks. They need to do the right thing.
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    The deal is that Jerry buys all this "talent" to bring in the fans but get's in the coaches way to eventually or ultimately be unsuccessful. Jerry stays away from the team when it's down with his puppet coaches so the grief goes on the coaches but when you see some success (a la Johnson/Parcells) he has to start grabbing control to look like the reason it's working. He chased both of those coaches off with his mettling when things started working or the coaches were becoming more popular than him. It's become very apparent that he cannot have his cake and eat it too. So ultimately he's to blame. Unfortunately if by a slim chance he was to get Sean Petyon in here, there is no guarantee, he would do the same thing. All good coaches have egos too so look for fireworks when the Boys start to look good if JJ is GM.
  9. Clove

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    Well, you go to all the games and have supported this junk for years. The good news, whenever Jones is humiliated, he usually makes a big splash. I just hope the fan base doesn't buy anything but him stepping down.
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    Jerry Jones is the GM and according to him he has the final say.
  11. TheCoolFan

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    He's the guy in charge. Jerry himself said that another GM that had the same results over the last 15 years probably would've been fired by now
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    It cannot be said any better than this.
  13. T-RO

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    Dude, I was not psyched. I wanted to throw up. A first and third round pick for Roy Williams? No other GM is that stupid.

    Re. Callahan: He's worked this season w/out the guy who was supposed to be center. Besides that he's had to plug in four guys off the street.

    The o-line situ is ALL ON JERRY and a few months ago he even admitted it.

    Jerry is a hapless, addled 70+ year old part-time GM who is showing up to work hungover...and he leaves for 3 hour lunches to enjoy w/ celebrities...The results reflect it.

    Our front office is a complete unmitigated train wreck.
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    What is with the complaining with Callahan? The masses realized that complaining about Garrett would do nothing so now you want the next head? There's no talent on the line outside of Smith and it's ravaged ny injuries to boot. There's NOTHING an O Line coach can do about that
  15. Numbers921

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    Smith honestly hasn't shown that much himself, for that matter.
  16. bbailey423

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    Very solid post.

    And it would be one thing if the team had a consistent solid approach. Had an idenity which kept the team in the hunt most of the time like Ravens, Steelers, Pats.....and the 49ers are on the verge of. But we are all over the the place with ZERO sustained success at anything we try...and no hope in the near future.

    This is WHY a COMPLETE change must take place. A COMPLETE culture change must take place. Jerry is the face of the franchise. And has been since the constant losing has taken place. He is arrogant, stubborn, and insecure. He KNOWS he got this organization in this mess.....and IF/WHEN we get out, he wants to be the person most responsible.....which is why he has dug in and we have no choice but to sit back and watch the circus.

    Even if the noise got too loud....he would just turn it over to his son....and not much would change.

    Strap in folks.....this is going to be a while

    THUMPER Papa

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    If we were only talking about this season then I might agree with you but this crap has been going on for nearly 2 decades now!

    Face it people, THE problem IS Jerry Jones.
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    PSYCHED we got Roy Willaims? NO ONE was psyched. Jerry got sent to the woodshed in that deal.. It was a horrible trade. WE gave up way too mch and paid him way too much money for an average at BEST WR.. That was an awful awful trade.. NO ONE was psychced.
  19. anj113

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    Blaming Callahan on our OL problems is a cop out....
  20. visionary

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    absolutely jerry should be getting the bulk of the blame

    listen to jerry's interviews and you will realize that he is not one that takes kindly to dissenting voices so he surrounds himself with weak, 'yes-men' or at a minimum people who tell him what he wants to hear (the emperor has no clothes)

    also, jerry has an extremely inflated ego and believes that he is a "football guy" so he listens to all advice through a filter

    callahan is likely to tell him what he wants to hear and even if callahan has the cojones to tell him the truth (which i seriously doubt) jerry is likely to chalk it up to "i know better"

    jerry is the straw that stirs the drink in dallas, so no wonder it tastes like crap

    basically jerry is al davis on steroids

    by the way.. a lot us hated the RW deals and were certainly not "psyched" about it

    paying a 1 and 3 for a WR that you could get 3 months later with no draft picks attached is the epitome of idiocy

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